Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A little more progress

 Part of the reason I blog is to chronicle my progress.  So...this may be a snore to you, but here is where I am now!!  12 out of 20 blocks completed.  All the other blocks are cut out and ready to piece.
 A high contrast block from today.  I am loving working with these batiks!! 
I made this last year, but I have it out for the fourth of July, coming up...it would be fun to make a whole quilt from this pattern.

*****************Nurse's notes***********************

We had a patient code... (cardiac arrest)...and was shocked over 30 times.  I got him the next morning, and he did it again!!  So, my first code blue in a little while.  My nerves were jangling all morning after that, watching him, his rhythm...just every little nuance that I could imagine to make sure he STAYED OK!! I sat in his room and watched him, minute by minute!   Miraculously, he was neuro intact after all this and was joking and playing around with the nurses and his family.  I truly think this was a miracle...so this balances out some of those tougher nursing day!!  Hurrah!!


Hope you are having a wonderful quilty day!!



Karen said...

I like the 12 blocks you have made. I look forward to seeing how you set them.

Kathleen said...

I never snore... LOL, love seeing the progress !

Binsa said...

Loved seeing the batik blocks..........Julie you are truly special and gifted.

Tired Teacher said...

Seeing the progress of the blocks is enjoyable - the color combinations and the block itself. Keep posting your progress.

I can't imagine a patient coding that many times. Makes me contemplate a DNR.

Kyle said...

Fabulous progress. Each block a little gem of color.

Lori said...

Whoa! Nursing news is crazy! I'm glad he came out of it okay.
Your blocks are looking so cute! I'm not much of a batik fan, but I like these a lot!

Rachel said...

The following night, his nurse paged me, he wanted maybe just some Tylenol, to help with the pain after getting all those shocks! I was amazed!

Vic in NH said...

Those blocks look like a lot of piecing but they are really spiffy! Glad that your patient lived to tell the tale. He has wonderful nurses!