Sunday, May 31, 2015

Slow Stitching!

I curl up on the floor at the foot of the couch and hand quilt.  I am working on this block today. It is coming along!! Someday, it will be completed.  I am linking with Kathy for her slow stitching Sunday!

********************Turning this thing around******************************

You know...let's make lemonade out of lemons!!  I have shared about my health problems going on...but there are good things too.  I have stopped gluten...and sugar too.  I am taking my vitamins, every day, and my medications.  I have given up DIET COKE!  (this one was hard)...and am drinking fresh water with lemon every single day.  I have lost 8 pounds.  SO!!!  There are many good things about this illness too.  I walk every single day, at least 10,000 steps.  And the best thing is that friendships are strengthening and bonds are forming!!

So...there are good things too!!  I am going to concentrate on all of these, with an attitude of gratitude, each and every day!


Have a great day, all!!


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Some little things

 I made this little quilt last year, and recently had time to hand quilt it.  Done!!  I love the texture of hand quilting.  What kind of quilting is your favorite, machine or hand quilting?
This little quilt/table runner grew from the middle panel, that I had made for a filler in a sampler quilt.  Well, the piece did not work in the original quilt, so I made a little runner. Hand quilted this one too.  Loving the scraps here!!

******************Health update**********************************

Some of you may know that I was recently diagnosed with Grave's disease.  I have antibodies for Hashimotos thyroiditis and also Lupus.  Just an autoimmune nightmare here!   I finally got into the foremost specialist MD/PHD at the University hospital...talked to her for about an hour.  It was decided to not do surgery or have radiation, but to try medications again.  The bad effects of these are cumulative, so I will try it for a while, and be checked for liver and bone marrow side effects by blood work every month.  I have been very unproductive, quilting wise,  and just worried to death about what to do, but I feel a little bit better  now.  She said I was a classical Genetic Thyroid wonder, all my family has it too!!  And I found out that my Mom had a goiter...I did not know this, because she passed away when I was very young.  My brother contributed this info...thanks bro!

All this has left me very anxious and nervous, and feeling just a wee bit sorry for myself.  Until I go to work...then I see that almost every person I ran into had something going on with their health,  or with their family, or something.  Pregnancy in a fourteen year old child...cancer...heart attacks.  Everyone has their own tough things to deal with.   It is hard for me to imagine that something would not happen to me too.  I have had the benefits (and taken them for granted) of vibrant health most of my life.  The doctor told me some wise words, "You have to deal with the hand you are dealt in life".  That really, really helped me so much.  So I put on my big girl panties and am dealing with it!!  Thank you dear Lord for wise physicians and kind words.  Thank you too for you , dear friends, who have all helped me so much through this.  So the Journey continues!! I have started a little blog about my thyroid too, just so I can process my own fears and feelings and physical manifestations. 

It helps to hear your stories too...would love to support you as well!!


Have a great day, everyone!!


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Binding Blitz!! and some other things

 Just looking in the closet, folks, and I found this quilt top.  Strings and scraps!!  My favorite thing of all time!  I really need to get this one quilted and on to it's next owner.  I remember this quilt top went together very quickly, and I loved it...and imagined all that lovely empty space in the alternate blocks with pretty hand quilting.
 Another view.  I love the littlest pieces and strings of, love!!
 A little leftover quilt...made of leftovers, that is.

 This is the prize for the binding blitz!!!  For I am opening the linky box, and please feel free to add your quilts to the link-up.  I will randomly draw for this book, from the finished bindings.
And last, but not least are my Everyday Patchwork blocks.  I made three more today, and that is about the extent of the sewing for now.  I am loving making these!!

Have a wonderful day!




Sunday, May 17, 2015

A doll quilt swap!

Look here!!!!  Cheri is having a quilt along, Everyday Patchwork.  I am sewing along, kind of, LOL!
 This is the little quilt I made for Lori of Humble Quilts doll quilt swap.  It is hand quilted, and was great fun to make!!
And guess what?  I just received my little quilt from the swap!  This was made by Melissa, who blogs here:  It is machine quilted, and just lovely!!  Thank you so much, Melissa!!  Melissa is a talented quilter, and I am so glad I know about her blog from this swap.  She made a DEAR JANE quilt!!  Love that!

Have a wonderful day, each of you!!


Thursday, May 7, 2015

An old quilt top...and a new little something!

No one may remember this quilt top, because I made it a long time ago.  I am trying to decide how to finish up all my quilt tops...into quilts! This was in a matchy-matchy period of my quilting career.
This is a detail of the corner blocks.  I don't remember that green paisley...wonder if the scraps are hiding in the stash!!?

Have a great day, everyone!


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A winner!! And the newest prize for the binding blitz!

 I just have to show you Cindy C's quilt!!  Cindy was kind enough to send me an e-mail, with the picture of her gorgeous quilt attached, for the binding blitz.  I could NOT get it to I took a picture of the screen, in desperation!  This quilt is so very pretty, and I thank Cindy so much for sending in her entry for the binding blitz!!

Drum roll please!!  Number 2 was chosen by the random number generator, and that makes Ruth of Country Log Cabin our winner!!  Big thanks to everyone who participated...and keep on going on the bindings!!  I think you will like this month's gift!
 I know you have seen this quilt before, but the binding is all done on this one, and I have washed it
 and napped under it, LOL!!  The blocks are 6 inch finished, so the littlest pieces are less than an inch square.  Love it so much!!  It makes me want to make another one.
 One of my favorite blocks is the little blue and yellow pinwheel block; I love that one!
Our friend Kim Diehl writes the most wonderful books!!  I chose this book from our local quilt shop, to be the gift for the binding blitz for this month.  I think you would like keep on binding, friends!!

***********************Nurse's Notes********************

Happy Nurse's week to all those nurses out in the trenches!

My patient of the week is in his 90's.  Very ill when he first came in, he was on the ventilator, and really not expected to make it.  Now...he is a big flirt!!  A mapmaker in the military and then in civilian life, he also builds boats and works with wood.  Those blue eyes just slay me every time I see him!! His eyes are piercing blue and just full of fun!!   He is up walking in the hall now and griping about getting out of the hospital.  I love it!!!  From very near a fun, useful, and productive life.  His family adores him...and I can see why.  Hurrah, sweet gentleman!!!  Go on and enjoy your life!!  You made this nurse's week.



Friday, May 1, 2015

Binding Blitz!!!

 Happy May Day!  The first of May.  It is such pretty weather here...I hope it is pretty and nice where ever you are too.  Above is an old quilt...but I finished binding it this past month!!  All done.  It is hand and machine quilted, and feels quite old fashioned...thin batting and just a nice drape.  Maybe I will have a grand child someday and that baby will get this one!
I have been also working on the Rainbow quilts.  Behind, a bit...but here is where I am.  Mostly cutting things out...little sitting at the sewing machine lately.  Purple was the chosen color for April...I love purple!!


Binding Blitz!!!

  Please add your link below...The prize is the roll of pretty reproduction fabrics I purchased and showed earlier in the month. I will add mine first, just to make sure it works...not counted in the drawing, LOL!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!!


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