Saturday, May 27, 2023

Garden and progress!! and a FINISH!!!


Good morning!!!  Whew, it has been a barn burner around here...lots of work, and more work.  I am OFF today!  Hurrah!!!  And guess what?  I have been slowly hand quilting the above quilt!!  and IT IS COMPLETED!  A few minutes each night has done the trick. I quilted around each applique piece, then did a 3/4 cross hatch in the open areas.  Simple.  Lots of stitching, though!  I am delighted is it done.

It is on the big bed, for a picture.

I call this the "King's bed."  The quilt is square, so not bed shaped, but I put it on there anyway.  I am celebrating this long-term project being done!

I put together these plaid blocks, in red and blues.  A true UFO, completed too.

The garden just beckons!  Tomatoes and squash are going just crazy with growth.  

Tiny tomatoes are popping through the blossoms!

This tomato plant was purchased from Costco and has tomatoes on it already.  I planted a whole packet of tomato seeds back at the last of January, and the plants are big, now.

A lone zinnia, with many other to come.  The bees like them.

The little garden is really growing, too!!  I am so happy about this little project.  Radishes, swiss chard, peppers, carrots, and peas.  I also planted my last year's Halloween pumpkin seeds around the edges, hoping the vines would trail over the edges and grow pumpkins.  

Hope each of you is doing fantastic today!


Saturday, May 13, 2023

IN search of perfection

 Good day to you all!!  I have been working on a donation quilt with my friend.  We are making the top, choosing backing, sewing binding, and sending it all to a gentleman making quilts of valor for his group.  OH dear.  I thought using all the different reds and making those little blocks, using 1/2 square triangles would be more accurate. IT IS NOT!!!!!  I had such a tough time making all those points meet!  I pinned and sewed carefully and most are not accurate, anyway.      NOT PERFECT!!!  Well, the blue ones are good, anyway, LOL!

Another picture of some of the red blocks.

This, however, is perfection. Isn't that the prettiest thing?  I have no clue what it is, but the supermarket has them on sale.

A tomato!!  Hurrah!!!  I love growing things...and they smell so good.

Hope each of you is having a PERFECT day!!!

  My little garden is flourishing!

Monday, April 24, 2023

A mystery quilt finale...or almost.

Good morning!!!  Above is my almost finished quilt top from the mystery quilt on Facebook.  Here is the link, if you would like to pursue this one. All the patterns are free and under files.   I took a few liberties and made it my own.  Only one more border to go!!!

(2) EQP Mystery 2022 | Facebook

A picture in progress.

And another picture in progress!!!  I machine appliqued for the first time in my life.  Those little petal blocks were really slowing me down, and so I wondered what would happen if I sewed some of them  on my machine...and it was fine.  Not heirloom sewing here, but this is not for show, and will be just fine and warm for someone on the bed.

 I resurrected these blocks, and sewed this much together.  Of course it needs to be much bigger!

UFO busting here, folks!!!

Happy Monday to you!


Saturday, April 22, 2023

Chunks of sewing time

Good morning to you!!!  I have been working on UFO's.  All these blocks were completed, and laid out in perfect sequence, ready to sew. Why didn't I do this long ago!!!??   Some concentrated time with them, and I have this top together (minus borders) all done.  Hurrah!!!  This is a small quilt, because the blocks are quite tiny.  A border is in order.  I adore it, because it is all scraps.

I finished the next round on the Squirrel Star quilt, so named...because it is a squirrel!!!  I love the pastels, chosen to match the center star colors, which are cut off triangles, saved and now used up.  I tried to choose star colors based on what I had, and also on the inner triangles...something to go with those bright Easter colors.    On to the next border.  My dear friend and I are working on similar quilts, and Annie's are in reproduction colors.

This quilt also had all the blocks all made, and laid out, ready to sewn. Putting the pedal to the metal did the trick, and this is a larger quilt top.  Scraps, every strip!! A true UFO.


 I took out this little quilt, and hand blanket stitched the lettering, which took around five hours.  Geesh!!!  I love to do that, but it took a small forever.  Next round is coming up!



How are you doing on your UFO's?  Any to speak of?  I feel like I have made a great dent in finishing mine up, and that feels wonderful. After all, what is the purpose of all this sewing?  To give to other people...geturdun, self!



Have a super day!



Thursday, April 13, 2023

Growing things!!!! and quilts too

Good morning!!  Oh how the sun and the spring beckons us outside!!!  It is so pretty.  Back in February, I think, I started these tomato plants from seeds purchased at the nursery.  Every single seed came up!!!  I used an old plastic egg carton for my planting soil, and rapidly, rapidly, they grew up!!  I mowed the lawn day before yesterday and put down fertilizer.  

I have transplanted them outside now, only losing one plant, from an tragic accident involving a trowel and a careless moment!!!  I now have bell peppers and jalapeño peppers growing in that same egg carton.  Soon they will be ready to transplant outside too.  And the big news!!!  I am making a real garden spot in the backyard!!!  Hurrah!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so excited for this!  As a farm girl, I really miss the growing things, and the animals.

This quilt seems the same, but it is  not.  I added the plain white border on the outside, and cut out 24 blocks to go around the outside of quilt, for the next border.  This quilt is growing!!!

I have a zillion of these blocks cut out, and while cleaning and going through things...this one came up.  In the middle of the night, I sewing these four blocks, and just loved the process of it.  All plaids!! from  shirts!!

 Here are some of my seedlings in a large planter box.  They are just taking off like crazy.  I also have squash in there...maybe I will have squash to sauté and also make squash casserole.  Yum!!!

**************************Nurse's notes************************
Hospice is going well.  I also float to oncology, open heart, and ICU.  I can have anywhere from one patient to six patients in a just have to keep flexible and go for it, whatever it happens to be day to day.  I love my hearts the best, and also love a new way of caring for hearts in hospice.  


I am continuing my study and reading about this fascinating era.  I read every night before I go to bed, and it is great fun!!  I am learning a lot.  Ration cards!  Do you know about this?  In order to save almost everything for the war effort, many things were rationed for people here in the USA.  You had to  have a coupon, so to speak, and redeem it for things you needed.  I found some of these ration coupons in my MIL's things.  The national spirit and coming together for the common good and war effort is inspiring...wish we could all come together these days, too, don't you!!!

I wish each of you a blessed and wonderful day!!


Thursday, April 6, 2023

A ufo finished!

Good morning, or afternoon!  or good night!  I finished the borders on the above quilt of valor.  I am so happy to have it all completed, at least the top.  Hurrah!

I made a squishy out of the tiny trimmings from this quilt.  I take a basket of these to my work and they disappear throughout the day.

 I also completed a needle book.  The center is an amazing, appliqued circle, sewn by a friend, with a sheep in the fabric.  I used to raise sheep, and so I love it, and the lovely, tiny stitches used to sew it.

Hope all is well with you!


Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Making progress!

Allrighty, then!!!  (That is a word, right?)  I finished all of these blocks, for my quilt of valor that has been going on for a lot of last year.  Hurrah!  I just need to sew the row together, so I am counting it as great progress.

The Daybreak quilt is a top!  I had no border, and found a purple at Joann's,  and someone will love this purplish quilt.  So there!

My favorite!  Pink kitties!!  This will also go to the patient/chemo quilt ladies.  I love it!  I saw one with brown, gray and black kitties...hmmmm.  Must do that one!

Trimmings from cutting up fabric become these little potholders.  Waste not, want not, right?




Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Sewing...putting the pedal to the metal!


Hello!!  I recently had some days off...and used this time to work on ufo's.  I finished all the pink kitty blocks that I started a few years ago!  Hurrah!!!  I am trying to be ruthless...finish it or donate each project!

I used my leftover half square triangles to make this small quilt.  Now what?  Leave it small?  Or grown the quilt larger!!!??

I used a couple of leftover yarn bits to make dishcloths.  
I hand sewed the binding on this quilt!

I am making progress on this quilt, too.

On we go, friends!  Hope each of you is doing well.  I got to zoom call with Chooky and the ladies for a few minutes, which made my whole week!!

Cobblestone Bridge Quilts n Things: Happy National Quilt Day from our house to yours

Please click on the blog is Lyn's birthday!  Actually, it was yesterday, because she is in Australia...but please wish her a happy birthday!

Off to work again tomorrow...sigh....


Wednesday, March 15, 2023

All together now!!!

 I sewed all the blocks together, and now I am searching for the perfect border.  This is destined to be a chemo quilt.

Hope each of you has a wonderful day!

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Number next!

Well, it all started with a jelly roll.  They are so pretty, but I never know what to do with them, honestly. The jelly roll I used is all polka dots!   Above is a perfect jelly roll pattern.  It is called Daybreak, by Georgette Dell'Orco; a Cozy Quilt design.  I am making a patient quilt, and it is going quickly.  Half of the blocks are pictured; half are still in the works!  I must say the 2.5-inch strips feel big after the mystery quilt with tiny pieces.  My friend Annie and I are enjoying making this quilt together.  

 I made a new bag for that was fun.  The most time-consuming thing about it was making the quilted fabric.  I think the pattern would work well with pre-quilted fabric, too.  

Here is the free pattern...many thanks to the designer, Lynn!

*****************Nurse's notes*************************

I floated to oncology the other day.  I had six patients under my care.  All medical patients, no cancer...overflowing medical patients onto the cancer floor.  One pancreatitis, one pneumonia, one failure to thrive, one drug overdose, one septic urinary tract infection, and one deep vein thrombosis.  People became diagnoses, as I just noticed how I spoke about my patients. But I take time to know them, too, as much as I can...are they married, children, what did they do for a living... I must say, all my time on medical floor as a new nurse really has helped me be a generalist and take care of anything that comes through the door.  I ran all day long...19000 steps.  I really enjoyed it.  I charted standing up, ate in five minutes in the hallway, and away I went. Nurses everywhere will relate to days like this!


I am reading about Hitler, and his rise to power, which actually started in the 1930's.  Very interesting how one man could control a population, and lay waste to another.  What a horrible war, involving so many, many countries, and the whole world was involved economically.  I am reading such books as Sophie's Choice, and Sarah's Key.  Alos, I am reading about the woman going to the workforce (think Rosie the riveter), and how woman stepped up to make a living for themselves as their men were off to war, and the grandparents stepping up to care for children.  Such interesting reading about this "Greatest Generation!"  Tell me if you were alive during this time and have remembrances, please???

Hope you have a great day, each of you!

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Many thanks!

Above is a small quilt I had made for one Monthly Mini with Wendy, the constant quilter.  I just decided to send it off to my friend to be quilted, and here is what she did.
Isn't' that sunflower quilting so awesome!!!  Thank you, Paula Sue!  (my friend from childhood)

I recently bought a Moda scrap bag, sight unseen...(1/2 price).  The above fabrics were in the bag...mostly selvages. The most I could get from the strips was 2 inches, so I trimmed all I could to 2-inch strips and came up with this baby quilt.  Hurrah!!!  I am all ready for a baby to come along now!

This is a chemo quilt, and the top was given to me before it was tossed, I think.  It is so pretty quilted!

The little tomato plants are getting bigger!!!

I wanted to tell each of you thank you so much for your sweet and caring comments about the loss of Rosie, our poodle.  Your kindness is truly appreciated.  We are slowly getting back to a new normal around here.


Tuesday, February 14, 2023

A great loss of a small baby (Our Rosie poodle)

I have been making progress on this quilt, which is unexpected and very squirrel-ish in nature.  I had no idea I was going to make this quilt, and then?  There I was, making it.  That border was tricky, I must say.

All the patterns are here.

I received my Quiltville mystery quilt back from the quilter!  Hurrah!!!  I have the binding on...just need to sew it down, and it will be a wrap on the mystery.  

Or will it really be a wrap?  I cut out another mystery quilt!!!  Different I go again!!  Same pattern...way different look.

Ukraine is on my mind, and I made another little quilt with their flag colors.

I planted tomato seeds five days ago, and wow!  They are springing right up!!

Rosie on the Dear Jane quilt.
Rosie on my plaid scrappy Jewel Box quilt.

Rosie on the apple core quilt.

And Rosie on the mini bear paw quilt.  All these pictures have been taken through the years.  

Rosie is gone from this life.  Here is a bit about her.  



There comes a time when it is obvious there is no cure, and no treatment. When the drug or the knife can do no more good. When the relentless juggernaut of the dying body supplants the will of the mind to survive. When all hope is lost for this life, and hope arises for another one, after death. Comfort becomes important. Being clean, fed if able to eat, good things to drink, positioned for comfort because you cannot move, to have someone who loves you present to supply a calm, kind, loving voice; to be touched and held if that comforts you. All these are paramount now. Meds to ease suffering and pain, to promote sleep and rest, and to ease the anxiety of the unknown.

You may think I am telling my hospice nurse story, and yes, that is true, but this is the story of a different kind of hospice...the one for my dog, Rosie. Rosie came tripping into our life many years ago, a stray, dumped in the neighborhood; discarded, uncared for, ungroomed, covered with six inch long matted, muddy poodle hair and full of brambles and weeds, covering a famished, starving little body and a will of pure twisted steel. It was love at first sight for me.

After fresh water, nourishing food, love, and a good grooming and vetting, who sat before me? A darling tiny poodle, most likely purebred, full of the fierce intelligence of the breed. Full of strength, honor, wisdom, a fierce devotion to me. She would always get between me and anyone at the door...and she would have died in a heartbeat, using all of her 15 pounds, defending me if needed, there is no doubt.
Full of play! Catch, fetch, running in circles and just full of fun. Down on her forelegs, bottom in the air, wagging so hard the air got out of her tail's way.

Full of love! She would launch herself into my arms when I came home from the day and liked nothing better than to be nestled close to me, being stroked and petted and told what a pretty girl she was. (For of course it is true)

Full of intelligence! She just knew. I never had to teach her a thing. She could do all the normal things...sit, fetch, stand up, come (only if she wanted to though!) ...all the tricks. But she also would take me to the bedroom, so she could be placed on the bed for her the door for potty time...she would tell me with a short bark. She just knows what I am saying and taught me what she wanted and needed.
Full of honor! Dignified and beautiful, too, in that way of dogs. An honorable person, with no spot on her character whatsoever.

A traveler! In the air on planes, in the truck...she just did wonderfully, and was such a joy.
And now? We are to this point. Hospice for the poodle doodle girl. Gently singing the poodle song to her..."Rosie Posie Pumpkin pie, you are the best girl in the world, in the world, in the world!"
The liver malfunction, Cushing's disease, insulin dependent diabetes, blindness from the diabetes and cataracts, hypertension, collapsing trachea with cough that does not seem to cease.... all have taken their toll, and now we are at the end of her life.

So? What does a nurse do? What does anyone who loves a dog as much as I do, do?? As many, many of you have done??? the patient...good food if water...strokes and review...and those meds to ease suffering...a gift for her that is wholly inadequate to the gifts she has given to me.
Tears for my loss. Tears for her suffering. They just don't stop, do they???
More as the journey goes along.

Rosie just will not eat. Maybe a bite or two. I put a bit of baby food into a syringe and trickled it into her mouth, she seemed eager for it. She mostly sleeps. She enjoys being tucked in tight to my leg, as I sit on the couch.
More of the same. A few wiggly tail moments, but mostly sleep, goes out to potty, and back. Drinking water like crazy (diabetes)
Started her on megace, and she ate like a trouper. Later on in the day, she went into respiratory distress...a subtle increase in the respiratory rate. Then full-on rales, exp grunting and wheezes. Did she aspirate? Is this heart failure, or just her large liver crowding her stomach? Just heart breaking. Her final vet appointment is tomorrow, and I cannot, just cannot stop crying. It is now 1:40 AM, and I am bawling...she is asleep at last. I keep on checking her for respirations.
08:00 2-4-2023. Rosie had rapid respiration’s part of the night, interspersed with deep sleep. She will no longer take water or food, but went out to potty. We had a final vet appointment at 8 am. Rosie started have irregular respirations and a slowing heartbeat. She passed in my hands at 0800, right when her appointment was supposed to be. A huge part of my heart goes with her. She was my darling girl, and I grieve her loss. Dog moms heart is broken.

And that is why I have not posted for a bit. Quilting brings me some solace, but I look for my baby everywhere, and she is just not there.