Sunday, May 30, 2021

Slow stitching on Sunday!

Happy Sunday to everyone!!!  I pulled this quilt top from the closet, wondering what had stopped the progress on it.  It was the hand work!
So I started blanket stitching those little petals down, and this is my slow stitching of the week.  I am linking to Kathy's blog, here.  

Kathy's Quilts: Slow Sunday Stitching (

I just love this quilt...I made it, but don't know what sew along it was...but I like it!!
I found a new sew along!  Just right for a baby quilt.  Here is my first puppy dog!  You can find all the patterns here:  

Dog Gone Cute - Sew Fresh Quilts

 Tomatoes are coming on like crazy!  I went out and picked a few, before the wildlife eat them!!!

We went to the DFW National Cemetery.  We do not know anyone buried there, but it was a poignant memorial of a soldier's service for country and their fellow man.  We honor our fallen this weekend.  Over 73,000 veteran's graves are located there.  Lots of people were there, and tons of flags were flying.  One grave had a blanket on it, with a young widow perched on top, talking to her lost soldier buried there.  Tears flowed.  


End of month update!!

This little quilt is my mini of the month for May...see Wendy, at the Constant Quilter, to see a lot more little mini quilts!!
Here are my latest blocks for Cathy's and my collaboration, Mrs. Lincoln's quilt.  Here is my applique block, and here is my pieced block for the month. 
Great fun!!!

 I am also playing with some lovely fabrics, and here is my first block.  I am loving making these blocks!!


Monday, May 24, 2021

Quilting is done!!!!

Oh, this is an exciting day!!!!!!!!!!  I got quilts back from Millie, my quilter!!!!!  I always plan to hand quilt everything...until I get so far behind that I am about to implode.  The above Circular Motion quilt is one that I truly love.  I always meant to hand quilt it...but when?  I am so delighted with the circular quilting design!!!
This is from last year, a scrappy quilt, from a bag of little scraps. it!!!
And my alphabet quilt.  This one goes to the kiddos.  
I have finished the prep for all nine of these blocks...hurrah!!!  I will applique the pieces down on the house tonight.  
OH my.  This old, old jacket, belongs to my dear husband.  He loves it so much, and wanted me to replace the zipper.  
So I did!  It is so old...I bet forty years old, but it it is his favorite, so I fixed it for him.  I can no longer get the stains out...he just wears it around the garage and house.  Does your significant other have old, old clothes that they just love??
I recently received some amazing cookbooks!  I love them, and have made several recipes from them.  What is your go-to recipe for a fun evening meal at home???

 And this book!  This book is a great one.  Full of fun, great information, and good is one I highly recommend for anyone who wants to look and feel younger.  I am re-reading it...a great book, so great, in fact, that I want my hospital to provide it to our heart attack patients.  I will try to get them to buy it!!  LOL!!  But otherwise, I am going to buy a few to keep in my locker, to give to patients who need this info and are looking to make an amazing change in their health.  

Have a lovely day, 


Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Just some things!

I almost finished one more block, of the Jenni Gaston "Ready for Spring" applique.    Two more blocks to go!
Oh wow, did you see Bonnie Hunter's quilt made from solid colored fabrics?  I cut out a few blocks, experimenting with that one!  You can see it here:

Quiltville's Quips & Snips!!: Color On Color!

I made a few more little keychain purses for American Heart.

Now there is a story about this terribly ugly pie!  I was asked to make a pumpkin pie, below.  But I had leftover crust, and made this apple Franken pie, above!  It was really good, but was certainly an ugly thing, made of leftover pieces, just like Frankenstein!
Pumpkin pie, per request!  I actually love when I get requests to bake, fun, fun!

Have a lovely day!


Sunday, May 16, 2021


Hello to all!  Isn't that just a screaming yellow?????  WOW!!!    I am finishing my blocks for "Jerod Takes a Wife", and the free pattern can be found here, courtesy of Bonnie Hunter/Quiltville.

Quiltville's Quips & Snips!!: Jared Takes A Wife!

Here is a closer look at the quilt. I am missing one is the world did I do that!!!   LOL!!!  
I am working on appliqué prep, too...I find that I can stitch quietly in the night, when my hubby is fast asleep.  Insomnia quilts win again!!

 Rosie is modeling again.  LOL!!

Hope you are all doing fantastic!


Monday, May 10, 2021

Happy Monday!!

Happy Monday!  I finished one more of these blocks, by Jeni Gaston.  Only three more blocks to go!
I just had this little quilt out, admiring was a quilt along with Lori at Humble Quilts.  Please click on the link above to get to Lori's blog.  
I have been making little bags and such for American Heart!  Here is mu selection so far...
I sure hope they sell!!!

 I was weeding today, and enjoyed seeing our clematis blooming!!!  Such a pretty lavender color.  Spring is my favorite time, but then again, I enjoy all the seasons!

Have a lovely day!


Saturday, May 8, 2021

Hand work

Good evening, everyone!  I got to come home early from work today...whoop!!!  So I finished up these tiny key ring pouches.  I am making little things to sell and raise money for American Heart Association, for their campaign this fall.  

Here is the free pattern:

Teeny Tiny Mini Zipper Pouch Keyring - So Sew Easy (

I appliqued more hearts, for my plaid string quilt!

I am sorry about this very poorly lit picture.  These are my blocks for Jenni Gaston's quilt along.  There are only 9 blocks in the quilt, so I am gaining on that.
I am making progress on this quilt; hand quilting it.  
I have eleven blocks to finish quilting.  I pinned and basted well, then quilted through all the sashing and the border, then bound it, and now I am quilting the blocks.  All backwards, but it is working very well!

 And oh wow.  I went by an estate sale, and  going in was my first mistake.  I found a ton, metric ton, of quilts!  I guess the lady was a quilt collector!  She had quilts from 1860 to modern day.  This humble quilt appealed to me, however.  So it came home to live.  It needs a bit of repair...and there seems to be an older quilt used for batting.

Hope you have a great day!


Warm days!

I received this sampler quilt back from the quilter, Paula, my buddy from childhood.  It is all trimmed and ready for binding.  Kitty cat ha...