Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cindy's quilt!!

This is Cindy C's quilt!  She did this hand embroidery from an Aunt Martha's iron on transfer pattern.  Cindy does not blog, but wants to enter the Binding Blitz...pretty quilt, don't you think?  Love it, Cindy!!

Have a great evening,


Binding Blitz!!!

 It is the end of the month already!!  I finished binding three quilts for a friend, which I did not get a picture of!  But I did get a picture of this little quilt, that I bound this month also.  Hurrah!!  So I am making progress here, and I hope you are too.
Vicki Welsh made this really fun badge for us to use this year!! Feel free to grab the badge and put in on your blog if you want to.  Please see Vicki's blog HERE.  So every on bindings!  Some of you keep up with bindings, and some of us, like me,  have a pile of quilts that need binding.  Either way, when you finish a binding, why not link up with us for the BINDING BLITZ!!!  I have some fun prizes for each month all planned out, for all throughout the year.

Please link up below!!  Have a great day, everyone!

I just added my link to see if it really, truly worked...and it did!!  whoop!!!

Friday, January 30, 2015


 It just cries out for a red border, doesn't it?  Just yearns for it!  But...I did not have a big 'ol hunk of red.  And I did have this pink.  Which makes me so very happy!  The red pieces, the little ones I auditioned, thinking that I would have to go shop for red...made it a red quilt. A very red, planned out quilt. That is pretty much not what I wanted, I guess.
Because the pink just calls out to me!!!  I love it!!  REBEL!!!!

***********************A personal note*******************************

Maybe I am just a rebel at heart, you know?  Yes, I have a regular job (since I was 13 years old), am college educated, follow most of the "rules"...except...

A pink border just because I like it!!

Letting a dog in to visit her dying lady mistress at the big trouble for that one!  Wow...a cardinal sin for sure!  (that was years ago, and now we have visiting therapy dogs all the time)

Eating at the bedside for families...against the rules!!  But...a lady's husband was dying...and one nurse wanted to kick her out for eating a sandwich at the bedside and staying right with her husband.  NOT!!  on my shift! I stood in front of the door and guarded so she could eat her sandwich!

Talking to strangers...hugging them if needed...yep...not really in the rule book, is it.

So maybe I am a bit of a rebel!!  Not sure if this is bad or good, but my heart just sings with the PINK BORDER!!!



Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ready for a border here...

 So here we are...the middle is finished.  Yippee!  I enjoyed sewing that last long, somehow!  Maybe I will make a piano key border...that would be fun, and use up more 2.5 inch pieces from the drawers.
 The long view...
And the poodle doggie!!  I sure love this baby dog!  What a good helper...why that quilt top might have jumped up and run away without Rosie weighing it down.  Don't know what I would do without Rosie!  She is the softest little thing...her fur feels like crushed velvet.

Have a great day, everyone!!


Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Monday!!

 This are my blocks from Barb's nine patch exchange.  I have gotten this far on my design, but need a little more time to ruminate.  or illuminate!  Either way, I am so enjoying working with everyone's blocks.  Thank you for exchanging!
 More and more!
 And progress on this quilt too.  These are the quilt blocks from Terry's treasures, last year.  She had a fun quilt along.  I have been figuring out how to set these blocks together too.
 I am half way done sewing them all together.  The bright colors are so cheerful, and all from the scrap bin.  Love scrapping here!
And the biggest news ever!!  You know, I have sewn at the kitchen table forever.  That means everything needs to be put away each night, and straightened up for the evening meal.  I at last have a sewing machine cabinet!!  And it is just so much fun!  I can't wait to get it set up, where it will live.  It is going in the little sun room, so the bright pretty sunshine can pour in and make stitching a bigger joy.  Yippee!!


Hope you all are BINDING!!!!  It is getting close to the end of the month, and the linkey party.  so finish up, and we will enjoy each other's finishes.

Have a great day, everyone!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Woolen Willow designs!

I have had a just terrible time settling down and working on just one thing.  Finally, I worked on this project today, prepping a few more blocks.  This is from Jeni at the can see her blog HERE!!  She has made a few blocks along for this lovely quilt. This is a free quilt along. Of course, I am changing things up a bit...just like me, isn't it?  And I am not caught up yet, but I am making progress.


I have been quite busy with my new job, but this past weekend, I started getting very dizzy.  So dizzy, in fact, that I was not able to all.  I spent two days lying in bed, because I would fall or toss my cookies if I got up!!  I finally decided...go to the doctor, already!!  So I did...and he prescribed Antivert (meclizine), for an inner ear problem. Now friends, I am a non medicine taker, if at all possible.  Maybe three Tylenol in my whole life!  But I took one of the Antivert pills...and slept for about 18 hours!  Crazy...and I give that stuff so nonchalantly to my patients?  Never again!!  That is some strong stuff!  (Or I am a pansy...could be!)


Back to work in the morning!


Monday, January 12, 2015

UFO progress

 Good Monday to you!  I am working on these blocks today.  I think I may be finished making blocks, and just concentrate on getting this all into one top.  I am going to do a sashing and border, and am thinking of ideas for those.
Another view.

UPDATE!!!  I think I am going to make 32 more blocks...bigger is better!!

Have a great day, each and every one of you!!


Friday, January 9, 2015

A Friday off work!

 Happy Friday!!  I finished all the letters for the Temecula Quilt Shop quilt along.  I am undecided, of course, how to set them. I just put some of my little star blocks in there for space fillers. What a fun project!!  Did you make this quilt?  All you have to do is go to the Temecula Quilt shop blog and find the patterns, all through the last part of 2014 postings, and they are free.
 I made another blue block, for the rainbow scrappy quilt along.    This pattern is a free one from Free Motion on the River.  I like it, because of the string background!  Love that part!
 And another blue block...sorry, it really is pretty straight, not like my picture depicts.
 And of course, I save all the bonus triangles and made pinwheels.  I have a lot of these, as these little blocks really have added up over the years!
 Postage stamp progress!!  ( or tale of woe, decide.)
 I have been merrily sending all these little one inch finished pieces through the sewing machine...first in twosies, then foursies, then pieces of eight, then sweet sixteens!!  So I smugly just KNEW I had plenty of squares...probably for two quilts (not). What a bonanza I had...I thought!  And then...I counted them.  I was dismayed to find out I only have enough for 1/2 of one quilt.  BOO!!  Boy, did my sails just come crashing down, LOL!!  I was just going to put it away in the closet in disgust...THEN!!!
(And by the way, these were the little containers with heaps of all those squares.)

I cut a ton more!!  Two hours of fast cutting this morning.  I still need a ton more, but at least I kept it out and it did not become a is still a work in progress!! Maybe I am growing up, just one little bit. Yippee!!!

Have a great day, everyone!!


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sweet Sixteen!!

 This is the quilt I am currently binding, for the BINDING BLITZ!!  This is a quilt for a friend, a vintage top that she wanted finished into a quilt.  My friend Millie quilted it, and I am binding it.  So I am on my way to getting lots of quilts bound this year!
 Here is the January prize for the Binding Blitz.  It is a pattern by a sweet friend of mine, and also the kit below.  She does small quilts, in a traditional pattern, with beautiful reproduction fabrics as her focus.
 So here is the kit!!  All of this is part of the prize for January Binding Blitz.  At the end of the month, we can all link up and share our pretty bound quilts.  I will have a random number drawing then.  So everyone get to binding, LOL!!
And these...are sweet sixteens!  Some of you know I am making a postage stamp quilt.  All the pieces are now being sewn into sixteen piece lengths.  I did twosies...then foursies...then eights...and now sixteens.  Then I will start into rows.  I am at last making some fast, good progress!!!

**********************No Reply!***************************

I feel so bad when I cannot reply to a sweet comment meant for me. So Valerie, Megan, and Dian....thank you for you nice comments on my blog last time...thank you!!


Hope each of you has a wonderful day!


Friday, January 2, 2015

Binding Blitz and Pieces of Eight!!!

 Hi to everyone!!  Here on Juliekquilts, we are having a Binding Blitz, for the year of 2015, all year long.  There will be prizes each month, so if you have a  (ahem) binding pile like I do, or you happen to finish up a binding a particular month...join in!!  I have quilt kits, patterns, books and other fun quilty stuff to share for prizes.   Above is a quilt I need to hand sew the binding on.  It is attached...just not sewn down.  We will have a sidebar button that you can put on your is so cute, and is being made by Vicki Welsh, at  Vicki, you are the best, and thank you so very much!!  Hey, check out Vicki's blog...she has all sorts of fun stuff going on, and she hand dyes her own fabric, and is pretty much amazing.  The badge will be coming soon.
 A scrappy binding!
 Remember this fun Bonnie Hunter quilt?  Same thing!!  Needs hand sewing the binding down!
 And this big, big, starry night quilt.  It too needs hand stitching.  I am sorry to say that this is not all of the quilts that need binding, by a long shot.  But if I get one quilt bound each month...I will be caught up!  So that is one challenge for me.

At the end of each month, there will be a Linky, so we can all share our finished and bound quilts.  Then the drawing will be for the people linking. So think about you have a binding pile???
 This little plaid table runner is half way bound, and I worked on it on a recent plane trip.
 Now the above picture does not look like much...but all the one inch pieces are now in pieces of four, and being sewn into pieces of EIGHT!!!  So much progress has been made on my scrappy postage stamp quilt.  I guess I am doing it instead of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt this year, because this quilt was nagging at me to get it done!
 Ahem...again.  I may have a few quilt tops that need quilting.  Just a few.  A LOT!  So I will be joining in on all the UFO reduction quiltalongs I can, LOL!  Yep, this is reality, folks...just snapped the picture just as it is!
 Hey, I made something new!  This is just one block, and I am hoping the lady who made this quilt will make a pattern.  She said she would, so while I am waiting for the pattern, I made a one block wonder table topper.
 Big stitch quilted, and a scrappy background.  And scraps too in the border...I am using scraps up here, friends!
 Hey, guess what?  Marcie Patch has a quilt in this fun Scrap Magazine from McCall's quilting!  Our Marcie is a cover girl!
It is truly a gorgeous quilt.  I will be making this one this year too.

***********************Nurse's Notes***********************************

I have accepted a new job!  It is right where I am, and is a new position.  In fact, I will be creating the position.  I will be nursing one-two days a week as usual, but also I will be doing some patient Advocate work.  Teaching, looking after the patients, making sure the doctors are communicating with them, loving them, basically, working with the social workers too. Hurrah!  I feel that it an answer to prayer, as I have been quite worried about losing so much work time due to being cancelled for low census or too many nurses on the schedule.  I have so many ideas...and I am so excited!  I would love your prayers that I can make a difference in these patient's lives in a great, positive way, and also improve our patient satisfaction scores.  That is what the hospital wants...but I want to reach some souls, you know?  To love on these patients!!!  Because I am creating the role in our hospital, I am doing a great deal of research on patient advocacy and learning how to do it the best, best, best ever.  I would appreciate your good thoughts and prayers!!


I have so much on my mind, and another thing is all the gorgeous quiltalongs and BOM's for this new year.  What are you going to join in on???

Have a great 2015, everyone!!  Get out those quilts to be bound!!


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