Saturday, June 30, 2018

Running out of time this month!!

 I am working on the album quilt, "Dearest Boy"  You can find the pattern here:

Above is my pieced block number 4, and we decided to do two blocks for this time.  Unfortunately, I worked 8 days and traveled 7 days of the allotted time, so I don't have my applique Cherry block done, quite yet.  Hopefully Sunday I can be off and finish it up, and I will post it when I do!!  That is just the way it is...very busy at the hospital, and working lots of over time.

Here is where I am.    Cherries have a cherished memory in my heart, for my mother and I used to go and pick cherries on a plateau called Antelope Hill, in Colorado.  The cherries there have a unique taste...amazing sweet and lovely, and big!  I loved going there for apples, peaches and other fruits of the seasons.

Please see Karen's blog, at:

And Cathy's blog at:

 They are both working on the same quilt, and it is great fun to sew along with them!!!

Have a super day, each of you!!!  Hoping for a day off soon, here.


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

just a little sewing

 Just playing with these blocks!!  Lori at Humble quilts made a quilt like this, and she said I could borrow her idea...this has been a couple (few) years back, LOL!!!  I was just laying out what I have and seeing where to go next.  Super fun!!
 Here is the block.  Hers use a different size strip, and frankly, I like hers better...but I will play with these until I finally decide on what to do.
 So if you have cut off corners from making star blocks, sometimes you just have to sew them together and see what you get!!  Maybe you, like me, have a ton of saved this is an idea!
I made a blue berry is delicious!!!

Have a great day!


Maybe a fix?????

Quilting Babcia, who blogs HERE:

says that Gayle from Mango Feet may have a bit of a fix for our comment problem!!!  I tried it and it works, maybe???  Please see it is really does and comment below!!   Please click on her link and maybe we have a solution!!!!

I will be so very happy if it works!!  You, my quilting blog friends, are all very important and precious to my heart...I miss not being able to respond to you all very easily!!!

Hugs from Julie

Friday, June 15, 2018

Dearest boy block three

Here is my block number three for the sampler quilt, "Dearest Boy.    I had a great time appliquing this one, but mine does not look quite like the original!  I love the negative space start that was created with the applique pieces.  I really cannot wait to see Cathy's and Karen's renditions of this block!!!!!

You can get the entire pattern HERE.

Please see Cathy's blog, and Karen's blog, to see what they did for this block.

Have a great day!


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

String quilting: the brights!

 I have sewn, and sewn, and sewn!!  I am setting my string blocks together like this; thirty blocks in all.  The little string blocks are 4 inches finished, with 3/4 inch sashing, and the little nine patches have 3/4 inch finished pieces in them too. So, this is on my list for the year, and it feels great to make some progress on something on that list!
Talk about bright!  Lol!!!  I think I have all of these pieces and parts made, so now just for the fun of piecing the strings!!  I am using tiny pieces in this quilt, and that is fun to use them up!!
 Well, what can I say...I had an opportunity to go to the quilt shop and here is what I came away with.  I am addicted, I guess...but it is so much fun!!
A very dear friend sent me these, and it sure brightened up my life so much, at a much needed point. Thank you, Loris!!!!  I love you see that the top pink is really...wait for it....a plaid???


Have a super day, each of you!!


Monday, June 11, 2018

Monday tidbits!!

 I recently won a little quilt from a quilt show!!!  I think this is just so pretty...the lady's applique is perfect, not a stitch in site...and look at her circles!!  wow!!!  All the proceeds go to our scholarship funds, so I was glad to donate.  Even her stripes match on the border!!
 Chantal, I am doing all kinds of things with your blue plaid piece you sent...this is just one tiny heart quilt.  Love those plaids!!
 And here is a rather crude, (but loved anyway) cast off little piece, in a scrap I made a coaster out of it.
 I have to highly recommend this book!!  I got it recently at Joann's...and it has a ton of blocks, all in different sizes.  Very clear and accurate instructions, in color for each block.  I smell a sampler quilt coming on!!

One of my goals was to make a string quilt this year, so I made this block, as an experiment.  Strings are just super fun!!

**************************Nurse's Notes**************************

We have a patient in the hospital, who has been in and out for 7 months now.   He was a full cardiac arrest, and we resuscitated him, put him on hypothermia protocol, and here we are, months later. He is the most darling man I think I have ever met.  Just set back, after set back, and he remains calm, steadfast and happy.  Including multiple amputations!!  and surgery after surgery.  He was an all American football player, and that core of strength has served him well.  Most patients would have given up a long, long time ago, but he is just a rock...I love to go into their room!

I asked him and his wife if I could share a bit of their story, and they said sure!


I hope each of you has a magnificent Monday!!!


Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Just 1/2 a day today...

 Update on the basket is where I am.  Just scraps, here, and lots more to go.
 These are four inch, finished.  I make a few anytime I run across the box with all the pieces and parts ready to go!
So teach me, pretty please?!  How do I get my circles perfectly round??

Just half a day at work today...a co-worker needed the morning off, so I worked.  Then out for lunch, then some house keeping, then playing in the fabric!!!

Have a super day!


Monday, June 4, 2018

Sweet Land of liberty progress

 I have been working on Lori of Humble Quilt's, and Cheri Payne's quilt along; Sweet Land of Liberty.   I changed one of the blocks, and took away the applique tree and added a heart, for the churn dash variation block.  So now I have an extra tree, LOL!!!
Whoops!  Those hearts are for another project...what you may ask?  Well I don't know yet, LOL!!!  And so it goes!!

Happy Monday to all!!


Saturday, June 2, 2018

A little rainbow sewing

 Here is the flock, so far...each month, I have been sewing with a different color, but somehow I repeated pink this last month.  This is my progress so far...I am just going to keep sewing scraps of fabric into birds until I have enough to make a quilt!
 Here are my pink feathered friends for this month!!
 The same thing happened for this project...more pink blocks.
 I don't mind...I love pink the very best!!!
This little fellow is still my favorite bird...he would be just a sparrow out in the fields, but I just love him...maybe because he is plaid!!

I am linking to Angela...check out the rainbow quilts going on!!

About comments...I read every one and cherish them, and how is everyone else solving this problem?  Any word on when blogger might fix the problem of comments not connecting to my email?

Have a super day!


Warm days!

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