Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Chuggin' along!!

 These basket blocks are 4 inch finished size, and I have been making them for a long time. Someday?  Maybe I will have enough for a quilt!!!  I still have to applique the basket handles down.  Good road trip sewing!
 Every day, I make these plaid stars...just love the scrappiness of them!
 I might have accidentally started a new quilt...merely by chance...SNORT!!!  Karen, from the Log Cabin quilter, asked how many strips/scraps did I have, so that got me to thinking about what I do  have and how I can use them up.  I sorted all the strips into colors.  I am not sure this is right thing to do, as I love the chaos of just picking up any color and using it in my string quilts...but here are the lime green ones.  I really don't have too many of these, but will make blocks until they are all used up.
 Pictures are out of order, but here are the baskets blocks, closer up.
 Pat Sloan is having a quilt along...several, actually.  Here is my first of her Solstice quilt along.  There are lots of fun blocks there!!
 Lisa Bongean is having a 1/2 square triangle quilt along!!  I thought maybe I could use my solid fabrics...I have a shoe box full of those, and this will use them up, I think, maybe!  Here is my first block.  Each block is made of 16 half square triangles.
 And this fun woolie block is a  new quilt along too!!  The instructions said to make the block 5 inch finished, but I think I will make them 6 inch finished and add them to my previous wool blocks.  Just depends on what the additional blocks look like.  I still have to stitch this one down and add the embroidery.
Every day, I make a handful of these bow tie blocks, too.  These are 2 inch finished. Using up my scraps here; I just love these little baby blocks!!  I have approximated a zillion made, and a zillion to go!!

So I might have "accidentally" started a lot of new quilts!  Mixing new ideas in with the old is fun, and keeps it all fresh and lively.  Hope your day is wonderful today!!!

Julie K.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Slow car stitching!

 I have been working every single day, or I have been riding in the car, on a road trip.  Whew!  Nice to have a day off to catch up on everything.  Above is my plaid Jewel box quilt.  It is bound!  Whoop!  I did it in the car, and it is KING sized.  It went quickly, though; I am so glad it is bound now and ready to use.
 I cannot get a picture of the whole thing;  it is just too big.  Lots  of shirts and plaid fabrics in this one!
 I am pretty much in love with the Circular thinking quilt.  I appliqued lots of circles onto squares, in the car...and have lots to go.  I am finding it great fun to remember all these old scraps, and some new scraps, too.   I am liking the whimsical children's fabrics, too...just as much fun for me as for children, I think!  I will include more pieced circles now, too, to sprinkle in, for interest.  Great fun, and I am loving this project!!!
Hand quilting and binding small things...I have made three of the little basket blocks, for mug rugs.  PROGRESS is the word!!!

Linking to Kathy, for Slow Stitching Sunday.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday, full of rest and renewal and fun!!


Friday, February 10, 2017

A block for Cheri.

This block is for Cheri Payne, who recently was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  It will be part of a larger quilt, for her.    I don't think she reads my here it is!!  She likes is a 6 inch finished block.

Have an amazing day, each of you!!!


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A very generous person!

 I have a treat for you.  An anonymous donor has given some of her best creations, for the quilts for patients project!!
 Isn't this the coolest quilt, ever!!?  I love it!!
 This will be an awesome quilt for a breast cancer patient!
 Look at how tiny those pieces are!  I am in awe!!
 This is perfect quilt for a is long and so fun!  Just what someone needs to pick up their spirits, and be long enough to cover his toes!
 Some of the gorgeous blocks in the above quilt.
 This lovely creation looks like kimono fabrics to me!  A definitely Oriental feel to is just gorgeous!!  Thank you to this very generous person...these will bring a lot of comfort and love to some very ill patients!
I am making progress on my 5/17 quilt...the star quilt.  I made four more scrappy blocks, and started piecing the border.  I am loving it so far...only 30 blocks to go.

Have a great day, everyone!!!


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Moving on to # 5/17 for this year...a little rearranging of the list! and a wee giveaway.

 This is number 5, out of 17 projects I am trying to complete in 2017.  These stars have been cut out for a couple of years, and I make a few blocks, then put it away, then take it out and sew on it, then put it get the idea!! This quilt comes from inspiration from Karen, the Log Cabin Quilter. She made an amazing quilt with this pattern, and she said she did not mind if I duplicated I am!! 

You may be asking what happened to number 3 project and number 4 project....well, I stalled out on the borders for number 3, and am waiting for finishing instructions for number 4!!  So, wanting to continue the forward momentum, I moved to number 5!!
 Rosie just had to pose for you all.  She is the best quilt model around!! 
 The entire quilt will have a flying geese border, so  I need to get busy piecing that, too...and yep!  It is cut out!!
 I found some fleece on super sale at Joann's, and was experimenting with making hats.  This one is just silly, but I thought....maybe I could make some Chemo caps for our patients?  Not with the big fluffy stuff on top, but more subtle and prettier??  Some of our tiny patients get so very cold, with no hair.  Just thinkin'!!!  I will look for a good pattern...
And if you have stuck with me this entire post...hey, I would love to give away this book to one of you!!  Random drawing will be later in the month. This is a brand new book, just ordered from Sentimental Stitches...but I have such concentration going for my 17 in 2017 goal...I think the book would be better used in another quilter's hands!!  So just leave a comment and later on I will randomly draw a winner.

Have a marvelous day, everyone!!!

Julie K

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Number 4/17...the wool applique cutie!

Jeni from the Willow posted the last of nine blocks for this cute little wool wall hanging.  The upper left basket was the latest block I completed, just today. I am now wondering if she will design a applique border, or is this the end??  I had such fun making these blocks!! 

Just for grins and maybe to help me learn a little bit...the pink flowered block is cut a 1/4 too small. 

So...the lesson is!  Measure twice!  cut once!! LOL!!

You can find the free files above, and hey, join the group!  It is super fun!!

I am linking to Pomegranate and Chinz, HERE...please go see what everyone is working on, for the 17 in 2017 challenge!!

Have a great day!


Sewing right along!

Hello!!  I made a few zipper bags for the guild sales table, to raise money for the guild scholarships.  I bought zippers on Amazon for penn...