Tuesday, April 27, 2021

End of the month!

Good evening, everyone!!!  I am a bit behind with this quilt, that I am working on with Cathy.  I did get my blocks out and put this row together.  So on I go...the hurrier I go, the behinder I get!!! I will make some tracks this month!

Big Lake Quilter: Four Seasons of April (wwwbiglakequilter.blogspot.com)

Please see all of Cathy's projects, above.  

Well, I have recently been rearranging and cleaning, and found that I had tooooooo many browns.  I mean that I need to use them up!!  So I am making brown baskets, as above.
This does not look organized, but the whole quilt is cut out and placed on the cookie sheet...lots of work in this little messy pile!!!  LOL!

 Here is my mini for this month.  A one block wonder quilt!!  I like it...hand quilted, and made from a pretty bright batik.  I am linking with Wendy, at the Constant Quilter blog...she is a master mini quilt maker!!

I recently got a shelf from Home Depot to house my fabrics and project bins.  It is miraculous how organized I feel!!  So grateful for that!!!

********************Nurse's Notes*********************

Covid!  It seems to be winding down for us!  At our peak, we had 122 patients in our hospital with it.  As of yesterday, we had 9.  HURRAH!!!  I am so delighted for this...it seems safer, and the staff is less stressed about getting sick, etc. We are kind of holding our breath, as our state has recently opened up.  I cannot thank everyone enough for your love and support.  Some made caps and scarves, some made bags and masks, and everyone was so kind and loving...THANK YOU so much!!!


Hope you are doing great today, 


Monday, April 19, 2021

A focus!

Good afternoon to all!  I have been working on my Farmhouse Sampler quilt.  I looked and looked and looked at all my fabric, trying to pick a border.  At last, pink rules!!  This is a Tricia Cribb fabric, for Turning Twenty Quilts...Northcott fabric.  So hurrah!  A flimsy is born!  
I have been working on my rainbow quilts...blue for this month!  Here is my blue heart block for this month.
This is my blue wonky star scrap block for this month!
A little applique was accomplished, too.   I love these tiny blocks!!!  Great fun!

 And I may have crocheted an afghan, too.  In about 20 minute increments, each night,  I finished up this one.  So it is warm and toasty, for cool nights.

Have a great day, each of you!


Saturday, April 17, 2021

Plaids rule the roost!!

Good morning to all!  I have been playing the strings, again.  I love strings, and plaid strings...what could possibly be better?  I need to applique more heart blocks!  If you look below, this plaid quilt came from a far different place than my plaids...but they all just go together, like magic!  
Speaking of plaids...a great treat is at my house!  PLAID STRINGS!!  And I did not make this quilt...

 But Joan did!!!  I just love it...she makes quilts, and I was lucky enough to purchase one from her...IN PLAIDS!!!  I am in great love with it!  It is made from shirt fabrics, mostly, and it is so soft and lovely.  Drapable and seems just like a quilty hug.  Joan asked me if I was buying this for someone, for a gift...NOPE!  This one stays with me!

Please see Joan's blog here:

Keeping You in Stitches (shelbystitcher.blogspot.com)

Have a lovely day!


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

It's the little things!!

I am thinking about American Heart, and their fund drive for September.  For my contribution, I am making little things to sell,  such as these snap purses.  Please see the tutorial here.  

How To Make A Snap Bag | The Sewing Room Channel | beginners snap bag - YouTube

There are lots of tutorials here...I used a much smaller "pull" triangle.  I think I will make some sunglass or glasses cases, using the same method.

I finished all the pieces and parts to "Jerod Takes a Wife!"  Please see Bonnie's free tutorial, here:

I really appreciate Bonnie!

Quiltville's Quips & Snips!!: Jared Takes A Wife!

From the pineapple blocks below, there were some cut off waste pieces.  I decided to make tiny nine patches from those little cut off pieces.  Waste not, want not!  (that saying was first described in 1772, and first cited in the USA in 1932).  DEPRESSION PHRASES!!!!!!!!

Waste not... - phrase meaning and origin (phrases.org.uk)

Here are the pineapple blocks I was talking about.  As you see, I messed up this round, and had to redo the round.  Since this picture, all the blocks are completed correctly, as below, and are ready for me to send off to the recipient.  I am delighted to gain a new skill and learn to use that ruler, by Creative Grids!
Here is the block, a finished example by Annie.  I love it!

 So,  these are my sheets...guess I better get some new ones!! What sheets are the best, in your opinion?  Any favorite brands?  Time for some good sheets!!

Hope you all are having a lovely day!


Sunday, April 4, 2021

Lots of hand stitching

Happy Easter to all who celebrate!!!  I have been appliqueing hearts, again...great fun for me!
I finished the binding on this quilt, made from leftover bindings from other quilts.  
A sheet is the backing!  
I finished binding and hand quilting this quilt.  I loved doing this!
I finished the binding on this quilt, too.
A friend passed away and her daughter gave me this.  It is cross stitch on linen, and so well done!
This is the whole picture, of the 23rd psalm.  
I learned how to make zipper pouches!  I love them...fun and not a bit hard.  open wide zippered pouch: DIY tutorial - Noodlehead (noodle-head.com)  Here is the pattern!!!  Just click on the link.
I am learning how to make pineapple blocks, using a Creative Grids ruler.  I love this block!!!  Annie made this one!
This is a dark picture, but here are my centers.  So pretty, and all from reproduction fabrics.

 The lady who passed away had made these fabric leaves/petals.  There are one zillion of them in this box, all pressed and basted and ready to applique!!  AMAZING!!!  Her daughter passed things out to each quilter at the last guild meeting.  We met outside in a parking lot...and it was so much fun!

And that is what I have been up to.   I am not caught up but getting closer!


Saturday, March 27, 2021

Shireley's quilts

My BIL sent me a couple of quilts that my sister had made, as her illness progressed.  This is a paper pieced cardinal that she made.  
And this is the whole wall hanging.  You can see that this must have been an early quilt for her, but along in her illness, too. She loved to sew, and told me to sew, sew, sew, while I am still able too. Sage advice!
I made this for her, and it was sent back to me.  She loved hummingbirds.  It is faded and has been well loved.  
Shireley made this quilt.  Paper pieced.  I am glad to have some of her work.  
You cannot see this, but this is a little quilt I sent to her...hand quilted hummingbirds.  I wish you could see it...I believe is is pre blog work from me.

 And I made some more hats!  More and more...it is fun to make a "garment!"

Just documenting the days...and you have a great day yourself!


Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Jared takes a wife: A Bonnie Hunter Quiltville quilt!

Good morning to you!!  I have been working on these blocks, thirty in all, when they are all completed.  This pattern is found here:  Quiltville's Quips & Snips!!: Jared Takes A Wife!   Just click on the word to get to the post.  I have all the purple pieces pieced.  Say: purple pieces pieced,  five times fast, LOL! It is a tongue twister!   Now, I am busy on the green sections.  This quilt has been cut out for a number of years; time to get it made and on to the new owner!

I do not have any of that terrific yellow that Bonnie used for the sashing...oh, poor me.  I may have to go FABRIC SHOPPING!!!  Hahaha!  

I have been melancholy and dysphoric since my sister passed away (died).  I found myself shying away from even typing the word dying...it is so abhorrent to me, to associate it with her.    I miss her so much.  Of all of us, she was the home body, loving to cook and keep house and sew and still have a wonderful career, too. She was the historian and the memories of the family.  I miss her so very much.  The above scrappy bear paw was used by her daily, for years.  I made it for her in 2010 (according to the label on the back of the quilt), which reads: 

 "May 2010:  For Shireley, with much love.  I hope you feel a hug each time you snuggle with this quilt.  Hand quilted, from my heart to yours, Julie"

I am very glad I dated and labeled it.  I am glad, that she had it all through her nursing home time.  I am kind of glad her husband returned it to me, but kind of sad too...I am not sure what to do with it.  It will always be hers, so I will just display it and not use it, I guess.  It is special to me.  Just too, too sad.  

 So guess what?  After our snow event, with deadly temps in the zero range?  I thought we had lost our outdoor kitties!! But here is the moustache cat, showing back up for supper!!  She is a feral cat...coax as I might, she will never let me pet her or touch her.  But...she survived the cold temps!  Hurrah!!  She is missing a tiny bit of left ear tip, now.  Frozen?  maybe. She has a perfect moustache of fur, if you can see.

Next time, I will show you the little quilts my BIL sent me that my sister made. A few pictures, too...but mostly everything is being tossed, because he has decided to move into assisted living, and sell the house they lived in.  So everything will be gone, as he only will have room for the essentials.  Not sure why he is doing this, as he is a big guy and independent in all ways...I don't know why.

***********************Heathy habits**********************************

So far we have been:

1.  strengthening those abs, to support our backs!

2.  Drinking our water.

3.  Taking our vitamins

4.  Adding a walk to our days

5. Some simple exercises, every day, every day, every day!

6.  Healthy eating.

How about this for a healthy habit?  I want you to take a good look at your medications.  I want you to know them inside and out.  PLEASE do not depend on a doctor to prescribe things for you and take them blindly!  Know what they are, what drug class they are, what they do, what are the side effects to look for, and what you need to do to monitor yourself.  Example:  blood pressure meds:  You need to be measuring your blood pressure before and after the drugs, to see how they are working.  I cannot tell you how many people come to the hospital and don't know what meds they are taking.  "I just take what the doctor says," or "my wife just gives me some pills every day."  Or "I take a blue one and a yellow one."  Makes it tough to make a med list for the doctor to continue meds, or make treatment decisions. 


I am continuing my reading about the 1930's era.  What a horrifying, fascinating time!!   I read in terrible fascination about what the people did to survive, and it was awful.  I am finished with "The Grapes of Wrath", and am now reading "The Worst Hard Time."  Thank you to everyone who recommended books to me.  

What are some foods that were made out of practically nothing, in the 1930's? 

 I have one...biscuits!  Lard and salt and flour and maybe some leavening...that was it!!  Anyone still make those??  Please share what foods made by your family, that came from the era....I know we all know some hard times, hard scrabble food!!

Have a great day, each of you!


Friday, March 12, 2021

Farmhouse Sampler progress

Good morning to you! I am off to work in a few moments, but wanted to show you my Farmhouse Sampler, that Karen and I worked on last year.  The applique is finished now, and I am sewing the quilt together.  In the original pattern, there are no sashing pieces, but you know me...I like to make quilts that are a  little bit different and original.  So here is my progress so far.
Fun blocks!  

A lovely lady at work is from Calcutta, India.  She wanted to give me some clothing to put in quilts.  Don't you think those elephants are so fun?  
Here is what she gave me.
Lovely detail on the cuffs of this long top.

 This is a sari.  Is that spelled correctly?  Anyway, it is large rectangle of hemmed cloth, designed to be draped into a beautiful dress. I just love it!  She has many silk ones that she would like to give away, as well.  

This is an example of what she looks like in her saris.  She draped me in one, and I felt like a princess!!!  Love it, and thank you, Manisha!!


Sunday, March 7, 2021

Plaids for hand stitching day!

Good morning, everyone!  I am working on strings.  I hand appliqued hearts,  on hearts,  on muslin, and here we are.  
And this is my progress so far.  I have more strings pieced together and I am enjoying that, as I have been saving (hoarding) those precious strings for far too long. Time is a wastin'!  As Daddy used to say.

On we go!  I am linking To Kathy, here:    Kathy's Quilts: March Slow Sunday Stitching

I hope each of you have a lovely day!


Wednesday, March 3, 2021

A finished top, and almost finished on another one!

Good morning, everyone!!!  I am off work today.  My husband told me he can certainly tell when I am home, because a lot gets done...that made me happy. Pretty high praise, I would say!   Above is my finished "Forgotten" quilt top.  I considered all kinds of fancy borders, but the pink won out.  Sometimes simply done is best. 
Flat?  What is that...is a quilt top supposed to be flat?  LOL!!  I made these blocks long, long ago, pre blog, when I did not know about 1/4 inch seam allowances and such silly details as that.  I am glad I know now!!  It is bordered in pink, and I love it, and will hand quilt it.  There is not a machine quilter in the world who would touch it, LOL!!!  I am delighted in this quilt!!!

I am edging ever closer, putting the mystery quilt together from Quiltville. I am not caught up to the fast sewists, who had theirs together in a week!  

 The center is together,  I am pondering borders, and think those outside stars must be finished, so I will cut scraps for that.  It will be a big quilt for someone, I hope!!!  I have loved making this quilt!

I made a home made soup yesterday, and it was yummy!!!  
I have a number of these plastic containers.  Rice comes in them, and they are study and worthy of using for something.  I am thinking I will make homeless gifts from them?  Socks, and Band-Aids, and Annie suggested maybe toiletries.  Any thoughts of what to put into the containers??  I have now 14 of them (just recounted).  The lids screw on and are water tight.  Any other ideas for them??

Thank you, everyone for your sweet support on my news of my sister's passing.  I am just sad, and when my sis was sad, she sewed up a storm.  So that is what I am doing, keeping busy.  I appreciate you!