Tuesday, November 27, 2007

candle mat

Ok, a second quick post.

I made a little quilt mat for a candle my son's girlfriend Lara sent to us. The candle is peppermint and smells soooo good! The mat is wool and easy to sew and make. The pictures don't show the pink hearts and maroon flowers very well, but it was a lot of fun to make!

Bye all!

Ok, frog stitching!

Hi y'all:

I first made this little quilt top several years ago. I thought that to put borders on, you just lined up the fabric and sewed it on!! NO measuring, etc. Well, I have learned better than that now. So, I have taken the borders off ,actually measured, and reattached. Only Three inches taken off the outside border, that's not bad, right? (grins) I did have a before picture, but it has disappeared somewhere in the computer...

Now I am hand quilting it in baptist fans, and should be finished soon. Just a finish, not a new little quilt, and about 3 yards used from the stash. It is square and true, just a bit rumpled from being in my lap. You can see the baptist fans on the right hand side.

I have been following Judy L's blog and all of your stash busting efforts, and I am doing the same. I have used around 9 yards in the last 2 weeks. Pretty good, I think!! Everyone is doing great. I also gave away some yarn and 5 yards of border fabric to a friend who needed it for a finish.

Have a wonderful day, JulieQ

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Hi y'all!

I hope all of you had a marvelous Thanksgiving!! I actually was off from the hospital this year, so cooked up a storm. A very traditional meal of Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, cranberry, rolls, pumpkin pie, and cheesecake. And my son was here!! and it was good!! Ssshhhhh, don't tell anybody, but I am off Christmas as well!! The first time in 16 years that I have been off both major holidays. Fun, fun...

I want to show you a quilt I purchased from the local antique store a couple years ago. It was on the discount rack, so of course I had to look. It is beautifully quilted by hand, about 12 stitches per inch. Probably 1930'S or 1940's? What is your guess? I love it. Notice that the some person attached a border to make the quilt to make it bigger, but she attached it by machine right over the scalloped edge, and the rest of the quilt is hand-worked. Just needed more quilt to cover the bed, I guess. I don't think it was the same person, because the quilting on the border is the same fine, precise stitches, but the attachment is pretty crude. I have thought about taking it off, but kind of like the story of it, in a way. It is not signed or dated....a pity. I would so love to know who this old quiltmaker was!!

Many quilter's are talking about stash reduction right now on their blogs. I have been working diligently to reduce and use up my own stash. I sometimes receive bundles of old, old fabrics from acquantances. Do you get gifted with these sometimes? When people find out I am a quilter, they seem to give me these old bags and boxes. I used to save them all, but now donate most of the fabric to making pillows for patients, or other donation places. I also have started sending e-mails throughout the hospital quilting group (the Remnants)offering fabrics if they have a specific project, and have given away lots that way. Like pinks, or calicoes, or blues, or whatever they need. Works great!! and helps another quilter.

I am grateful for our little poodle today!! He is such a little sweetheart, and keeps me company all the time. 14 years old!!!Quiltingly yours, JulieQ

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

leftovers for supper

Hi y'all!

Well, not leftovers for supper, at least not before Thanksgiving...but here are some leftovers I made something out of. This is the very last step on the fabric/fiber food chain. I save the threads, the tiniest cuttings, and throw-aways from projects. Then I slap down a piece of backing, 2 pieces of batting, then the clippings, threads, smallest pieces of fabric. I then spray the whole thing with spray starch, press it well, then quilt over the top of all on my little brother machine.

Hurrah!! I have a great hot pad. Now that is just sick, don't you think? Why can't I just put this stuff in the garbage?

Smiles, JulieQ

quilt for an hour

Hi all!

Especially Judy Laquidara, because I got my quilt for an hour quilt done!!  Of course, it from many months past, but it is done!!  I changed it too; I left lots of borders off and I added hand quilting in the outside border.  It is words, and I don't think you can read them, but it is a favorite bible verse.  "Love is patient, Love is kind"...you know the one?  I Cor 13: 4-8...This is my favorite, and I got the bright idea to quilt it into the border of this quilt!!  I also turned my blocks differently, too.  And used only stash, and in colors that I would never normally uses together.  So I like it!!

and I hope you like it too.

Quiltingly yours, JulieQ

Friday, November 16, 2007

I got my quilt back!! Big excitement!!

Hi y'all!I received my quilt back from the famous Bonnie Hunter in Quiltville. It is gorgeous!! She took a plain quilt top and made it really so pretty with all her quilting. I am so pleased with it...

Also, I wanted to mention that my Mom's quilt (the one with the swallow block in the middle) was pieced from her old fabrics and aprons. So it is doubley about her...Have a wonderul night, all!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

For my Mom...

Hi all:

Ok, I made a BIGGGGGGGGG quilt top!! The green one is 85x85 at this time and has one more border to be put on.

The other quilt is one I made in honor of my Mom, and is a swallow block, which travels to the flying geese, who fly around the quilt to fade out of sight, just like my Mom did. It is entirehand hand-pieced and hand quilted and hand appliqued.

May I tell you a story? Once upon a time there lived a beautiful lady, who was talented and kind as well, and the best of all mothers. I was fortunate enough to be her daughter. She was courageous and lovely, but most of all loved her family fiercely, especially her children..She had five, and each one was made to feel special and loved each day.This special lady died of Lou Gerig's disease, after an exhaustive fight. She died so young, but in her shortened life, imparted such great knowledge and wisdom to her kids. She taught me how to quilt, and can, and many other things. She passed away when I was twelve.

We used to piece at her old ( and I'm talking old) Pfaff machine, and she would watch out the window to see her children play. I would help her to tie quilts, draping and layering them over the old freezer in her room. Home was a tiny house, and yes, the freezer was in her bedroom. She even had a stash, just like we do today!! In an old plyboard cupboard, she kept her fabric treasures. Lots of double knit, and some precious scraps of cotton. One of my favorite things was to play in her button tin, and she save all of them let me tell you!!

You know all those little quilts I have made? This is my plan for them: I am going to auction them off and donate all the proceeds to Lou Gerig's research for a cure. Seems fitting to do this to honor my Mom. After all, she taught me to quilt...

It probably will be after the first of the year before I have time to do this, but done it will be.JulieQ

Friday, November 9, 2007

too many little quilts!!!!

Hi all:

I went through every little quilt I had tucked away in my mom's trunk. THIS IS WHY I SHOULD NOT MAKE ANY MORE SMALL WALL QUILTS!!!!!!!!!! So I am concentrating my efforts on my larger quilts, bed size....except what I just need to finish up.

But it sure was fun making all those little babies. This does not count the scores I have given away to friends and donated to American Heart Association....



Happy Autumn!! or the fourth of July???

Hi all! I just can't believe that THANKSGIVING is nearly here!! It is such nice weather here, just mild and so nice for long walks...or just a walk to the car!!(haha)

Our little dog Rusty is pretty darn old, 14 to be exact, and his birthday is on Halloween. On this day, he, being nearly deaf and blind, just couldn't figure out what all the commotion was about when we answered the door for trick-or-treaters. On other years, he would have been jumping out the door to love the children to death!! Good thing we aren't aging a bit................GRIN!!

Ok, ready to see some quilts?? Well, since the pictures are on top I guess you already have!!Maybe someday I will learn how to make my blog a little prettier...

The first one is a little kitty quilt wall hanging I made. I quilted it from the back, using the star printed backing fabric as my quilting guide. It took exactly forever to finish!! but I got so much pleasure from the effort! It hung in our hall for years, but all my wall quilts are down now. Maybe a "just quilts" wall someday!! The walls need painting first!!

The next one is a little heartie quilt, red, white and blue. Told you I make a lot of heartie quilts. It was made when I was feeling very sad about our young soldiers in Iraq, and it is to honor them. I just pray for all those young kid's safety!! They are someone's babies. The next red, white and blue one is the 1/2 square triangles leftover from my table runner project. Just got caught up in the snibbles!!

The green quilt top in progress is one I am doing to use up the stash!!! I am just adding pieces as I go willy-nilly. Fun!!! It is funny to think I have made three green quilts, and green is not my favorite color. Pink is my mostest favoritest color! and I have not made a quilt from all pink for our bed. So go figure that one out!!

I love the gratitudes that many of you share, and I would like to share mine. I am grateful for my wonderful son, my wonderful husband, and all the blessings we take for granted each day. I hope you have a wonderful day and a peaceful night.

Quiltingly yours, JulieQ

Sweatshirt jacket

  Good morning!!  This is the second sweatshirt jacket I have made.  I got a large sweatshirt, because the sweatshirt really shrinks a lot. ...