Tuesday, August 29, 2017


 This is what I am working on today!  This is all applique...and super fun.
Here is where I am, so far.


I am heartbroken for Houston.  Please do what you can...people are trapped and dying now, and there will be more.


Monday, August 28, 2017

Some real finishes!! And the little throw away stool

 The snail trail quilt is bound!!  Yahoo!
 Do you know what this means???  I think it means....I am all caught up on bindings!!  Everything is bound that is ready to be bound.  This is surreal... it has been a BINDING BLITZ for me!!! I am sure that I will have something in the pile again soon, LOL!

This is my version of the quilt along that Jeni from the willow. It is all quilted now and bound.  I may have to block this one...it is so crooked!!  Giggle...I still love it, though. Hand quilted...and the background is Madras!!  That added such texture to the quilt!
 And this little quilt is all quilted and bound.  Thank you for bearing with the repeated pictures...it helps me keep track of when things are finished!!
 This is an old quilt...screams 80's and 90's, doesn't it?  I finished binding it too.
 Do you all know about this "Magic Binding?"  It is super fun, and a way to get a decent machine sewn binding in place.  I hand sewed this one though, because I love to, but the two color binding is just fun to me.  Super fun!
 This little step stool was thrown in the trash by my neighbor.  I loved it on sight, and asked if I could rescue it...and I did!
The lid was torn off, but it was easily repaired and I will refinish the wood and put another liner on the inside of the lid.  It is tiny!  Just the thing for threads, or some other sewing goodie.

********************Nurse's Notes***********************

My sister has advanced Parkinson's disease.  I have been gone visiting her, as she is going into the nursing home...her husband just cannot do the 24/7 care anymore.  My heart aches...as the family member...not the nurse...She was a head book keeper for a major bank, but cannot remember me much, now.


Have a super day, everyone!!


Friday, August 18, 2017

Birthday gifts!!

 I received a tiny quilt for my birthday!  I am so spoiled, just rotten, I tell you!  These tiny triangles are 1/2 an inch finished.  Can you even imagine working with something so tiny?  As you can see, it is just perfect.  I love it!
And home made soap!!  It smells just heavenly, and is all natural...nothing to make it smell good except natural spices.  Delicious! All this was a total surprise to me.

Thank you dear friend!!  I am thoroughly enjoying these!!


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Scrappy Pink and Cream rules!! (at least for today...)

 This is a Rail fence quilt...Julie style!  I started out as a leader and ender, as Bonnie Hunter set forth in this years leader and ender challenge.  But?  I just can't leave it alone, once I have set forth on a project, LOL!  All these blocks are done...a great many of them with individual pieces sewn together, and some of them using strip piecing. 
 Close up!  I have found a couple of lay out errors in the picture, so I am grateful for the opportunity to fix them...I make enough mistakes without knowing, without doing it on purpose, as the quilters of old did..."Perfection is for God alone!"  So many deliberate mistakes were placed in their quilts, so as not to offend God.  I don't think he was offended, LOL!  Nothing is perfect!
Especially this mess of blocks!  I just stirred and mixed them all up and laid them out as above, and asked Rosie the poodle not to help rearrange them so much until I could get a picture, LOL!  She is such a good helper!

******Nurse's notes**********************

More terrorist attacks, this time in Barcelona , Spain.  My prayers are with the victims and families and citizenry, but special prayers are for the health care workers...I wish for wisdom for the doctors and nurses, and fortitude and strength to face the onslaught of those gravely hurt from the attack, throughout this long night.


Hope each of you is having a wonderful day!!


Friday, August 11, 2017

And a little (lot!) more applique!!

 I am making progress on this quilt...I am on a bit of a roll with it, as a matter of fact! 
I will have some time to sit and applique coming up, so I did a lot of prep this morning.  The unfinished blocks look like spiders, somewhat, don't you think??


Nurse's notes:

I have been in charge again lately on my floor, but yesterday, we had so many patients coming in that I had to take patients AND be in charge.  One stable heart attack patient (younger than I am), and one bypass surgery, straight from the surgical suite.  I loved the day yesterday, and was quite energized throughout today, too!!  Coffee?  Or estrogen?  I am not sure which chemical it is, but what a lovely day, with lots of accomplishments today!!  I am off to make supper and clean a bit.

Hugs to all!!


Have a super day!


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A little applique and a little piecing!!

 Just playing with some applique here, pinned together for now.  Scrappy and fun!!
 I made two more blocks for the batik quilt. 
 Rosie is such a good helper!!  Playing here...
She looks at me with the most earnest eyes!!!  I need to take a video so you can see her tail wagging a mile a minute!

Have a great day, everyone!!


Friday, August 4, 2017

Progress on the accidental quilt!

I had to hurry and take a picture, because Rosie the poodle really wanted to help with this quilt, but when she helps?  The blocks get "rearranged!"  This started out as a leader and ender project, but as these things go, the leaders and enders take over.  I strip sewed some of these little three inch blocks,  and leader and ender sewed some.  Anyway, here is where I am...so still a long time to go before I have a finished quilt top.  I am using strictly strings, cutting them to size, for this quilt.  Except for the neutrals...I did not have enough neutral strings to use for all of the quilt, so used my stash neutrals.



Thursday, August 3, 2017

I accidently started a new quilt.

 Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville has a super fun idea going on for her "leaders and enders" project for this year.  It is the rail fence quilt!  I have made several, using up strings and scraps.  Above it the same kinds of thing, but with the center strips a color, and lots of neutrals for the other strips. I think another name of this may be Basket Weave strings, yes??
 Here is a string rail fence quilt I made and hand quilted.  It is a super heavy quilt, because I pieced the strings on muslin! 
 A little closer view.  All the strings are just that...strings. None cut to a specific width.
Rosie is now modeling for you, for you to get the full effect of this quilt.  She says she likes this one!!

I have made several rail fence quilts and given them away to patients...so here goes one more, as it is a fun and fast pattern!!

Hope each of you is having a super day!!


Sweatshirt jacket

  Good morning!!  This is the second sweatshirt jacket I have made.  I got a large sweatshirt, because the sweatshirt really shrinks a lot. ...