Monday, November 30, 2020

End of month applique update!!

We are finished with Row 5, out of 8!!!  This is Mrs. Lincoln's quilt, by Lori Smith.  I am using scraps to make mine!  Cathy and I are making this one, together.  

 Here are my blocks for this month.  It is great fun to stitch with friends!  

 The following quilters are participating.  We will be showing completed blocks on the 30th of each month!  Take the time to visit them to see their completed monthly blocks!

Cathy – Biglakequilter

Jennie  – Overthehillandrunning

Julie K –  Juliekquilts

Robin –   solsticestudio

Nanette – Doitrightquilter

Jan – Nanette will show her progress on her blog.  \\


Have a great day, each of you!


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Making something new, out of a 90 year old piece of patchwork!

 Good morning, all!!  This year, Lori, of Humble quilts, set out a challenge to us.  Use an old block, and make something out of it!  Lori provided some very old antique blocks to friends at the International Quilt Show, in Houston, I believe.  I had an old block I decided to use, to join in.  

My block was in a scrap bag, and I reworked it into this quilt. I have been enjoying working on this throughout the year.   These little string pieces are from the 1930's...90 years ago.  I hand quilted through each piece, and hand quilting the border.  The rick rack is reminiscent of my mom!!  While Lori's quilts are made from even older blocks, I am very drawn to this piece...I think some feedsack scraps are in here.  It is just fun to create something new, out of something old!  

Please see Lori's blog here, and admire everyone's creativity!

Humble Quilts: 2020 Antique Block Challenge

Hope each of you is having a wonderful day!  Today was pie baking day at my the house smells so good!  Apple and pumpkin pies...yummy!


Monday, November 23, 2020

ON call day!

Good afternoon!  I have made a series of little drawstring bags, using a you tube video.  Gifts fit well in these little bags!

Drawstring Bag Tutorial 초간단 스트링 파우치 | How to make it any size you want - Easy sewing #sewingtimes - YouTube

I was recently gifted a tiny house pattern, rather, some stamped blocks.  Here is my first little house.  Great fun!!
I made a little mini quilt, from tumblers.  It is not quilted yet, but soon.  Would you like some tiny tumblers, all cut out, to make a quilt like this one?  Just let me know if you would.

I will have a drawing if more than one someone wants them.  

 And those strings/strips from last post...I just sewed them altogether.  Not sure what is next, but the little pieces are calling to me!

How many people are gearing up to do Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt?  Should be great fun!!


Thursday, November 19, 2020

Well now what is happening here??

 I found a few scraps in cleaning out the quilt closet, and they were 3.5 inch wide.  I just pieced them together with 3/4 inch strips.  Now what do I do with them?  Make a border?  

Have a lovely day!


Saturday, November 14, 2020

Blue blocks from our swap!

 Good morning to everyone!  I hope this finds you safe and happy, today!  Back in January, one of our local quilters wanted to swap blue, 8 inch blocks, for a sampler quilt.   We started in on this, making 11 of the same block to swap with 11 different quilters...then?  Covid hit!  I have not seen these ladies since January!  Anyway, I delivered all my blocks, made and ready, to the doorstep of my quilting friend, and she left the blocks that she had made at the end of the walk.  Properly socially distanced, you know!!!  Here is what I received, plus the blocks I have made.  I think this will be very pretty!!  I still have more blocks to receive.  

How would you set these blocks together, if it were your quilt?  

I am having trouble receiving comments, on Gmail.  Some I do, and some just disappear into the Netherlands. Why?? If you know, I would love to know the answer!   I want each of you to know, I so much appreciate you, and your taking a moment to comment.  Thank you!

******************************Nurse's notes************************

Covid is getting so much worse, subjectively, and objectively, by the numbers! I pray for a good effective and safe vaccine to help eradicate this mess.  I will be required to get this vaccine, first wave.  Another one of our doctors became gravely ill with Covid and spent a week in the ICU.  He is getting slowly better now, and his wife is now in ICU.  They have little children, too.  Many of my co-workers have been ill or are ill now.  I scrub and mask and try and not breath at my hands look like hamburger meat. I do not go into the break room or congregate with anyone.  I do not use the elevators used to transfer covid patients.  We text each other from one nursing hall to the other hall!   I take the hottest showers in the world, morning and night, and scrub with hibiclens...wash all my uniforms with bleach...they look tattered, by the way!  Scrub all my surfaces with bleach and comet....Scrub out my nostrils with Nozin!  (alcohol)

Goodness!  I will be glad when this is more in control! 

Some of the people are saying they are going to have huge Thanksgiving celebrations, anyway...we are not.  I just took an old lady, dead from covid, to the morgue, last time I worked!  You know what?  Her family had a big birthday party with 35 family members...and EVERY SINGLE PERSON THERE contracted covid!  It is just not worth the death of someone, and illness of others, to me...

Stay safe!


Hugs to all from Julie

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Happy Sunday!! A slow stitching day!

I received two quilts back from the quilter!  Whoop!!  These are patient quilts, just the right size for a hospital bed, or maybe to cover a person going to x-ray or chemo.  So I will be working on binding these, today.  This one  is made of blue charm squares.
This one is made from a jelly roll.  I have really not used jelly rolls before, so I am glad to use this one all up!!
Notice the little pumpkin table runner?  Just the right season for this! I love it!

 This does not look like much in the picture, but is very precious to me.  This was my brother's baby quilt, and I am sure it was made by my momma.  It has a few straight lines of quilting through it, and maybe a piece of flannel for batting.  It has no binding, yet seemed to be one of those "birthed" quilts, sewn together and then turned right side out.  As I no longer have my brother, this is very special to me!!!  It is 57 years old.  

Have a great day, each of you!!


Sewing right along!

Hello!!  I made a few zipper bags for the guild sales table, to raise money for the guild scholarships.  I bought zippers on Amazon for penn...