Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Jam and applique

It is time to celebrate!!!  I have completed the center of my applique quilt!  Cathy, at Big Lake Quilter, also is making this quilt.  I just  need to add a border, and the top will be completed.  It is great fun to quilt with friends!!

Do you know what this means?  An empty project cookie sheet!!!  Whoop!!  So that mean I can start something new...don't you know I already have!! I organized my projects on cookie sheets, sometimes.  

 I made some jam this morning.  I used Splenda for cooking, instead of sugar, so maybe it will be good...not sure if it will set or not.    It was lots of fun, and I have not made any for a long time.

Hope your day is really a great one!!


Sunday, September 26, 2021

Work beckoned...and messed up my quilting time!!

Hello to everyone!!!  I have made some progress on my quilting...above are my blocks for a quilt of valor.   This is my Friday project!!

I pulled this quilt out to gift to a lady patient.  I like this one!!!

I made a lot of progress hand quilting this heart mini quilt.  

And last...and maybe least...this little mini!  No points ever met on this one...but that is was still fun to make!!

Hope you are having fun too.



Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Working the plan is working!

Good evening, everyone!!!  Day by day, I have been working my plan, of working on one or two projects a day, intensely, then the next day, another project.  It is working, as I am making project on all fronts.  Above it my String quilt.  It is turning into a heart/string conglomeration, but that is the best of all worlds to me!!!

This one is my 100 blocks quilt...I completed four blocks this week, and sewed two rows together.

I sewed together two more blocks for the 1930's  quilt.  

I completed eight blocks for Lyn's quilt.  

So on I go!  I made progress on my other projects too...just nothing blog worthy, LOL!!!

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!  There are squirrels in our midst...those lovely flitting creatures that draw our attention and love!  

AUTUMN quilts are beckoning to us!!!  Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!



Monday, September 6, 2021

An update!

Hello to everyone!!!  Above...I at last chose a fabric to put my primitive/prim blocks together with.  Although, it is a modern polka dot, and I have used lots of pink in the blocks.  So I am not sure what you call this quilt...modern or prim!!!  Anyway, I am scouting around my stash for an appropriate border.  On I go!

I am making a quilt of valor, and made these blocks, above, for it.  Great fun!

For Rainbow quilts, the color of September is I made these blocks.  Yummy!

For Lyn's quilt, I made these blocks.  I love them!

My plan of working on a different project each day is working!  Two weeks down...I am delighted with my progress!!!

******************************Nurse's Notes***********************

We had another patient, on our very floor, that has been declining from covid for three weeks. Yesterday, we had to put her on the ventilator.  Before this, she screamed and cried "Please save me, don't let me die!"  Cried and cried...  Unvaccinated, obese, and diabetic.  Huge trend here with these fatally ill young people.  The patient is 29, engaged to be married.  It was awful, and the whole event and day almost broke our little nurse taking care of her.   Amy, the nurse, is 25 years old, and she just cried and cried and cried too...and was in the covid room all day, she was exposed to so much, I just pray she does not get sick too.  The patient has a 170 heart rate all day...saturation down to 70 percent on all the support we could give her...and now developed a lung air leak with widened mediastinum.  No way will she survive.  Her lung x-ray is totally whited out...should be black where air is.  


I just had nightmares all night about being intubated on the vent, and I could not speak, and no one was in the room to hear me!  Arggh!

Please please, do all you can to protect yourself and your loved ones from this fate.  It is horrific. 




Wednesday, September 1, 2021

An inspiring quilt!!

 This quilt is goat approved, as you can see...I just love this one!!  I thought I would share it for all to admire.  It was made by my friend Annie!  Annie quilts...and rescues goats, among all her other volunteer efforts.  This pattern is available,  


Hot Crossed From Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop in Illinois

Have a lovely day, each of you!!


Sweatshirt jacket

  Good morning!!  This is the second sweatshirt jacket I have made.  I got a large sweatshirt, because the sweatshirt really shrinks a lot. ...