Sunday, June 30, 2019

Dearest Boy update!

 This is my version of the Dearest Boy block for this day. I find myself really enjoying the applique process!!  The applique prep?  Not so much, LOL, but I find myself getting a little better at it.  Practice, practice!!
I recently purchased a seam is the contact information.  It is so lovely in the hand!!

Have a great day!


Saturday, June 15, 2019


I did not complete my Dearest boy block this time, and will probably substitute another block.  I have started on the next block, however.    I have been playing with stars...quiet, reflective and easy sewing.  This is where I am heading with this!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!!


Monday, June 10, 2019

Monday, Monday!

 Temecula Quilt Company is having a 1/2 square triangle quilt along!!  Well...I was just thinking about that, LOL!  Please see a couple of posts back...1/2 square triangles are on my brain.

I love scrappy and reminiscent of the quilts these little pieces were made from.  On we go!!
I am hand quilting the last border.  It is a bit sweet, and thrilling that this project is wrapping up!!!

***************************Nurse's Notes*************************

Please do not read if you are not into gritty truth...this is sad, sad, sad.

My friend Pam, of almost thirty years, died on the 7th, of sepsis.  I was the one who took her to the hospital on the fifth...and stayed with her part of the time up there...she had breast cancer, and suddenly developed sepsis of an unknown source.  We still don't know exactly why she got so, so sick, so quickly.  What was the source of the sepsis?  Not one doctor could pinpoint it.  In desperation, after she coded and we got her back, our surgeon friend took her to high risk, last ditch effort surgery.  He slashed open her abdomen and explored, thinking maybe necrotic bowel?  Maybe gangrenous gallbladder?  Maybe cancer everywhere?   What, what, what was it?  He found nothing.  NOTHING to account for her horrendous white count, her obvious sepsis.

I am so sad I cannot stand it.  She was a constant in my life...the first nurse who greeted this little nurse, timid and tiny back then 30 years ago...she made me feel welcome in  this scary, big hospital.  We had many unspoken and unfinished things among us.  There is a feeling of unrest and great misery among all who knew her.  Just too soon, taken too young, too fast and way too unexpected.

She could not communicate well what was going on with her...that would have helped things, I think.  Just so, so sad here.

Thank you for listening.


And now back to the fun quilting things.  I won't mention Pam again...but she was a great lady, and quilter, and is so missed.


Saturday, June 8, 2019

Saturday blues!

 I made a few of these blocks today, using blues.  I have more cut out to add to the piecing line-up.  I really enjoy making these blocks, which you can find below, with the pattern.

I am figuring out a way to use these blocks in the same quilt.  I have all the colors of the blocks made...just thinkin'!!!!!

Please see Angela's blog HERE...there is lots of inspiration for rainbow, scrappy quilts of all descriptions there.  It is a fun way to use your scraps.  I am linking to her blog.

Hope you have an amazing day!


Tuesday, June 4, 2019


 Tuesday is for Tiny Tuesday.  I have been working on the orange blocks for last month.  WE are supposed to border the blocks, like the red ones...but I think I am liking the tiny blocks with no borders better!  Let's see how it shapes up.  This is a rainbow quilt...please see Angela's blog,

I picked this large green pepper from the garden is so, so pretty!!

***********************Nurse's notes*************************

My friend collapsed in the waiting room, right before her colonoscopy today.  She had called me and wanted me to be there, and I am glad I was.  We called an ambulance and she is admitted to the hospital.  She has cancer, all over.  I am so terribly worried about her...the scope today was to check for cancer in her GI system.  Any prayers or good thoughts would be most welcome...I am mortally afraid for her life.



Monday, June 3, 2019


 Monday is for Meetin' house quilts.  Here is where I am.  Some blocks I have made two favorites!   Below is where to find the patterns.
 Here are the blocks I made today.  I had to make a tulip block, too,  as Quiltville Bonnie is making these recently.
 Klein Meisje quilts (Lynn Dykstra) has the most fun quilts going on, using prints and solids. I just had to join in on this one!!!  Please see her blog here!!!


These are my brights strips cut for the quilt.  Just a pretty pile, don't you think??

This is a leftover lotion tin.  I made a tiny pincushion out of it, rather than send it to recycling.  It may be the most useful thing I have made all year!!!

Have a great day!


Sunday, June 2, 2019

Nothing started, nothing finished!

 I played with these stars!!!  They are 9.5 inch finished.  They are so inaccurate, it is laughable!!!
 So...I looked at these rulers.  NO WONDER the pieces don't fit!!  See the big gap where the rulers should meet??
Very crooked!!!  The star points blocks blocks were way big and had to be trimmed to 3.5 inches to fit in the block.

So, guess what?  I got new rulers!  Joann's had them on sale and the lady at the counter gave us a coupon and they were 6 bucks and change.

I am going to try again for more accurate blocks...but I will use these too, anyway.

Have a super day, each of you!



Good morning!!  I am working on the above quilt of valor for this year.  It is actually all together, and just needs to be sent off to Ray, ...