Sunday, October 31, 2021

Monthly Mini, with the Constant Quilter!

Good morning!  Oh what a blessing it is to be home, to be off do laundry and catch up!  LOL!  Above is my monthly mini.  Hearts are my favorite, and plaids are another, so I was off to the races with this heart quilt!

 It is hand quilted.  Quilting with hearts was just the thing!!!

Please see the Constant Quilter to see more mini quilts!!  Wendy's quilt is made of solids this month...and I love it!

The Constant Quilter: October Monthly Mini


Saturday, October 23, 2021

Coming together!


Good morning!  As quilts come together, at least at my house, they seem to gain momentum.  Actually, I made some progress since this picture was taken, and I only have three blocks yet to complete!  Then my quilt of valor will be ready to quilt. Whoops, maybe it needs some borders added, too.   This quilt will,  of course,  be donated to one of our wonderful military  members, who gave so much for our freedom and country.  

NEWS! Our giveaway winner from last post was randomly selected by drawing...Dotti in Connecticut!  You are the winner!  Just need your address, please.  

Hope each of you has an amazing day!


Thursday, October 21, 2021

Doggies! and a giveaway!

Hello!  I am up to 8 dog blocks.  These are found at Sew Fresh Quilts!  These are a bit labor intensive, I must say, and have pieces that are one inch square before you piece them.  Straightforward sewing, but time consuming...I like the baby dogs, though!

Lori, at Humble quilt, is concluding her sew along...I am in the middle of it.  Above are my little blocks in progress.

A lady at work wanted some drawstring bags, so I experimented on where to put the draw string casing.  I like the one on the right better.

I was discussing rotary cutting blades the other day, and a wise someone about your cutting mat?  So here is mine!  I am tossing it...those grooves are just too worn for accuracy.  How is your cutting mat??  It doesn't do me any good to have a new rotary cutting blade if my mat is like this!

Now, if you have hung around this long about a give away?  I have this pattern in I will have a drawing for anyone who leaves a comment!

Have a great day!


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Annie's quilt...a day later! HOW IS THIS FOR PROGRESS FOR YOU!!!!!!!

 Good evening to every one! This was taken a day after my last post.  Isn't this amazing progress?  This is Annie's quilt!!  I just love it!

You can find the pattern here, on Bonnie Hunter's quiltville site:

Spider & The Fly Digital Pattern (

Now THAT is progress!!!


Sunday, October 17, 2021

Annie's quilt!!

Happy Sunday (or Monday, depending on where you are, like LYN!) to you!    In my silly mind, my friend Annie lives on a desert island, alone with her goats, and her Bernina sewing machine.  In truth, she lives on an amazingly rural, yet refined and urban island, with many people about!!!  She is an amazing quilter, and we have had such a fun time sharing ideas and energy and fabric and life with each other!!  Above is her quilt, from Bonnie Hunter's quilt, here:

Spider & The Fly Digital Pattern (


Here is my version.  Ahem...not as far along, but I have been working on it, and hope to make more progress for pictures soon!!!

Is anyone making this quilt, too????

On we go!


Thursday, October 14, 2021

progress report

Howdy y'all!  

I meant a lady who really spoke like that today.  I loved talking to her!!  Above is my progress on my quilt of valor.  Only three more rows to go!!  Whoop!

I have a whole new quilt cut out, and ready to go! I have more blocks made now...this is a variation of Bonnie Hunter's Spider and the Fly, found right here!

Spider & The Fly Digital Pattern (

Annie and I are making this quilt, as part of our donation quilts!

And I am still sewing away on my solid colored fabric bin...getting down on those fabrics, and that is a lovely thing!!

*********************Nurse's Notes*********************

Have any of you had carpal tunnel?  Please share with me!!!! Thank you so much!!  What did you do about it!


Hope you are doing great!


Sunday, October 10, 2021

Sunday afternoon closet clean out

Happy Sunday!   I used to be a much different quilter.  I found this segment of a quilt that I was working on in the murky, distant past.  I think my premise was to make a segment of quilt, and hand quilt it, and then put it altogether.  How I would put it together, I have no clue.  I know I drew around little cardboard templates that I made myself out of cereal boxes, cut the shapes out of fabric, pieced the quilt blocks, and hand quilted it.  I CAN say that my stitches were very small and even, LOL!  But where was I going with all this?  I am tossing this into the finishing this one, for I no longer have the fabric!

 My knitting attempts were in evidence too!  Oh dear...there are holes in the knitting, and somehow the piece got wider as I went.  Into the bin!  I wish someone would teach me to knit, as I would love to REALLY know how!

How are you doing today?


Sunday, October 3, 2021

A reckoning

I do use some archaic language at times.   When I was little, my daddy would tell me to give him a reckoning of what I was doing...

" the time when one is called to account for one's actions, to pay one's debts, or to fulfill one's promises or obligations."  

So here is my accounting!  

I have worked at the hospital for the last three days...glad for a day off, to do laundry and cook and catch up!!!  Above is my rainbow quilt...I just need 8 more blocks.  Yahoo!  Progress!!!

My string quilt turned heart quilt is coming along.  I am loving it so far...great fun!  All this fabric was junk...cast off shirts, and scraps.  My favorite thing!

I am started a new applique quilt, for Sundays...a woolie applique.  Stay tuned...not sure where I am going with this one, LOL!!!

It is fall time I got out my autumn table runner and some old décor things...except the pumpkin, which jumped into my basket at the grocery store.

This heart is a squishie...I recently cut a whole quilt out of for the slivers, I piled them up on a piece of batting and backing, spray starched them, pressed them down, and sewed all over the top....then cut  a heart shape and bound the whole thing.  It is a pretty big heart, and thick enough to use as an effective pot holder.  

Waste not, want not!!

In that thrifty vein, I used my cut off triangles to make pinwheels.  Someday...I will have a pinwheel quilt!

Have a great week, everyone!


Sweatshirt jacket

  Good morning!!  This is the second sweatshirt jacket I have made.  I got a large sweatshirt, because the sweatshirt really shrinks a lot. ...