Tuesday, April 30, 2024

How I magically used lots of scraps but ended up with even more!!!!

Well, I am making a simple rail fence, for a chemo quilt.  I ended up using a lot of my 2.5 inch scraps strips, and felt rather virtuous, but thought I did not have enough variety, so I cut more strips from my stash and WOW!!!  Now my 2.5 strip stash is even bigger.  I will just never use them all up at this rate, but I have variety...so there!!  I win!  By the way, scraps breed at night.  They really do!

Here are my cut pieces for the rail fence quilt.  Pretty, don't you think?

I have been working on hexagons!!  I had a recent plane trip to see my grand babies and help my DIL as she went through surgery.  I always get a right sided window seat, so I can stitch as I go.  I am just loving making these little hexagon blocks!

I hope each of you is having a good day today!!


Sunday, April 21, 2024


A large tree fell over with a mighty crash, half a block from our home.  We are all grateful that it fell toward the street!  If you can zoom in, you can see the little people on the left side of the picture. The homeowner is actually one of my heart patients, for years now.   We have had a lot of rain, which loosened the ground around the tree...and we saw very little root system supporting this gigantic oak.  

Lucky is helping me today, with dusting and playing with the chandelier.  He is so much fun!!  He is up on the dining room table, the stinker!!

The art...and the artist.  Hee!!!  He had such fun with my big stitch quilting thread!!

 And some quilting content!  I am sewing some of my 2.5 width pieces, for a simple rail fence quilt.  I find these old fabrics to be like old friends, coming around to visit.  I love them!!! The inspiration of this is a lady who presented to our local quilt guild.  I loved her on sight...just a sweet, darling lady!

Here is her website.  She made a quilt like this, too, and I have made some in the past.  Time to sew another one, and it is so quick to complete!


HEY!!  I think I fixed my comment problem!!  Would you be so very kind and honor me by commenting on this post, so I can see if the comments are coming to my email once more?  Thank you so much!!


Monday, April 15, 2024

A finish

Hi everyone!  I have been kind of obsessed about finishing this jacket.  I used a lot of scraps!!!  Above you can see the large, angled patch pocket. I used an old sweatshirt to make the garment longer, and some of the leftovers to make the pockets.   I bound the jacket much like a quilt, in one fabric.  

Here is the finished article.  It is pretty big on me.  I used a large men's sweatshirt to sew all the pieces to. Walmart has these on sale...end of the season.   I did have to cut off the sleeves a couple of inches, and the rest will shrink in the wash.  I machine quilted it on my Bernina.  I did cut off the neck stretchy material, and also the cuffs and bottom of the sweatshirt.  I cut the sleeves open to sew the patchwork to it, and then quilted them and sewed them back together.  

This is the binding material.  

Whew!!  OK, life can resume now....



Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Sweatshirt jacket


Good morning!!  This is the second sweatshirt jacket I have made.  I got a large sweatshirt, because the sweatshirt really shrinks a lot.  I sorted out every last blue scrap, put them in a basket, and I am randomly sewing them to the sweatshirt.  I cut the sweatshirt up the middle front, and also cut the sleeves and opened them for easier piecing.  It is a bit challenging to sew on the wiggly sweatshirt material, but I am having fun anyway.  Still, lots of work to go on this one.  

Here is Lucky, looking on.  He does not know what to think!!  HIs eyes are so pretty to look at...darling baby kitty!!  He is 8 months old now.  Good nutrition has made him grow so big and his fur is so soft and luxuriously thick.  I never thought I could be a kitty person, but I am a person who will help another being in need.  He is so sweet and just rips around, despite his permanently injured leg.  No victim here...just a kitty having a great time!!

Here is the first sweatshirt jacket I made.  I am making the blue one longer, and it is a bit bigger.  This was a man's small, and although it fits ok, I like my jackets a bit looser now.

I am enjoying a leisurely stroll through mystery quilt land.  This is Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville mystery.  Just two blocks a day...hey, any little game to get it to the finished line!

Hope each of you is doing well.  Please tell me how to get your comments to my email...they have disappeared again.  why??  I wish I had an in-house computer guru at my command!


Monday, April 1, 2024


Hello to everyone!!!  Above is my Puffin quilt progress.  All the blocks are together, and an orange border has been added.  Hurrah!!  Now for something amazing for a border treatment.  Maybe a black checkerboard?

  I sewed a new coin purse.  Or maybe a tiny cosmetic purse.  I have a free shelf at my work, and I will put it on there to see who wants it!!

I have had these blocks cut out for a zillion years and so I sewed a few.  They are 6 inches finished.  I love them...no rhythm or reason to them.  Just scrappy!!!  

March was purple month at Rainbow quilts, so I have a few purple blocks made.  I love these, and the English paper piecing method used to achieve them.  

Easter was a low-key day.  Poor Lucky was just tuckered out from all the excitement!!!!

Hope your day was wonderful, too!



Good morning!!  I am working on the above quilt of valor for this year.  It is actually all together, and just needs to be sent off to Ray, ...