Sunday, November 24, 2019

Dear Jane update 11-24-19 (other things!)

 I did not work on a Dear Jane block today.  The next one is very daunting, and I am nervous about it, LOL!  Instead, I have been working on these plaid Log Cabin blocks.  I made them with two inch strips, and have 80 of them made.  Good enough for a good sized quilt.

I pulled these strips our of my strings bins, so I calling it a string quilt, although it is a bit more organized than the fun chaos of most string quilts.

I am also doing some slow hand quilting on this quilt.  Above is my log cabin, portrayed as I imagine having it one day!  Surrounded by forest!  I love these hand stitches...

I am linking to Kathy, here, for Slow Stitching Sunday.

*******************Nurse' notes*********************************

I have gotten to be good friends with the wife of the patient from last week.  He has made no progress at all, and she is taking care of 5 children by herself.  She is a doll, and determined to help in any way she can. And this is what nursing is all about for me....I love those walking wounded, the families that really need support and love, through weeks of ICU care and rehab.


Sunday, November 17, 2019

Dear Jane update 11-17-19

 I have been pondering my scrap quilts...I love them!  This one was inspired by Chantal's quilt, and one by Primitive Gatherings as well.  I plan 22 more blocks for it, in a rainbow of scraps.  I made eight new blocks scattered throughout this layout.
This is Dear Jane block G-8, named Justin's Comet.  I think it was initially made by Jane of eight hand pieced diamonds.  I chose to applique one solid piece, and then add detail with my quilting.  So there, Dear Jane!!!  One more block in the works!

Hope you are having a lovely day, each of you!!

****************************Nurse's Notes*************************

OK.  IN a place far away from you, there was  a patient who got mad, shoved one of the nurses and slammed her into the door. Why?  Because he was having a heart attack and the hospital rules say that if you are on a heart monitor, you cannot go and smoke outside.  She told him no, and he went crazy.   Well duh....

Fast forward...he stormed out of the hospital against medical advice.  Due to divine intervention, he had permitted lab work to be done just before he left.  Due to more divine intervention,  a concerned nurse who had just been slammed into the door, looked at his lab work after he left, and saw the greatly elevated cardiac enzymes...(they are not sure why she looked, because he had been taken off her computer list)..Due to more intervention...he answered his phone and yielded to her plea that he must COME BACK TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM!  He did...he had an emergency heart cath, and then emergency heart bypass surgery.  He survived….and if he would not have allowed the lab work, if the nurse had not gotten past her hurt and called him, and if we could not have found a emergent heart surgeon....he would have been nothing more than an obituary.

Fast forward a week...they cannot get him off the vent.  He is such a bad lunger due to the smoking, he are still on 70% oxygen....and his heart is quite damaged, requiring a lot of support.

They look forward to see what will happen...when they fast forward.



Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Scraps, scraps, scraps!

Lots of triangles here!  I am revving up for a new project, or to finish some old ones...and this is one of the oldies!!!  Just playing here...

What are you working on?

Have a great day!


Monday, November 11, 2019

Dear Jane update

Attachments area

Hi Everyone!  I myself did not get a Dear Jane block done this week...but I am working on it!  Annie did, though!!  Her blocks are above...and her message below.  I love to hear her thoughts!

From Annie:  

"Hi Julie,

Something different this time.  A friend in New Hampshire who knows that I’m tackling a Dear Jane quilt asked if she could send me a little bit of fabric to include in my quilt.  So nice to be able to incorporate some of her kindness in my quilt!    She and I have similar taste in fabrics, and the gold is from her. I’ve learned that despite the big manufacturers, fabric tends to be regional.  What my friend finds in New Hampshire shops is different from what is displayed in the few remaining quilt shops in Washington state, which in turn is not what predominates in New Mexico.

These blocks were pleasant to make.  The red one was the most difficult, only because those corner triangles are really small.  The next block to make is definitely going to be a challenge - what I refer to as a “daylight” block, meaning that it will require excellent lighting for my old eyes to avoid mistakes.  Take care!  Annie"

This one below is from Lyn!!!  Please see her blog here...a very pretty block!

And a Log Cabin Loonie finish!!!  LOOKIE!  and hand quilted too...this is by Els!!!

 Tiny blocks...
All hand quilted!  AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing this, Els!

I hope to have some fun things of my own to blog about in the next day or so!!!


Sewing right along!

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