Sunday, August 28, 2016

Wool applique!

 Jeni from the Willow is having another free quilt along!  Since I had so much fun with hers last year, I really want to keep up with this one. are the first two blocks.  I am loving them!!
 You can find her blog here, and also the free patterns.  Thank you, Jeni!!

 I have made a tiny bit of progress on the Buttermilk Basin "Let it Snow" bom.  I am missing some blocks, and I know I have printed them out, so will go through my files and find them, LOL!!
I had a call for gluten free, wheat free bread.  This is what I made.  It is made from rice and tapioca starch...and it is pretty good!!  Different, but good!  Especially yummy with peanut butter and honey, or butter and jam.  I would love a recipe for Oat bread, made only with oat you have a good one??

Have a great day, everyone!!


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Making some tracks now!!

 I have a thought in my head, still...that, "OH, I am going to hand quilt all these quilts, some day!!"  Folks, it just can't be least not all of them!!  So, I recently sent these to be quilted, and I am tickled as I can be to have them done, at least to this stage!!  These are all destined to go to the hospital, for patients.  A rail fence scrappy...
 A blue one, for a guy.
 Someone must love pink like I do, at least I am hoping so!
 This one!  This came from one scrap bag, and all seems to go together.  I have an orange scrappy binding planned for it.
 And I have been making progress on the Plaids and Plains flying geese...
 Liking them!!
This is my companion for all Rosie.  A stray, she has become so very important to me.  I love her very dearly.

This one is to keep...I love it!  A Jacob's ladder variation.  It was super fun to make!  And to no surprise, I have another one cut out.

Have a great day!!  Thanks for hanging in there. on a lengthy post!!


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Log Cabin Loonies!!

Variation on a log cabin quilt | Log Cabin Quilts:

Hey y'all! I have been so busy at work, at least 14 hours a I missed the 17th, the full moon!! It has also been blessedly raining, non stop, so no moon peeked out here, this month.   But here I am, and wow!  I have found the most wonderful log cabin quilt to share with you!  This is actually a pattern, available from Accuquilt.  I just really love how the cream part of the log cabin blocks appears to float in and out behind the other blocks.  Spectacular, and so typical of log cabin block versatility!!!

UPDATE!  Becky Babcock found where to find the pattern!  Please go here, if you want it. 

Thanks, Becky, and I know Sherrill was looking too!!

I have noticed some really amazing log cabin quilts showing up on your blogs! I would love you to link up below...even if all you have is an idea or pile of strips, or a few blocks...or a finished quilt!  We want to celebrate what you have been up to!!

Have a great day, everyone!!


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

UFO alert!!

I have been working on this applique quilt, by Piece o' Cake, for several years now.  All the blocks are prepared, and above are what I have stitched.  These are pre-cut and pre-fused pieces...what could be simpler??  It is fun when all the prep work is done for you!
 This is a favorite block of mine.
 And here is another!  Silly fun little bird...I love the imagination at Piece O' Cake!!
 I have been sewing a little on the Plaid and Plain flying geese.  I am liking the combinations!
 I found a whole bunch of pieces cut out, with no sample block to show me what I had in mind...I made this little messy block, but I don't think it was the original idea that I had...sigh!
 I may have done a little bit of shopping lately....what super fun that was!
I think these are called "shot cottons?"  What does that mean?  Whatever...they are so soft and lovely, I picked up these too!

*******************A life changing event!*************************

My husband has retired after 41 years with one company.  He did not plan to retire just this is rough on him.  I am finding my sewing time is being more and more limited.  Has anyone else experienced this?


Have a great day!!


Sunday, August 7, 2016

Amazing mail!!!

 Oh MY!!!  I received the most wonderful box in the mail!!  Inside?  Was this quilt top!!  Perfectly pieced and amazing!!
 A close up...
 And this quilt top!!  All of reproduction fabrics, it is wonderful!!
 and a close up of it!
 And this quilt top too!!!
 And ONE HUNDRED log cabin blocks!!!  Gorgeous, and so timely for Log Cabin Loonies!!!
 And applique pieces, all prepped and ready to stitch!  At this point, I just sat down and had a happy cry.  Can you even imagine?  Also, there were pre-cut square's and a pattern and lovely fabrics...just the pick-up I needed to get my creative juices flowing again!!  Thank you, Linda O.!!  Thank you!!!

 Do you have some forever projects?  this is one of mine...these are four inch basket blocks, and I make one every once in a while.    I have a zillion of these cut out...just give me time and patience, and I will someday have a basket quilt made of them!
 These are another forever project...these are all two inch bow tie blocks.  I make a dozen or so, then put them away, and then make another dozen some time later.  About 200 are in this pile.

I have had some problems with my e-mail! I would try and answer an e-mail, and it would just disappear!!  I think it is fixed now, but if you have commented and I have not replied?  That is why, and I apologize...please know I love your comments and friendship!!

So there you have it, folks!!  and I hope you have a wonderful day!!


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hand Quilting

This quilt idea was from Lori of Humble Quilts quilt along, a few years ago.  I just now got it all hand quilted, and bound.  I have a chance to do hand work in the car, on trips, so I took advantage of that time.  Thank you, dear Lori, for the wonderful quilt along!!!

I am having an awful time concentrating on any one thing!!  Anyone else in this boat?  I have tons of fun ideas spinning through my head, but just between work and house keeping and other stuff, I am not making tons of progress on anything!!

Hope each of you has a wonderful day!!



Good morning!!  I am working on the above quilt of valor for this year.  It is actually all together, and just needs to be sent off to Ray, ...