Thursday, January 30, 2014

Not at work today

 Reaching for the sun...don't you think that these flowers look like they are reaching for the sun? These flowers still need their leaves, and the applique on the flowers needs to be finished too.  But I am enjoying these bright colors, and have no idea about the border, as usual.  Borders stop me in my tracks!!
My friend Lori, of Humble quilts, is having a quilt along.  I cut out all the pieces and parts, and will work on this when I have a moment. The plaidish brown remnant will be sashing strips, eventually.  The quilt is called Midwinter Blues, and you can see all about making it right HERE!!  Come on, join in!!  It is a fun and fast doll quilt to chase all those winter blues away!

**********************Nurse's Notes***************************

Warning!!  Not upbeat, but truthful!!  So skip this if quilting content is all you need today!!

I had one of the roughest days yesterday of my nursing career.  Physically hard, 'cause my feet are just killing me from running/walking, but emotionally hard too.  I taught, and taught, and taught, and instructed the patient and his family for two hours, and what did the patient do?  Just as soon as he got home, he did exactly what I had just finished teaching him not to do per the physician's instructions, and bled all over the place.  Back he came to the hospital, angry with me of course...sigh....some days are just not worth getting dressed up in scrubs for work!!!  He was fine, I was distraught, and just tired....

Sorry, sometimes it just gets to me.  I just need to get this out, so bear with me!!


Anyhow, it is all good today, because I am home, and playing in the fabric, and have a big pot of hot chicken soup with noodles cooking!  Smells good around here!!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Quilt along complete!

 I added a border that completed the little star/square I am done!!  I will add a colorful binding after it is quilted, and call it good.
I had to use two different cream colors in the border, because I ran out of the first print.  That is what makes it fun, is to just use what you have and not worry about it so much...I call it a design element, LOL!!

Thank you so much, Terry of Terry Treasures,  for your very fun quilt along!!  I used almost a whole box of two inch squares, all scraps, in this quilt, and so that is a good thing.  I really do use all my scraps, every one, saved and gifted to me...and love them all so much!!

So now what?  I would really like to finish my flowers and nine patch quilt, but cannot sit still long enough to work on the applique flower blocks.  So I guess I will end up piecing today, something...probably a UFO already cut out.  I have plenty of those!!  Do you???

Have a great day!


Monday, January 27, 2014

Progress on the quilt along

I worked all weekend...and I mean WORKED!!!  It was super busy at the hospital, and not only did we have lots of patients, they were super sick too.  I am glad for the hours, though, but not glad for the people being sick.  Such nice patients too!!!

Above is my quilt along from last post...the center is together!!  And the two inch strips and squares bin really should be empty...but has a few stragglers in there still...I know they will be multiplying like rabbits!  I do try to cut all my little pieces from quilting projects into usable sizes to feed the bins.

Hey...I think all my scrap quilt look somewhat alike.  Same fabrics, lots of variety, but same, same...

I am thinking I need to use more batics, or pastels, or something...any thoughts or words of wisdom??? Maybe I need to go SHOPPING!!!  snort!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great night, everyone!!!


Monday, January 20, 2014

Quilt along!!

 Good Monday morning!!!  I woke up raring to go...piecing, here I come!!  Terry, a very wonderful and sweet blog friend, is having a quilt along.  I had this quilt cut out for, ahem, some it was a natural thing that I quilt along and finish this UFO!!  My pieces are a little smaller, as I am using 2 inch squares to clean out the bin.  So anything goes!!  Even a little 1/2 square triangle wiggled it's way in there.  Please see her quilt along here!!  We are just starting, so you could join right in!!  Her quilt is called Good Night Irene, and I am linking to her blog.
 Rosie is seeing what she thinks of the quilt...actually, she was on top of the quilt pieces, napping, so I had to nudge her aside to get this picture of my design floor.

Everyone needs a little Valentine...right?  This was a 15 minute quilt top...fused hearts, and the border was already sewn together in a strip.  It will be fun to hand quilt in quiet moments...whenever those come, LOL!!

Many hugs to all, and happy Monday!!


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sloooooow Stitchin' Sunday!!

 Happy Sunday!!  Yesterday I had the opportunity to stitch for a couple hours with the DFW gang; a fun group of quilters in the DFW area.  I hand quilted this.
And another view...crooked of course!!  This is Bonnie Hunters pattern, in her free patterns section...of course a string pattern!!  I used some of the littlest pieces up.  Love this so just makes me happy.

A lady recently told me, "I don't use "junk" to make my quilts...I buy all new fabric for each and every quilt, and throw away my leftovers!!  All this while looking at one of my scrappy at first I was sort of put out by her statement...but then I thought, You know?  That is what makes all quilts, made by so many makers, lovely and unique.  So more power to you, dear lady!!  This "junk" just makes me smile!!  I think maybe she had not a lot of fabrics to work with when she was younger, so maybe now, she just buys everything new. So the put out feeling that I had just melted away and I was glad that she has her opinion and I am glad I get to have mine too, LOL!!

*****************************Nurse's notes  (warning, sad!)**************************

We recently had a patient in the hospital for over a month.  First cardiac surgery...then lung failure, then kidney failure, then liver failure, then ischemic bowel, then infections...poor guy!!  The only thing that did not fail is his brain!!  He was alert and oriented through it all. Really that is a bit strange...most patients fall into coma or just a far off place.  Always a attempted smile, always his best effort for everything we asked of him.

His family member drove over 1000 miles through the great ice and snow storm of this January to be with the quietly sit with him, to support him, to just be near. Afraid to sleep, just in case his Uncle needed something.  Stayed night and day...until the sweet patient slipped from this world to the next.  He is a true hero to me; this quiet, unassuming young man, whose patience and love was just shiny bright for all to see.


ON my walk today, the birds suddenly quit chirping and singing...I saw a shadow overhead, and low and behold, a big hawk landed in the tree right in front of me!  I did get a picture...I will have to show you when I get it uploaded!!  An awesome big bird...who did not get any breakfast just then, 'cause all the little birdies skedaddled!!

Have a great day, all!!!


Friday, January 10, 2014

More applique flowers

 Wow, two posts today!!  I have 27 flower blocks appliqued so far...
I think maybe that little blue one is my favorite!!!

Off to clean the kitchen...


Some new starts

 Happy Friday!  I have started a couple new projects.  I think it is fun to start new things...after all, if we don't start new things, we never finish anything...right? keeps quilting fun and sparkly! I still have plenty of UFO's to finish, and I will, all in due time.  These are five inch finished Baltimore Album blocks.  They are by Keryn Emmerson, from her pattern first published in 1996.  You can find the pattern here.  I have them ready to applique,
 and will stitch on them in the evenings, while dear husband is watching the news.
 I hand quilted and bound the little candle mat, made from the leftover fabrics from the mystery quilt.  It is the wrong season, but I could not help sitting my autumn candle on it, just to see how it would look.
 And a new row quilt!  I have loved row quilts, but never finished one to completion. You can find this fun, free pattern here!
And the whole row...still need some smiles on those snowmen!!!

And Rosie...she is such a little lovely dog.  So glad she is in our lives!!!

Have a great weekend,


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Autumn Equinox! (Celtic Solstice)

 Finale!  I just added a black, plain border...and am calling this one done.    I like that the solid black is not a is not stretchy, and maybe that will give the whole quilt a little stability.  I even have a backing ready, whoohoo!!
 The finished quilt...I am surprised that Rosie the poodle is not in the middle of this picture.
And...I had a few leftover units.  So, I made a little candle mat, and surrounded it with flying geese.  I still have a couple little bits and pieces left over, but I think I will put them in the orphan bin for now.

**********************Nurse's notes*****************************

I had a heart yesterday.  A fresh post op heart, right from surgery...valve and bypass patient.  I really love these patients...a little unstable, a challenge.  He is up in the chair eating breakfast today, 12 hours after surgery. (I called to check on him)  Love that!!


Have a great day, everyone!!


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Awaiting a final border!

 Good evening, everyone!  Above is my all-put-together Celtic Solstice.  Or you could call it Autumn Equinox, LOL!  It does kind of look like a fall time quilt to me. I tried to use what I had in the stash... Anyway, it is in one piece!!  The only thing left is to put the final border on. I don't care for any of my not sure what I will do.  I will look in the stash to see what I can find.
 But I am sure glad it is all together, to this point anyhow!!
I turned a couple of blocks the wrong way, and did not discover it until the top was together.  They are there to way I would ever take them out and fix them at this point!!

Thank you, Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville, for a really fun mystery quilt...this is your best pattern yet in my opinion!!!

Have a great night, all!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

And yet some more progress...

 OK folks!!  Here we are...all the blocks are done!!  Not sewn together yet...but done, done, done!!  Whoohoo!!  I like the circles that are formed...and the pointed diamond stars....and the plaids.  I like the white; maybe it adds a little sparkle.  Most of all, I like Bonnie's mystery quilts!  Thank you, Miss Bonnie of Quiltville!! So...borders are next, and sewing the blocks together.
 ON the way....
 Whoopsie!!!  Needs a leeetle  adjustment...
And an empty bin!!!  Whoohoo!!!!

Walked 4.5 miles today...that was good...I am finding if I don't do my walking/running just doesn't get done!  How about you?

Have a great day!!


Friday, January 3, 2014

Going to bed...mystery progress has been made today!

 All right then!  I have been working most of the day on the mystery...and here is where I am.  All 24 of the first blocks are done.  All the subunits are done for the second blocks.  so...tomorrow, if I have time, I will try to get the second blocks all done.
Wheww!!   another view....

My carpet is my design floor.  I call it cappuccino is beige with swirls in it.  I vacuum well, then use it for my design wall (floor) for me!  I think the secondary blocks will add such a lot of charm to this quilt...hopefully!!!

Have a great night, everyone!!


Progress so far...

 Ok, I am done with the last of the units!!  This is the back of one unit...I like how they fit together...Thanks, Bonnie of Quiltville!
The stacks of finished!  Here come the blocks...

I have taken time out to do two loads of laundry and eat with dear husband...and that's it, folks!!

Back to those blocks!!

I will post again in a little while...


Friday Night Sew!!

 I am off work today!!  Yahoo and Yippee!!  It has been busy at the hospital, so it is good to have a catch up day at the house and to have time to work on the mystery too.  I think it is so weird that I am not doing scrappy with this quilt, but hey, I just have to be a little different, don't I, LOL!!!
Kathy said that tonight was a Friday Night Sew in...well, I can't stay awake very late, and I have my sewing time I am doing it now!!  I will post little progress posties throughout the day about how it is going with the mystery.  As you can see, I have a lot of little pieces and parts left to sew together!!  Here's to making it all a cogent whole!!

*********************Nurse's Notes*************************


That is the word of the day at the hospital...not just people who have the sniffles and a cough, and body aches...but people on the ventilator, with sepsis, with organ failure, on rotoprone beds to help their lungs...Many, many people In ICU with the flu...mostly type A here, about 80%, with 20% swine flu.  50 new cases rolled in through the ER yesterday.

I know lots of you may not think flu shots are good, but I think if I had to face the kind of illness and possible death that these poor patients are facing...I would GET A FLU SHOT!!  The best you can possible get...there are different to your doc about it.  At the hospital, all staff are required to get a flu shot or not work.

Many other very sick cookies too......praying for everyone to get well!!


Have a great day...updates on my progress on the  mystery quilt to come today!!


Sewing right along!

Hello!!  I made a few zipper bags for the guild sales table, to raise money for the guild scholarships.  I bought zippers on Amazon for penn...