Sunday, September 17, 2023

Sampler quilts are simply so much fun!


I greatly enjoyed making each block for this quilt!!  Made with all reproduction fabrics, and a couple of orphan blocks, too...I love it!!  I am showing our lawn, hard pressed in these 100+ days of scorching heat.  

We are blessed now to have some 90 degree days!!  Hurrah!!!

Hope you are doing great, each of you!!  

***************************Nurse's Notes**************************

Our friend Angie made it through her SECOND open heart surgery!!!  I am so, so glad...she is taking time to heal and adjust to her new normal.  What an amazingly tough person!!!  All your prayers did all the good in the world!

Comments no longer go to my inbox again. Sigh...what now?  I changed nothing!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, September 2, 2023

Winners and a new baby to love


I am making progress on my scrappy sampler top, based on the 2014 Country Threads mystery sampler.  I adore all these fun and scrappy blocks, made with treasured fabrics.  It is supposed to be done, but I am making it bigger!!!  More blocks equal more fun and more to love, right??

This little morsel above....well, I just got out of the car from work, and heard a SCREAMIMG!!!  Somewhere in the neighborhood.  I went running, total panic mode, trying to find what child was screaming, because I thought it was a little human child.  Instead, I found this tiny kitten.  Maybe 3 weeks old, I am guessing?  It was backed up in the corner by the drainpipe, in my neighbor's driveway, and a hawk was after it.  Hense the screaming!!!  I scared away the hawk (what hawk would not be afraid of a wild banshee hollering and running at it?)  The kitty escaped with no talons through the abdomen, which would have been a death sentence due to peritonitis, but his eye was pecked narrowly escaping actually hitting the eye, and also his left front leg is completely flaccid.  I scooped him and up ran him back to the house, him meowing as hard as he could!

Took him to the vet...the eye will be totally fine.  The leg...maybe not.  It is severely injured from the shoulder, so the vet put him on steroids for pain and for swelling, and the baby is now in our home and?  in our hearts.  We shall see if the baby can heal with that leg...the hawk obviously had it by the leg.   He eats like a trucker and meows for anything he wants, and just wants love and to purr with the loudest little voice, sleeping under my hair on my chest.  No, my chest is not hairy, but I have kind of long hair and that is just the best nest for this baby, according to him.    So that is my drama for the week!!

Remember this leader and ender from Bonnie Hunter about a decade ago? I am finishing it!!!  I recently received gorgeous totally favorite thing, and some of the scraps will be used to make more bowties!!!


Any drama for you this week??  Hope everyone is doing fantastic!!

The last post's repro stack was won by Mary Jo Belk, by random drawing.  I do not have your email address, Mary JO...can you please write to me? Thank you!!!


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