Saturday, September 30, 2017

Orange you glad it is almost fall weather???

 I have been working a little bit each night on the afghan, made from the Walmart yarn I could not resist. It is so soft and comforting!!  A bit of fall orange in it, too, is present.
Here is a lonely orange block, for the last day of the orange month, for So Scrappy.  I have three others all cut out.
 I put this border on the basket quilt.  It may change...maybe not.  I think when I put all the leaves on the vines, I will fall in love with the whole thing!
The moon tonight was just spectacular.  It had a huge orange ring around, which does not show at all in the picture.  Fall is coming!!

I am linking to So Scrappy...please go and see all the lovely and fun orange creations here!

Hugs to all!  You are very special and important in my life...thank  you for being part of it.


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cheri Payne Basket blocks!

 I have absolutely loved this quilt along designed by Cheri Payne; these are her basket blocks.  She just gave you the shapes, and you came up with your own thing...and you know I love that!  She designed a total of 8 blocks, I think, but that would not make a big quilt. So, I decided to put together what I had done...after all, a wall hanging is all the 8 blocks would make, and that would not be enough for a patient here I am.
 I love this block; it is my favorite!!  I learned a never put a 1/4 inch border around blocks.  It is quite tough to get super even, due to me using stretchy plaid fabric, although I was very, very I will defer to a 1/2 border if I choose to do it again.

I plan to add flowers and leaves to the vines, and also a border, when I figure that out, LOL!

Thank you Cheri Payne!!! Cheri has been going through horrible cancer treatments, and now is retired.  I am praying every day for her renewed health!!
 Another mug rug....
and another one! 

Speaking of mug rugs, I happened to be in the doctor's office yesterday, and had some blood drawn. While I was waiting, I was stitching on a mug rug and got it finished. The phlebotomist had a soda by her desk, and she just needed that mug rug, in my opinion!  So I spontaneously gave it to her...she burst into tears and said she just really needed that boost that particular day.  So it was totally wonderful to make a stranger happy with a little bit of quilting.

Have a great day!


Sunday, September 24, 2017

Not a quilting post!

 This little darling was running in traffic, as we were on our way home from Costco.  We pulled over and called for her, and she came right to me!!  She is home with me now...
Apparently, she had gotten out of her yard and was wandering, and was so hot and panting when we found her.  Luckily, she has a collar, and mom has been called and her doggie mom is on the way to get her. 

She is a darling, and may weigh 5 pounds, if that.  Such a sweet little baby!!!  I am glad this is having a happy ending!


Saturday, September 23, 2017

Crochet and stash enhancement! is how it happened.  I was in Walmart the other, picking up some household things...and wandered into the yarn and fabric department.  I found this pretty, pretty yarn!  It was not you amazing sock knitters use (I secretly lust after your yarn!); it was just soft and very pretty to me.  So?  I bought four skeins, which is all they had of this particular colorway.
 This is the start of my afghan.  Just simple double crochet.  The yarn is quite tiny, so is taking a long time to get from one end to the other.  I am loving it!  This is the most relaxed I have been in a long time...all I did today was walk, do laundry, and crochet. What a fun day!
 I also found some fat quarters for 99 cents each.
And some fabrics, which will help along a few projects I have brewing in my head.

OK, let me tell you about the Walmart fabric counter experience:

I found my fabric, and went to the cutting counter, and there was no one I rang the bell, and no one came.  So I went and found an associate in electronics, and he said he would call someone...he did not.  So, I went the found two other people, and they all said they would call one came.  So?  I and another lady who was waiting about 30 minutes, cut our own fabric, and used the label/printer/scanner and made our own labels.  I use a similar system at my hospital, and whoever was supposed to work there was logged in to it.  No one ever came, and a manager walked by and did not say anything to us.

I went to check out with the cashier and got home, and checked my receipt...and they did not charge me for the fabric!  Growl!!!!!!!!!!!!  So back I went to the store and told last they got the $ and I took home my blue fabrics. 

I feel like these poor associates are spread too thin.  The department was clean and organized, but the other part was lacking.  Any experiences with them?  I very rarely buy anything there.  They were probably running around like crazy!


Friday, September 22, 2017

More about the birdies!

 This is just a wee mug rug I made lately, from strings.
I made one more orange bird, this one facing the other way.  Although I made up my own pattern, I have discovered a couple sources of patterns for birds, thanks to y'all. 

Lynn at the Patchery Menagery has made a few bird quilts...hers are elegant and just lovely in her studied fabric selections and artistry. The first link is to her pattern, and please take a look at her blog, too!

The next link is to a Craftgossip pattern, which is a free one...I like the little added triangle at the bottom of the bird's breast, so I will be adding that piece to my next birdies.  I would love to make some birdies each month, of different colors!!

Hugs to all, and hope you are having a wonderful day!


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A few birdies!!

Orange is the color of the month at So here are some orange birdies!  Just an experiment...they are fun to make and quite easy.  I don't know who made up the pattern, as I just saw a picture on Pinterest, and I could not find a source.  So if this is your birdie pattern...thank you, it is darn cute!!  I think I will make some facing the opposite way, too.  I think all birds are sort of lifeless without their eyes shining, but those will be added after quilting, I think.

I am linking with a few people!!  Should be fun to see what everyone is doing!!

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I tried to link to lots of blogs, but some links were closed, and I am not savvy enough to link to!!!  I will try again!!


Monday, September 18, 2017

More about scraps

 Here is where I am on the flying goose quilt.  I think these geese are lost...going every which-a-way!  I have about twice as many blocks cut out and ready to sew...and it will be a colorful, scrappy quilt for a patient, one day!
 I have been sorting my strings from the laundry basket into shoe boxes.  Here are my nursing you know what size these little shoe boxes are.  The boxes were on sale at Home Depot, so I bought a box full of them.
 And here are my strings, sorted by color, as best that I could, into the shoe boxes.  Rosie Posie the poodle helped a lot by wallowing and playing in the pile of strings that I was sorting, and gleefully getting a string or two in her mouth and running and prancing into the other room with them!!  I love that baby doggie!!  And I just love piecing with them and going through the boxes to pick out a piece.  Love, love, love!!

 This is just a picture of the quilt I put up, for autumn...I really am enjoying this quilt. It was a quilt along by Jeni from the is still up and free to print off on her face book site.
This beautiful quilt was given to a bypass patient this last week. What a  lovely person...never an ugly word or cross thought.  Just grateful and oh, so sick.  She was an educator, very well read and just a super smart lady.  Not only did she have that huge surgery, she had a stroke afterward.  All of the nurses are taking turns spoiling her, and being her nurse at the hospital.  What a blessing for her...and she loves her quilt!!

This quilt was given anonymously, to donate to a patient. Thank you so much... It went to just the
right lady...hurrah!!

Have a great day, each of you!!

Julie K

Monday, September 11, 2017

A Scrappy start!

  I find that I am really uneasy and restless without a scrappy project to piece in my spare moments.  I looked through my already cut out pieces, and discovered enough pieces to make this quilt.  Tonight, I started piecing!!  The blocks are 6 inch finished, and that makes each flying goose block 2 x 4 inches.

My wish is to sew up every single scrap of fabric I have.  A lofty goal, to be sure...I better get sewing!!

I have been thinking of the fate of the quilts I have so enjoyed making and loved...I guess it is really about the quilting journey, for me. The finished quilts are humble, and really made to keep people warm in body and spirit.  None are great masterpieces, yet I love them as if they were.  I want these quilts to go to people who need a warm boost and quilty hug.  Do  you know what I mean?  I prefer that they are not sold in an estate or yard sale someday, but rather, go to people who can use them, now. Any thoughts?

Hugs to all!!  I am so glad my Florida friends are safe and unharmed...please keep posting, if you are able!!


Saturday, September 9, 2017

The top is finished!!

 The pink and red scrap top is done!  I guess this would be called a basket weave pattern, but I intended it to be a Rail fence quilt. Oh well...
 Finished to this point makes me smile!!  I hope I corrected all the laying out errors, LOL!
 I found three more heart rocks...I collect these.
Now here is what has been occupying me lately!  I found this little mourning dove in the grass, in the neighborhood, as I was walking to the post office.  It was at risk...lots of cats around, and this baby was not flying.  After watching it for some hours...I made the choice to pick it up and take it home.  After consultation, I took it to the Wild bird sanctuary and rehab place.  This place was magical!  Thousands of birds, from huge pelicans to tiny finches.  This was absolutely the right decision...this birdie would have been killed for sure, and now it has a chance to live. I loved seeing all the birds they have rescued, from eagles to raptors of all kinds, to hundreds of injured and tiny birds of all kinds. They rehab back to the wild.


Friday, September 8, 2017

A lot more circles!

 Here is what I have been doing, behind the scenes.  This is the folk art circle quilt, with a lot more circles added!  This is pretty labor intensive...but I like it.
 Lots more work to be done!
This quilt has some rows actually sewn together!  Hopefully I can get the pieces going the right way, all the way through!


My  heart and prayers are with those in the mayhem of Harvey, and also impending monster storm coming to Florida.



Monday, September 4, 2017

An oldie!

 I made this quilt a long time ago...unfortunately, I did not date it, because I just didn't for some reason!
Here is the whole thing.  Strange as it may seem, I did not see the huge, glaring error in it until I took this picture. OH well...perfection is for God alone, it seems!!  This is a hand quilted one.  Bright solids are fun!!

I am working on some quilts, but nothing picture worthy...behind the seams (scenes) stuff!!


Sewing right along!

Hello!!  I made a few zipper bags for the guild sales table, to raise money for the guild scholarships.  I bought zippers on Amazon for penn...