Thursday, June 15, 2023

Round and round I go!!


I have been making flying geese to go around the Squirrel Star quilt.  So named is a squirrel!!!  It is sort of a springtime, pastel quilt.  I have sewn a zillion flying geese for it and have more to go.

I went to an estate sale this spring, and the lady selling her things and was moving to Switzerland.  In her things were some 100% cotton sheets, still in the yellowed, old packaging.   I bought a couple.  I took one out of the package, washed it, and WOW!!!  It is the softest, thickest sheet I have ever imagined, much less felt.  It is wonderful for piecing!!!  They were a very odd size, and the one I washed was smaller than a twin size.  I am loving piecing with it!!!  I translated the writing on the package, to find out what it said.  I have never seen such a high-quality sheet in my life.

I was just playing piecing!
I added another round on the Unity quilt.  I made this round simple.  I could not make the scraps I had work right in making the round in the pattern, so I just did this.  It will be just fine!!!

Hope you are doing fine too!!


Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Quilting this and that

Remember the Unity Quilt that Bonnie Hunter designed, near the beginning of the pandemic?  Here is my start on that!!  I really concentrated on pressing and accuracy.  I just love it!!  Again, this is a collaborative quilt with Annie.  Super fun!

I have been making a few little taco pouches in-between things.  Here are my efforts.  You can find the free pattern here:  

I am surprised at how simple these are.  A very fun sew!!!

 Jo, at Jo's country junction, has been sewing tiny stars.  She did a video all about them.  I remembered my tiny stars, and just pulled them out to admire these tiny blocks, and to cut a few more of them.   You can find her video here:  

Sew with Jo: Making STAR BLOCKS and chatting with you about scraps and thrift store finds!! - YouTube

My stars are four inches finished, and Jo's are three inches finished.  Itty-bitty!

Have a wonderful day, each of you!!!

Sewing right along!

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