Sunday, February 28, 2016

Civil War-Clara Barton quilt!!

 I was just pondering about what kind of border I should use for the Red Cross quilt.  I have a metric ton of these red triangles already made, and was wondering if I could use them....this way?
 Or this way?
 Plain red border??? (scrap pulled from the scrap basket for demonstration...)
 Mustard?  (ooooo yuck!!)

Ticking??  (wish it were darker...hmmm)

Or Blue?  or another idea...maybe dark grey??

Please oh please, if you have a moment...what would you do??? I am sure you quilters have a wonderful idea...please share???

And on a fun note!!  I recently received some 1 and 1/8 tiny fabric squares.  (Thank you so much, Linda O!)  I am making a series of mug rugs with them, and this is my first one.  Hand quilting!!

Everyone, have a great day!!!


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Start-itis, part two!!

So I got the final border on the Railroad Through the Rockies can I get a whoop!!?   Yahoo!!
Buttermilk Basin has this cute snowman quilt along I prepped block number two today.  Fun!!!
Splendid Sampler had a new block come out today, so I worked on that one too...
And I received a unfinished I finished it, almost!  I decided to make it into a pillow, and it is very fun.  I believe that this is a Trish design, from Turning Twenty...probably an original.
And I made a cheery, cherry pie yesterday...simple and almost gone by now!!!

Hugs to all, and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ok, OK!! I have start-itis!!!

 I am working on the the pieced border of the "Railroad Through the Rockies" quilt.  I plan to applique something in the corners.
 One border left to go!!
 I am thinking of applique circles, standing for the water tower stops, on the railroad, like in the old railroading days!!
 I started the Splendid Sampler, by Pat Sloan and friends.  Here is my start.  Of course, I am making the blocks my way, LOL!!
AUDREY!!  I am starting a circle quilt!!  I cut out a whole ton of circles, and will choose one each day that best reflects my day and mood...


(but such fun!)

Have a great day, everyone!!


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Slow stitching!! (and some fast lane stitching too!)

 I have been working on hand quilting this little quilt.  These are all left over 1/2 square triangles, from other projects. Yep, I saved them...I save them all!  Wish I could have found a brighter pink for the border...NOT!!!  I am surprised at how the photo looks, LOL!
 I made a mistake and did not trim them down...big mistake.  The accuracy is lacking!  But and learn, and I won't do that again.  It is fun to work on the hand quilting!!
 I have completed the applique part of this free project, starting last fall.  This is from Lisa Bongean's blog, and other designers,  and I tried to stay caught up.  I still need to add a bit of embroidery to some of the blocks, and set them all together.  It will be fun Christmas quilt when completed!!
 Tada!!  I am done with the binding on Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt!! This was done by the Magic Binding method.  Fast!!!
 and complete!  That is a good thing...
And the label.  I am still working on hand appliqueing that down.  But almost there, and then to clip all the threads.  Yahoo!!!

I am linking to Kathy, and her Slow Stitching Sunday!!!

Have a great day!!


Monday, February 8, 2016


 Yahoo!  I have all the blocks put together for my Railroad Through the Rockies quilt top!!  I am working on a pieced border, that I just love.  All plaids and plaid scraps in this one!! (and muslin, also left over)
 Some of the blocks have pieced strings in them, bits and pieces of what I have. Sorry, I don't cut threads until the last thing (my mother would frown at me for that!)
 Another view...can't wait until the border is finished!!
 And my Clara Barton Red Cross quilt is morphing into a Civil War/Red Cross quilt.  I had very few grays, so I had to buy a few, and scrounge through everything I had to make do and have enough.  .
 Here is where I am so far!!!  I am loving the scrappiness, and the old time look of this quilt.  A far cry from my bright quilts of late!  I plan a Baptist fans big stitch hand quilting on this one.
All those plaids?  Had tiny slivers cut I made a pressed-sliver-and-quilted-across heart.  Can't throw anything away...and hey, it is February!  So a new heart is in order!!!

Hey, are you interested in baskets?  A few of us have been making baskets over the years, and yearn to finish our quilts!  If you are, maybe we can have a new thing for this year... BASKET BUDDIES!!!  I will give you a simple pattern and we can have fun with this in the coming year!! If you are interested, let me know...if there is enough we go!!!

Have a super day, all!!

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