Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Hello to everyone!!  Remember Bonnie Hunter's leader and ender quilt from last year?  The fishie blocks?  

Quiltville's Quips & Snips!!: July 2021 Leader & Ender Challenge: FISH SCHOOL!

Well, she has just recently announced her NEW one!  I better get cracking on finishing the old one!!  

I cut all the remaining required blocks today.  Hurrah!!  This will be fun sewing!!!  I used a paper plate and pinned the pieces for each block together.  I often run and sweep, sew a block, vacuum, sew a block, fold laundry, sew a get it!  I get a lot done if the pieces are all ready to sew.  Just kind of game I play to make it all fun.  

Is this not the cutest panel in all of the world?  I was recently gifted a box of NURSE fabrics, from a very kind blogger! I am so excited to make something of this!  The wheels are turned...squeak!  Thank you so much!

Quiltville's Quips & Snips!!: Leader & Ender Challenge 1! Triple Treat!

I could not resist making a sample block of the new leader and ender pattern.  I am going a different color way and making a quilt of valor.  This one goes to the quilt guild, and they take them to the place that distributes the quilts to veterans.

 I got most of it cut out.  Surprisingly, I did not have many dark blues.  But I scraped it out, LOL!!!

I looked in the blue bin, the reproduction bin, and the red, white and blue bin.  I had just enough variety!

Hope you are doing fantastic!



Robin said...

The fish blocks are great. You did a nice job. The new leader-ender is much more complicated. Glad you could find enough blues.

Annie said...

Now I really feel like a slug! Gladys would make the fish blocks faster than I have! They look great.

loulee said...

Your fish blocks look great and I love the nurse panel, very appropriate. LOL

cityquilter grace said...

that new QOV will be very pretty!

Julierose said...

Your fishies blocks are so cute!! Nice work on putting them all together!!
The new block is very pretty--I love anything with should be fun working on those hugs, Julierose

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I hadn't checked out the newest Leander-Ender challenge since I'm still back on the year before last's (or was it two?) Churn Dash. My blocks were really turning out cute and for some unknown reason I abandoned it and haven't looked back. Sigh. This Triple Treat challenge is great. Bravo to you for making it into a QOV! I love that nurse panel, just perfect for you! Hugs~

Anonymous said...

Love your patriotic leader/ender blocks. Your fish blocks are great too!

Janet O. said...

I really like the layout of your fish blocks!
That is a very fun panel of nurses.
Your idea to use the leader/ender to make a Quilt of Valor is perfect! Good choice!

Tired Teacher 2 said...

Great idea for a QOV!

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

OK! I have scraps and I love your fish quilt blocks. Especially the setting with the sashing to break them up! And I love the new one. So I just may get some scraps out and play! Mine won't be as colorful as yours, but I will try! LOL

Grams Jean said...

Great progress on all fronts! You may yet win this war with fabrics and tame them into quilts. (I just finished reading a book telling of the struggles of a family in Poland in WWII so it is coloring the way I write.)

Lori said...

So many fun projects you have going on! I like your triple treat block!