Friday, September 8, 2017

A lot more circles!

 Here is what I have been doing, behind the scenes.  This is the folk art circle quilt, with a lot more circles added!  This is pretty labor intensive...but I like it.
 Lots more work to be done!
This quilt has some rows actually sewn together!  Hopefully I can get the pieces going the right way, all the way through!


My  heart and prayers are with those in the mayhem of Harvey, and also impending monster storm coming to Florida.




Barb said...

I like it too! the circles are fun.

pforgerson said...

I love your circles, is this a pattern? if not it should be!

Binsa said...

Enjoyed seeing your projects Julie and my thoughts for all

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie wow i love your folk art quilt,love the pattern,well done xx

Janet O. said...

Such a delightful design! I can envision it with all of the leaves added--a refreshing garden of fun. :)
It is so hard to see all of the people being displaced and losing their homes in these huge storms.

Kyle said...

I love your folk art circle quilt!

gayle said...

I love that circle quilt!