Monday, August 15, 2022

Circle of friends request!!!! And lots of quilts

Good morning!  I found this piece of blue for the first outdoor border on my leader and ender quilt.  Hurrah!  Now to find something for an outside border and call it good!

I took this quilt out of the quilt closet and it really intrigues me.  Very folk art!!!  I think it must be hand quilted.  It is in the line-up for that!!

Wish I had these flowers growing in real life, in my garden!

Sending this one off to the quilter, so that will be fun to get it done.

My friend Mary in Idaho sent a whole bunch of pretty patient pillows!!  These need stuffing and sewing up, but they are so pretty, and so nice to support a nodding head in a chair, or an injured limb, or an IV site, or to brace a surgical incision.  Thank you so much, Mary, of behalf of our patients!!!

I will finish these today.  They are then sent through the "robot" at the hospital that sterilizes before giving them to the patients.  

Nancy in Wyoming sent me socks!!!  WOW!!!  I have very small feet, and it is tough to find socks, except in the kid's section.  Nancy made these for me...and I adore them. Thank you so much!!  I am working on my knitting, so I can knit socks someday.  

I am working on this project!!  Annie, my darling friend near Seattle, sent me some half square triangles.  I immediately was inspired and started working on this quilt, but ran out of the green...working with scraps presents challenges, right?  Annie sent me the rest of her fabric!!  WOW!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

So, Janet in Utah saw this, and she had a green fat quarter...just what I needed of the SAME FABRIC!  What are the odds!  And she sent it to me.  And I AM THE MOST SPOILED WOMAN IN AMERICA, NO DOUBT!



I received an urgent request, from a great friend, and famous quilter.

Please be on the lookout for a fat quarter package of Moda "Indian Summer" by Edyta Sitar.  

She really, really needs it.  Thank you so much!!  Can you check your stashes??




Janet O. said...

Congrats on the near completion of your leader/ender quilt.
Kudos to you for determining to hand quilt that cute flower quilt.
A nice batch of pillows, and really fun socks! You've had some great mail lately.
Actually, I think that green fat quarter came to me in a bundle from another (former) blogger. Just sharing the love. :) (And I think you deserve spoiling, for all you do for others.)
I do not have any Edyta Sitar FQ bundles. I"m guessing it is an older line, then, that isn't still available? Hope someone can help out your friend.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Blogging really does open us up to the widest circle of gracious and generous friends; yes, you've had some wonderful mail lately, but we're the lucky ones to know you!

RuthW in MD said...

Oh my, that folk art quilt looks beautiful!! Stunning! Lots of black in it, maybe the binding will be black also. So many strips of color and patterns too. Thank you!

Kyle said...

A wonderfeul show and tell this morning.

Lori said...

Quilt friends are the best!! YOu have so many amazing quilt projects going!!

casinofootball88 said...

A wonderfeul show and tell this morning.កីឡាបាល់ទាត់ អនឡាញ