Sunday, June 26, 2022

Patient Pillows, and a completed set of Snail Trail blocks (Storm at sea)

 I found the last Snail's Trail block, that was missing in action!!  It needed to be finished, so I finished and trimmed it today.  Hurrah!  All the blocks are completed!

I finished these patient pillows, but the credit goes to Mary G, from Idaho.  She made all these pillows, sent them flat, and I stuffed and finished them.  So, these are already going to the hospital for distribution, for any patient that needs a little color or support.  These are just perfect, and big thanks for Mary for all her work and fabric!

I am not sure of what this flower is, but it seems to like life here in the backyard!  

The tomatoes are still trying to put on little tomatoes.  It is 103 degrees right now...I have to water night and day to keep them going.  SO HOT!  How are the temperatures where you are?

 This is a pot that the neighbors sold in a yard sale.  It is huge, and I snapped it up, filled it with potting soil, and planted Zinnia seeds.  The seeds seem to approve and will be a riot of blooms in a couple of weeks.  

Hope you are staying cool...or warm...depending on where in the world you are!!!



ButterZ said...

Hi Julie. I couldn’t work out why you were calling the snails trail block storm at sea. So I went on Pinterest searching. It seems one little part of the storm at sea secondary block has been changed into snails trail. I do like how people have put there colours together. Can’t wait to see a photo of yours laid out.
No not hot here. 15deg celcius.

AnnieO said...

Snail's Trail looks great--that quilt is on my list for someday. Sweet little pillows. No idea of the flowers! It was lovely here today but supposed to get up to mid 80s for the next 3 days. I will be glad to be at work in the air-conditioning--all we have at home are fans. Have a great week.

Julierose said...

What a great finish on that Snail's Trail block--that pattern always seemed so complicated to me--lots of false paths too easily taken!!;000
Those are the cutest little pillows--what a nice idea to cheer up patients...

It is only 66 here this morning with rain filled clouds supposedly going to release that precious water over us!! So far just a few spritzes though.

I am on a few days' rest for my overworked hands until our new Fabric Journal prompts start up in July...Hope your weather cools off...hugs, Julierose

Tired Teacher 2 said...

I could have used one of those pillows to cushion the seatbelt strap after I had my pacemaker implanted. The patients will love them. It was pleasantly cool (mid to high 70s) over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

The mystery plant is probably purple lantana, especially since you said it is happily blooming even during the recent heatwave. It is closely related to verbena, and they are hard to tell apart in a picture, but verbena wimps out in 100 degree days. Like me!

Janet O. said...

Glad to see the missing block has been found!
That was so kind of Mary to make all those colorful pillows for patients. Someone brought a happy yellow one to my Mom when she was in skilled nursing care, and they had inserted lace along the seams. Very pretty.
With all you are doing, you also have time to garden?? Mine has sadly been neglected for a couple of years now. My perennials get an occasional drink and weeding, but I have not planted annuals since 2020, I believe.

Randy D. said...

I've never heard of patient pillows. What are they used for?
And what are the parameters? I'm sure I have some fabric and would love to whip up a few.
Glad you found the missing block. I hate when that happens!
Stay cool...good to water the plants.
I find it very therapeutic!
Take care,