Sunday, August 1, 2021

Hearts and hand-work!!

Happy Sunday!  I am off work today, and have really enjoyed the day.  I got all the laundry done, for one thing, and that always makes me smile.  

I had time to hand applique these hearts, and will link to Kathy, here:

Kathy's Quilts: Slow Sunday Stitching (

Speaking of hearts, I had a darling patient at the hospital.  I had no idea I was taking care of another quilter!  When I found out that she was a quilter, we had a lovely talk...actually we talked a lot!  I gave her a gift...and she gave me one too!  Above is her creation, finished in 2004.  It is just perfect!  A pink could she have known in 2004, that in 2021, she would have a perfect gift, just for me!  LOL!  I truly love it! Thank you, Nell!!!

I made these little purses out of pre-quilted fabric.  Wow!  What a time saver!!!  These will be given to anyone who wants them at work.  I am making nursing caps again, as we had to re-open the Covid ICU.  

***********************Nurse's Notes******************************

Covid is so prevalent again in my neck of the woods.  On Monday, we had 13 patients with covid.  On Saturday, we had 63.  Many on the ventilator...this strain makes people sicker, faster.  From 2 liters of 6 100% the ventilator, all in a day.  It is awful! So far, we have had 300 people die in our little hospital...and 3000+ hospitalized with the virus.  

Our hospital has now mandated vaccines for all staff.  This has created a huge controversy, among the anti-vax people versus the vaccinated people.  If you cannot show proof that you have been vaccinated, they say they will fire have until September!!!    We have several nurses on our floor that have refused vaccine...some are looking for a new job now.  It is so sad, to have this controversy coming between any of us.  I love each and every one of these nurses, and it is just so sad that there is anything like this happening.  





Sherrill said...

I know there are folks on both sides of the vaccine fence but I find it so hard to understand why someone in health care would refuse the vaccine. I would quit before I'd work that closely with sick patients and worry every day if I would get the covid. I participated in the Pfizer booster trial last week and know for certain I got the real deal (rather than the placebo) as I got sick for a couple of days with a 101+ fever. So hopefully I'm triple covered now!! LOL

Kim said...

The many sadnesses you must witness every day. You are wonderful caring for those who are not well. I was surprised to read your covid ward was closed for a while as I think we will battling with covid for a long time. How fabulous your and Nell's paths crossed. The heart quilt she gifted you is beautiful! Loving your fun hearts and those plaids. Such a cheery quilt this will be. Cute little purses. Wonderful you had your Sunday off to get your laundry done and enjoy a little hand stitching. Take care.

Sandy said...

Oh Julie, that just sucks (nurses notes). It’s hard to believe this is happening all over sweet you and your quilter patient swapped little gifts!

Karrin Hurd said...

Lovely gift you received, and cute bags. So sorry about the vaccination problem.

ButterZ said...

It’s a lovely story of friendship amongst all the bad..

Wendy Caton Reed said...

I can't imagine what you are going through. It must be hard to see your friends having to leave, but I can understand the hospital's position as well. I was so thankful to receive the vaccine back in February. Maine was doing very well in their vaccination rates, but we are now seeing a spike in cases because our tourist season is in full swing. I fear we are headed for another lock down. My heart goes out to you and your fellow nurses. Thanks for all your hard work!

AnnieO said...

Darling hearts and sweet quilted bag. I’m baffled by people that choose not to protect themselves and others from this awful virus. Numbers have gone up everywhere and it is scary. My sister and I have a trip to Florida in September and it’s one of the states with fewest vaccinated. I’ll take the booster as soon as I can. Stay safe!

Loris said...

Such a beautiful gift from your patient! I bet it blessed her being able to gift it to you. You are a dear one to your patients and families.
It's so distressing to hear of the return of such Covid and vaccine challenges. It is such a confusing and divisive time. One of my close friends is a nurse but on the anti-vax side of things. It's very hard for me to follow her logic or science but she talks stronger and faster than I do so I just listen and pray. Our pastor chose not to get vaccinated and his whole family was infected. He almost died in ICU a few times before finally overcoming the infection. He's doing better now but still impacted. That was distressing to think of losing him.
My world is still about cleaning out my sister's house and caring for her 3 cats. We finally were able to bring them home. They seem happy in their new digs but aren't eating great. Hopefully that will improve soon.
keeping you in my heart and prayer.

belarmina said...

Julie tus trabajos son tan bellos y especiales.
El covid esta golpeando duro a todo el mundo, en España y toda Europa esta muy activo especialmente entre los jovenes, en España los mayores de 80 años esta toda la población vacunada y los mayores de 60 años con al menos una dosis, también hay anti vacunas anti mascarilla pero no demasiados y no hacen mucho ruido.
Cuídate querida.

Tired Teacher 2 said...

It’s heartbreaking to deal with the vaccine controversy - my family includes both sides. Positive cases are increasing here daily and soon the university students will be back on campus. It’s going to be a long deadly winter. The patient’s gift to you is gorgeous and perfect for you, too.

---"Love" said...

That little pink heart quilt is a perfect gift for you as you serve your patients in the hospital. I hate to hear of the refusal of some of the nursing staff to obey the rules; I'm sure they are needed there, but maybe it is best they leave with that attitude! I'm praying that the Lord will give you and the ones who stay a special blessing this week! ---"Love"

Anonymous said...
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ishikavarma said...
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Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

How can they mandate an experimental vaccine? I have been advised by 3 doctors not to take it because of my immune system. I have never minded wearing a mask, I fact I wear one each winter during the Flu season as I cannot take that vaccine either. Now granted, if I still were working, after 8 hours, I do not think I could take the mask. But for protecting myself and others I will continue to wear the mask. BTW - we are not socializers and have no family so exposure is limited for us.

Time will tell if the vaccine is the miracle protection for all and how long it will protect individuals. I know that you see first hand what the patients are going through. I wish the data were more accurate. I would like to know if the people who are getting it have immune problems, if the vaccine itself is giving the Variant, etc.

Anyway, glad you are vaccine and will still be working as I am certain that you are the one in a million Nurses who really cares about a patient when they are sick. It involves the mind, body, and soul when fighting a sickness - no matter what it is.

Thank you Julie for what you do for the sick!

Lynn Dykstra said...

When we enter the health care professions we take on risk. Risk of exposure and risk of minimizing transmission to others.
The vaccine is part of that risk. We need to minimize transmission to those in our care.
We nurses are already required to be vaccinated for many other diseases, so I see this refusal as being politically motivated.
It is frustrating that, while we do need to listen to all sides, people do not realize we don't need to give equal weight to the information. There is disinformation that just wants to foment the discord.
In a non-pandemic world we would wait for more trials. Pandemic changes the rules. We hav to get in front of it.
Thank you for all you do in caring for your patients and your team!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

God's timing is always perfect; your gift from Nell is precious. Take good care of yourself. Hugs~

QuiltGranma said...

I too was anti vax, but to see my siblings this summer, a usual behavior when the one back east flies west to visit for 2 weeks, they all insisted that anyone wanting to visit with them also must be shot. I finally got the one shot and I'm done. Against my better judgement. But now I can see them all.

Mego said...

My heart goes out to all of you in the nursing community. Truly. I have several members of my family that are nurses and the stories they have told us are truly heartbreaking. My only comment is that this vaccine is NOT 'experimental'. That is one of the myths. It has been in development for over 10 years which is why when COVID-19 reared it's ugly head it was so fast to market. It hasn't been APPROVED do to bureaucracy. The disease is changing, the science is changing and the possibility exists that we will have to have a booster. Thank you to everyone for all you do!

Jan said...

So sorry you have to be involved in all the controversy. I pray that the outcome will be better than we think.

Love the pink heart and the little bags!

Quilter Kathy said...

Your applique hearts are lovely... enjoy the relaxing stitching!
I'm so sorry to hear about the rising cases once again.
Vaccines have not been mandated here yet in health care.
I'm so sad that covid is still alive and going strong after all this time of trying to get rid of it. A 4th wave is predicted here in the fall.

Lori said...

Such sweet applique!
Central Oregon has gone off the charts as far as covid, even with a fairly high vaccination rate. The hospital has called in the national Guard to help cover. There is a huge nursing shortage and I'm certain that will not get better with the vaccine ultimatum. Sorry that is making your job a bit more stressful. Personally I wouldn't care if my nurse had the vaccine or not- not that I plan on being hospitalized! lol

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