Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Calling all Log Cabin Loonies!!

 It is Tuesday!!  So that means...it is time for those little Log Cabin blocks!!

Are you a super fun quilter?  OF COURSE YOU ARE!!  Are you ready to start making tiny log cabin blocks?  As I am, maybe you are...maybe we are LOG CABIN LUNATICS!!!  A wonderful, fun group of us played here with log cabin blocks before on this blog...so the LOONIES ride again!!   WHOOP!!

As I blogged about last week, these tiny blocks are 4 inches finished.  They are so much fun to make!!  I think contrast is a big factor, so see that tannish print on the dark side of the block?  It would have looked better if it were a more saturated color.  Just keep that in mind as you are selecting fabrics and cutting logs; it really helps!

I have been cutting one inch strips for a long time, in an attempt to clean up after scrappy projects, and to make something useful from my strings.  I grabbed a random handful, and cut out one block.  This week, I cut a whole bunch more, using pieces in that string basket.  So I have lots of random one inch wide strips.

MAKE A TEST BLOCK...JUST ONE!!!  Make sure your cutting is accurate and my measurements are right and your seam allowance is good, etc.  TRUST ME on this...make a test block. Make it with fun fabrics and good contrasts.   The block  should measure 4.5 inch unfinished and 4 inch finished.  I laid out logs for one block on my cutting board, just for grins.

Red is the center----1.5 inches square (or whatever color you choose, or could be a random color)

Log measurements are as follows:

….light 1 inch x 1.5 inch
….light 1 inch x 2 inch

…..dark 1 inch x 2 inch
….dark 1 inch x 2.5 inch

….light 1 inch x 2.5 inch
….light 1 inch x 3 inch

….dark 1 inch x 3 inch
….dark 1 inch x 3.5 inch

….light 1 inch x 3.5 inch
….light 1 inch x 4 inch

…..dark 1 inch x 4 inch
….dark 1 inch x 4.5 inch

Start piecing this square with one red square and your first light strip, then add strips in a counter clockwise manner around the block, until you have used all your test block strips...All strips are pressed away from the center, to the outside of the block, not necessarily to the dark side. Just press outward, and your blocks will lie nice and flat.  I just finger press, until I am done piecing the blocks, then I press them nicely flat.

Measure your block...it should be 4.5 inches square.   I guess if all your blocks are the same size, it would work out just fine, but if you are accurate with your 1/4 inch seam allowance, it will be 4.5 inches square.  

 So last week, we wrapped our minds around the actually cutting and construction of these little babies...so here are my centers.  Yes, I use my casserole dishes as a pieces and parts receptacle, LOL!!  I use what is at hand, and that casserole dish was just right there! ...Believe it or not, there are 400 little 1 1/2 inch squares in here!!  Red...for the fireplace, the "heart" of the log cabin.  Took me about 10 minutes to cut them from strips...easy peasy.

How I cut the logs:  I stack the pressed strips together, and cut the largest pieces out first, to make the best use of my fabrics.  About 5 strips per stack to cut...too many more and accuracy suffers a bit, for me.

But of course, to sew, I start sewing with the littlest pieces first!  So cut the biggest first, and sew the littlest first, LOL!!

I do not sew a block at a time, but rather, chain piece all the first log to all the centers, finger press, then add the next to every center, finger press, and so on!!  This makes the best use of my time to chain piece.    Of course you can hop up and press each time...but I just have to use every moment I have, so finger pressing is fine with me on these tiny pieces.
So there you go!!!

This size block is just one example of what you can make...so if you have bigger strips, you can make your own pattern and have bigger blocks!!!

Won't you join us?  Bust that stash of strings!!!  Make a log cabin quilt!  Maybe you just want 12 blocks, or 20, or 80, or (gulp) 500!!!  or a zillion!

Ready?  Set?  Go!!!

I have several stacks of fabrics to give away for prizes for our linky parties, which will be on Tuesdays, unless they call me into work or something crazy happens.  Next week, be sure and come back and share your plans and progress, no matter what size blocks you make!!

Hugs to all!



Lori said...

I'm having a difficult time finding sewing time at this point, but I'm excited to see all the participants log cabin blocks!!

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AnnieO said...

Great little block! I have a lot of precut 1.5” strips so would start with those.

gayle said...

Oh, yes! I was a Log Cabin Loony, and we definitely need to ride again! (Now where did I put that bin of log cabins I was working on...)

Teresa said...

Sounds like so much fun and I do love log cabin blocks. I am so snowed under right now with two EPP / Applique projects, one hand quilting project, one machine quilting project and one row x row, Or I would jump on this. Maybe next time I can participate. I will enjoy watching the fun!

Quilting Babcia said...

I'd love to join in at some point because I love log cabin blocks and have tons of scraps. But til the first of September I'm snowed under with quilts to finish for the benefit auction on 9/1. Maybe I can catch up later.

Tired Teacher said...

My machine and fabric are in boxes, so these cuties will have to wait until I've moved and have things organized.

Caryl @ cinnamon holiday workshop said...

Oh Log Cabin Loonies again...........I was in the last group and for sure I am here again to make tiny blocks. Actually that is what I was making back then....but a little different. I will start some new ones in lights and darks. I can't resist Julie!!!

Susan said...

I like this idea. This might be a good "leader and ender" for me. Thanks for sharing.

Janet O. said...

Like Lori, I am struggling to find time to sew lately, and I am under the gun time wise on a couple of projects, so I will just have to enjoy this from afar. :)
But I do love these tiny log cabins!

Kathleen said...

fun, fun... i'll be back next week with one block - or one hundred !!! who knows?

Teresa B said...

Oh my! Is it bad to want to be considered a Log Cabin Loonie? I sure hope not. I have around 500 red centers cut and sewed the first log on 48 of them last night. Tonight I hope to get more logs cut. I can't wait to see what everyone does.

Barb said...

Did you say four inch finished blocks...wow..... Love the end results.

Quilter Kathy said...

I just got started... SOOOOO FUN!
I think I'll make it a rainbow scrap challenge project, so I started with orange scraps.
Will link up on Tuesday!

Julierose said...

I am going to cut my centers this afternoon--I am looney over log cabins for sure. but i am a very S L O W sewer--so it may take me quite a while...hugs, Julierose

QuiltGranma said...

Looking on the side of your blog I do not fine a place to sign up for getting this in my email in box. How do you get followers?


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