Monday, April 23, 2018

Something to mark off my list!!

 OK, so STRINGS RULE!!!  I am calling this quilt top done!!  It really is not quite done, but I like it, and, well, YAHOO!  I made the border out of strings, and most everyone knows I love those.  This is a Cheri Payne quilt along from a while back.   The border is four inches wide, finished.
Speaking of strings, I made these little mug rugs today...just need bindings and some hand stitching to make them come alive, a little bit.
 This was my mom's little has tiny applique, and she loved it.  It is pretty old...does anyone know anything about these little creations?  I have seen some in antique shops, now.  Vintage, more like it?
Just a few blocks, sewn together...loving this!!

I hope each of you is having a great day!



Quilting Babcia said...

Well, those little mug rugs are just as cute as they can be! Yes, strings rule, I especially love them in borders as you've done with your little autumn top. I've seen tea towels similar to yours at estate sales, my guess would be mid-century-ish, but I'm no expert. They are sweet little treasures, and there are several quilters that I know of who turn this type of vintage linens into quilts using lots of FMQ.

Ruth said...

I have two of those "vintage towels." We bought them in Italy, from a couple that my husband knew when he was serving a Mormon church mission there. They made them themselves, all hand appliqued on fine linen, and look lovely in the kitchen. Not terribly expensive (we could afford them!), but they look great when they are all starched up.

Tired Teacher said...

The string border looks fabulous on your quilt, and the mug rugs are adorable.

Anonymous said...

I received a similar tea towel and a small apron as a shower gift back in 1979...,I believe min were made in China.
I've often thought of using the applique in some other project but have never come up with an interesting idea.

Joanne in Massachusetts

Holly said...

Your little towel is like a tablecloth and napkin set my grandma had but never used. She travelled everywhere so my bet is she brought it home. I love your quilt at top of post.

Anonymous said...

When visiting NYC those linens would be in so many shop windows. (1970). Some were made in Italy some China. Always too pretty yo use. Would put them over colored fingertip towels in the bathroom for "pretty". Dotti

Unknown said...

The little vintage pieces look fabulous quilted as a wall hanging. Check out Cindi Needham for some great ideas and techniques.

Mama Joan said...

The string border is the PERFECT accent for that top! I mean perfect in every way...colors, width, style. You nailed it!

Sherrill said...

This little Halloween piece turned out so cute! Now you're ready for Oct.! But PLEASE, let it come very slowly!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Yay!!! and it looks so great - the mug rugs are great too!

Cathy said...

It looks finished to me too. I'm slowly working on the Sew Spooky quilt. One day I will finish. Hugs

Janet O. said...

Very fun finish on your "Happy" Halloween quilt. :)
Those mug rugs are just adorable, Julie. They are so "you" and that makes them extra special.
I know absolutely nothing about the little towel, but it sure is pretty.

AnnieO said...

You do magic with your strings! I can’t bring myself to save one more category of scraps :)
Cute mug rugs and love the towel. I have a lot of my MIL’s linens, so pretty.

Kyle said...

Love your Halloween quilt. You'll be ready when October rolls around. You are so good making all those strings work so well together.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I have a couple of those little towels, but, never used them (too pretty). I've had mine for decades. Cute Halloween top. I like your mug rugs. You can never have too many mug rugs.

Karen said...

The string border works so very well. You had a nice variety of pieces to do it with. Were they different widths or the same?

cocoya said...

Your little towel is like a tablecloth and napkin set my grandma had but never used. She travelled everywhere so my bet is she brought it home. I love your quilt at top of post.

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mckie2 said...

I received a tablecloth and napkin set in the '70s like your hand towel. It was made in China. The applique was very fine and delicate.

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