Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I got to go to Houston!!

 HI Everyone!!  Hope this post finds all you well and having a great and productive day!!  Above is a Moth in the Window block.  At least that is what I am calling it...do you know another name?  I love my plaids, as you know, so I cut out a whole bunch of these blocks.  Only got one made though!!
 I got to go to the Houston quilt show!!  Amy Simms and her group were selling little quilts for Alzheimer's, as they have done the last several years.  The above little one just spoke to me!!  It was made by a quilter in Hawaii, and I love it!!  The day we were there, shortly after we bought our little quilts, the total added up to one MILLION DOLLARS that this fine group has collected for research for this terrible disease.  So that made me very happy that I helped, LOL!!
 But the biggest thing!!!  See this heart above?  And I love hearts, by the way...(I need to do a post on all my heart quilts that I have made!)  Anyway, this heart is very, very special.  It is made all of buttons, and came all the way from Australia, beautiful wrapped with an angel pin among the ribbons.  It was hand carried to me by my friend Lyn!!  Lyn and I have been corresponding for six years, and I at last got to meet her in person!!  She and her husband had the opportunity to take a trip to the USA, and came to Houston, to the quilt show as one of their stops.  We got to meet her and saw the show together, and had just a wonderful time!!  Thank you, Lyn...we had such a fun time with you both!!  Lyn bought the cutest ladybug quilt for Alzheimer's too.
Angels....I have just been hankering to make an angel quilt!!  So I am experimenting.  Above is a rough draft version.

May I ask you a question?  What is an angel to you?  Would you please tell me your understanding of what an angel is??  I have heard many different things, and I feel like I need to sort it out in my mind...please share!!

********************Nurse's Notes*************************

We had the most delightful lady in our hospital...she was 92 years young, and she had a twin that came to see her!!  I just loved them both...full of vinegar, they were just so young and trotted around the hospital floor like people 50 years younger...both of them looked like they had just come from the beauty shop, gorgeous white hair waving!!!  I sure hope I can be so happy and cheerful and energetic at age 92!!

A funny sight...I drove up to the hospital on Monday, and there was a nurse pushing a gurney full of clocks!!!  He drove it out on the lawn and left it there?  I was dumbfounded...then he explained that the clocks all had to be reset due to Daylight savings time changes, and that the clocks were atomic clocks, and would not reset in the basement where he worked!  OOOOooooooohhhhhh...now I get it!!


Have a great day, all!!!



Janet O. said...

That is so fun that you got to go to Houston. My Mom had a quilt in the show once, but we didn't get to go see it. I love the little quilt you bought. And that is so exciting that you got to meet a blog friend from afar!
My understanding of angels is that they are messengers from God. They may be either someone who has died and is in heaven, or someone who has yet to be born on the earth. Sometimes they are seen, and sometimes unseen.
I hope I can be like those ladies you describe. Since my 85 year old MIL is currently in rehab for a broken leg, I am seeing that not everyone responds that way. : )

Nancy said...

Several years ago, I went to the Houston show with my sister. Talk about quilt overload! What a great experience. I'm glad you were able to share the show with a friend, especially one who came such a great distance.

To me, angels are servants of God. In the Bible, angels are identified as God's messengers and defenders. I do not believe that our deceased loved ones become angels; although, I know a lot of people who believe that.

Mary said...

Someday I will go to the Houston Quilt show. It's a dream of mine!

Angels! Messengers of God, spiritual guides, protectors, and defenders. I had 2 experiences with angels, both with patients leaving this world.

Minnie was a 90ish lady that I did hospice care for. She was always arguing with a "blonde headed fellow". Said he wanted her to go with him, but even though he was nice enough, she couldn't go. She had to watch the Price is Right with Bob Barker, don't you know!

The other patient was a gentleman that had been battling cancer for some time. He told the respiratory therapist that there was an Angel at the window. (He was suppose to go home the next day, and was getting better.) Suddenly his eyes rolled back and he was gone. We never could get him back.

Do you think sometimes angels come in human form? Have you meet people that have that certain light in their eyes and they touch your life in a certain special way which can only be angelic?

Patty H. said...

How fun to go to a quilt sow and to meet a friend in person! I like your angel quilt!
I agree with the others that angels are messengers from God. The stories in the comments are so interesting!

Donna M said...

Wow! I know you had a great time in Houston. Those gifts are lovely. I especially enjoyed your Nurse's Notes, too. Even read them aloud to my hubby.

Dasha said...

Hello Julie,
Angels to me are real live people. According to the Bible, they are God's messengers. So to me the people who are ones with heart and soul are messengers of God, passing His love, His message and His caring amongst his flock through these loving caring people.
Not having met them, the twins sound like they might just fit the bill!

Helen in the UK said...

How wonderful to get to visit the quilt show in Houston - bet it blew your mind!!
Love your 'draft' angel :)

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! At moment unsure what I think of an angel...they are messengers from heaven above but I feel I can sure use one these days.

Lori said...

Loved the story of the clocks!! Good way to wake up this morning. I hope I'm like them when I am 92 as well.

How fun to be able to meet up with a long time online friend!

I believe angels are God's helpers and they were created by Him. I do not believe we turn into angels when we die. But I do believe somehow or another they escort our souls to heaven.

I cannot comment from Bloglovin on your blog! It is so annoying!

Sewing Sue said...

According to the Bible, angels are definitely created beings, separate from humans. Humans don't become angels, although we often attribute what we think of as angelic characteristics to people who are good and kind. In many religions, angels are warriors, protectors of creation (including humans!). Picture the archangel Michael with his sword, or Gabriel delivering messages. They're fierce and will fight demons to save good people! In fine art like paintings artists have painted sweet cherubs or 'putto' in Italian, babies or innocent souls, toddlers, etc. Every religion or culture has a different view of angels. I like your interpretation!

Jill said...

After giving your question much thought and doing a little digging into the question, here is what I offer....
An angel is a pure spirit created by God. God's messengers, working for Him and for the ultimate benefit of mankind. Everyone has a guardian angel, based on references to them throughout the Bible. The role of the guardian angel is both to guide us to good thoughts, works and words, and to preserve us from evil.
Angels are not deceased human beings. An angel is created as an angel. Angels live in Heaven with God but can also be present to us when God commands.

Quilter Kathy said...

So fun that you got to go to Houston!
I was just looking at a site of the award winning quilts... wowzer!

Sue SA said...

An angel is a helping hand and a guiding light.
Love Lyn's gifted button heart, would love to know how she made it/pattern if possible, I am a bit of a button hoarder!
One day too I hope to get to Houston...its a long way from Australia!

Binsa said...

Hello Julie, we had such a special time together which will stay with me forever.Thank you.I think an Angel comes in many guises. I believe yourself and your fellow colleagues are angels for the special work you do with your patients.Hugs Lyn

KaHolly said...

I am envious that you got to meet Lyn and her husband.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Angels are God's helpers and messengers.

Barb said...

I think angels are God's manifestations in people or occurrences and they are fleeting in and out of your life when you need them.

Glad you got to go to Houston.

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