Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Angels among us!

 The angel idea is taking shape for me.  I put tiny churn dash blocks around her.  She is a January Angel!!  Blanket stitching last night during TV time was fun, as blanket stitching is the method of my applique.  Not sure about her expression yet, still considering!
 A few years ago, Lisa Bongean of Primitive gatherings did a block of the week in summer, and I participated and finished the project.  I love those patterns!  I have been eager to do some applique, so I am going to make the blocks bigger, increasing the size from 3 inches to six inches.  Here is my first block.
 And here is my second block!  These will alternate with nine patches, all made and just waiting to be put in a quilt!
And Leanne!!  What a great idea you had, to make a purse out of the little top from last post...that is just what I did!  It is really more a tote bag size, and I love it!  Thank you for the great idea!!

***************************Health notes********************************

I think as Americans, we are mostly addicted to sugar.  I know I love it, LOL!  With high fructose corn syrup used in so many products we buy at the grocery store, we all got hooked on it as kids, I think...but to me?  It is like a poison!  I feel so tired and bad after consuming sugar...just yucky.  The damage to the pancreas and to the internal linings of arteries is evident, as well as many other body parts and pieces!  So....here I go again...off the sugar!!  I feel so very much better without it.

I have been walking/running in preparation for a half marathon.  Since my back surgery, the doctor said, "NO MORE RUNNING!", so I have been taking it very easy, but there is something so fun about getting out in the fresh, crisp air and putting some miles on my shoes!  That makes me feel great!  so the healthy answer for me is less carbs/sugars and more exercise!!...........and more quilting!!!

Have a great day, everyone!!



Loris said...

The angel block is looking gorgeous with those churn dash additions. I'm fond of blanket stitch too. Machine or hand...love them both.
The bag idea is definitely hot! Useful and patchwork comfort at the same time.
I am also going off sugar...again...it heads me off down the wrong road every time. I feel so much better even after a long busy shift when I haven't indulged. Here's to both of us finding healthy habits!


Loving the angel block - really effective with the Churn Dashes round the sides. Absolutely love your big quilt at the top - how fantastic to be able to make such a thing! xCathy

Nancy said...

Love the January angel block. Can I assume, you will be making an angel for each month?

Clever idea to make a bag from the mini. It looks great.

Quilter Kathy said...

Definitely MORE quilting! Love the angel and churns :)

regan said...

LOVE the angel block! And those flower appliques are sweet! And I read this post just moments after stating to my hubby, "I just ate WAY too much fudge!" Thanks for the push.....I just told him to take it all to work! LOL

KaHolly said...

Your angel block is adorable, Julie!! The blanket stitch is my mode of applique, too, and I love to do it, as well. Sweet flower blocks.

Karen said...

The angel block is well complemented by the churn dash blocks. Are you doing an angel for each month of the year?

Leeanne said...

Ok I could just copy & paste my comments each time for you."love the blocks"
Hey cool bag!! You got that together so quick!

Lori said...

The invention of corn syrup was the demise of the US health. We'd all do ourselves a favor to get rid of it in our diet. Good for you!

Love your blocks. The angel block is darling.

Janet O. said...

I love the churn dash blocks with the angel. So sweet!
Lisa's Summer BOW programs are always something I wish I had done, I just can't ever afford them at the time. These are very fresh, fun flowers.

I have avoided HFCS for a few years. And right now I am on the last 2 days of a 30 day whole food vegan experience, so sugar has been out of bounds. Without any change in my routine, I've lost 5 lbs. and I have had plenty to eat. Never felt hungry. And I tell you, for this girl to give up butter--that's BIG!!

Libby said...

We did a total turn around in the way we eat over the last year. HFCS was one if the first things to go (along with lowered sodium and fat) Weight loss has been accomplished without any feeling of being deprived. I love our whole, clean food diet and best of all the way I feel now.

Leanne said...

I gave up sugar 5 months ago had have lost 15 kilos and feel much better for it.

Pat said...

LOVE that tote!!! (And have to admit I am reading your advice about giving up sugar and am reaching for a pumpkin donut.......c'mon...they are only available for such a short time each year!!!)