Sunday, March 3, 2024

Miniature piecing!

Hello!!  Happy Sunday to you, or maybe Happy Monday, depending on where in the world you are.  Above is a block of the month, gifted to me by my lovely friend Annie.  The large blocks are 6 inches finished, and the small ones are 3 inches finished. The directions!!!  Complex!!!  Lots of pages, so I waded through them to sort out the nitty-gritty of how to piece them.  Just great fun, and thank you, Annie!!

A few little springtime sprigs are coming up the big planter box!!  Radishes, carrots and I think kohlrabi.  It is springtime, over 80 degrees here, alternating with 40 degrees on some days.  

I found Rosie's quilt, my poodle girl.  I washed it, and just was thinking...hey!!!  It would be fun to make a big scrappy quilt from this pattern!

I am using plaids, my very favorite thing ever, to make this quilt.  I have made this one a couple of times before, and still just love sewing on it.  All joy!!

I spied this little pansy in the grass.  Now I have never had yellow ones, so this was a gift of seed from the birds.  It is so much fun, and so cheerful!!

************************Nurse's notes********************************

I worked the intensive care unit yesterday and had a fresh heart, and a fem-pop bypass patient.  It was great fun to be back in the ICU environment!!!  My bestie at work was there too, and that made it all the more fun.  I kept on going to her hall and helping her, and then she would come and help me.  We loved our day!!  She is just on the verge of retirement, having just endured her third major back surgery from lifting patients.  

We are decades older than our co-workers, and as they gossiped and cut up at the nursing station, we!  Were we ever that young???

They came to us for IVs, NG tube placements, art line trouble shooting, and one rapid response code, though.  That felt good!!!  Experience is good for something!

Have a super day!




Elaine Adair said...

Oh my - garden talk already? Yeaaa - it's spring somewhere! Always nice to see new growth.

Angie said...

You and your friend will be huge losses to the patients that are coming in time after you retire. I know that you aren't ready for that yet, but it will be a loss when the time comes. YOu are such a loving caring nurse. (and a wonderful friend!)

Loris said...

Such fun workings in your quilting. I still love plaid in every quilt!
How fun to see your raised bed already at work. We are still a bit cool here but I have some brocolli growing outside and few more fun things inside my greenhouse. It's my first spring with it and I am really excited to see new cucumbers, a snap pea starting and some tomato starts. I'm planting some flower seeds this week :-) Hugs!

Julierose said...

Just lovely quilts and blocks--those tiny ones are amazing!! Nice work...;)))

A Pansy already??? [envy envy!!] none here yet...It is 47 and gray again--with a once in a while weak sun peeking through..

.My tulip bulbs just went to mush overnight!!!! ;000 I won't try that again (growing them as instructed, just in water).

But my Picotee amaryllis is a flowering amazement --every day a new one opens...
Hugs, Julierose

Nann said...

The 6" blocks seem so huge compared to the minis! Though it's been warmer than normal here it's too early for vegetables, and for pansies. Oh, yes -- we can still set an example for whippersnappers who've taken over our professions.

Robin said...

I really like your plaid stars and pinwheels. It's such an pleasant looking pattern
- you know what I mean, it looks like a quilt should. Lovely yellow pansy.

Janet O. said...

Oh, it looks like you are doing the Piecemaker's Sampler! Great job!
I signed on to get the kits, but not being nearly as productive as you are, I have done nothing so far. :) I think the pages and pages of directions left my mind boggled!
You may be decades older then your coworkers, but you are probably eons ahead of them in compassion.

Chookyblue...... said...

The mini blocks look great...... So pleased you enjoyed your heart day......

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