Saturday, May 8, 2021

Hand work

Good evening, everyone!  I got to come home early from work today...whoop!!!  So I finished up these tiny key ring pouches.  I am making little things to sell and raise money for American Heart Association, for their campaign this fall.  

Here is the free pattern:

Teeny Tiny Mini Zipper Pouch Keyring - So Sew Easy (

I appliqued more hearts, for my plaid string quilt!

I am sorry about this very poorly lit picture.  These are my blocks for Jenni Gaston's quilt along.  There are only 9 blocks in the quilt, so I am gaining on that.
I am making progress on this quilt; hand quilting it.  
I have eleven blocks to finish quilting.  I pinned and basted well, then quilted through all the sashing and the border, then bound it, and now I am quilting the blocks.  All backwards, but it is working very well!

 And oh wow.  I went by an estate sale, and  going in was my first mistake.  I found a ton, metric ton, of quilts!  I guess the lady was a quilt collector!  She had quilts from 1860 to modern day.  This humble quilt appealed to me, however.  So it came home to live.  It needs a bit of repair...and there seems to be an older quilt used for batting.

Hope you have a great day!



Chookyblue...... said...

always lots of bits going on here.......
nice to keep a quilt going.........could easily end up thrown out in the wrong hands..........

Binsa said...

Enjoyed seeing what you are upto Julie hugs

QuiltGranma said...

It is NEVER a mistake to go to a yard sale! Always wonderful when you find an old quilt to cherish as well.

Kyle said...

You've had a great sewing and quilt finding week. Are you going to peek inside the quilt to see what quilt might be lingering there?