Friday, January 22, 2021

Friday frolics, with the Log Cabin Loonies!!

How are you doing today?  I hope your day is wonderful and fulfilling, whether at work or at play or at home!  Here we go, Loonies, in the best and most respectful way...Hahaha!!!  Quilting should be fun, right???  OK, so we added a round last week, to however many blocks you are making.  So we are adding another round this week!  4 1/2 inch long strips x 1 1/2 inch wide.  Add the light strips first, then then red squares on the colored strips, and then colored strips with red squares, to finish your round!  Should be 6 1/2 inches square now.  Tada!  Fast, done, and on we go!! I am making my  lights very light, for my example block,  so you can see the contrast, but of course you use whatever you have and like!  
I feel like I had a major breakthrough with the mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter!  Here is the block I am making.  Lots of struggle with colors and what to do...I made a few little changes, but here I am.  
Full steam ahead, now!  Pretty piles of Pieces, don't you think??  
Now I am making tracks, and finishing blocks!!


Don't you think the trimmings are pretty?  

*****************Health ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.  Contract those abs, right in the be, first thing!!
2.  Drink your water, starting first thing!
3.  Take your vitamins!  (with food is better)

How about a walk?  How many of you walk, every day or most days?  It is very easy, requires little equipment, and can be done inside or outside.  Let's add a walk!!  Gradually add to your distance if you have not been doing this...but consistency is the key.  Try to walk every day, even if it is a block!!!


I am working on clothing this week, my coat closet in particular.  Goodness sakes, I have had coats for years in there that I have not worn.  Time to get the good ones to someone who needs them!!!

This year so far:

1.  Pantry
2.  Linens
3. Coats

Have a great day!



Shah Sazib said...

Wonderful Quilting! I love this design! Anyway, another fabric collections if would need.

Susan said...

Both your blocks are beautiful. I like a lot of contrast, personally. It it is too blendy, it looks mushy, and if I can't see the pattern, why am I spending all that time making it? The only exception might be for an appliqué background. That's me, not other people, just me. =) I'm really impressed with your going through various places in your house and clearing out!

When you have the ends of embroidery threads and put them in jars, it's called orts. I don't know if fabric snips are the same or not, but yes, they do look pretty! Water and vitamins I got down pat now. It has to warm up another 10 degrees and I have to drive to a flat area to walk - can't do the hills where I live because of joints, but a flat spot - woohoo! When it's warmer. =)

Julierose said...

I am doing the light rounds and have cut the 4.5" ones ready to sewing today as my arm is "shot-sore" and a few body aches...but not bad--so happy to have gotten my first shot...
hugs, Julierose

Quiltdivajulie said...

Will work on round two after the first of the month. Thanks for sharing the how-to information.

Flickenstichlerin said...

Lots of pretty finished blocks, what a big stash.

Janet O. said...

Your mystery blocks look really bright and fun. Whatever you did to change them, the results are great!
I'm trying to remember to contract my abs, but it isn't something I remember consistently. I love to walk, but we have no sidewalks here, and when the snow takes over the edges of the road, there isn't a safe place to walk. So though I love my evening walks on our country roads, right now I am pacing around my house. :)

---"Love" said...

You are SO organized! No wonder you get so much done. Your blocks are looking great! I can't even walk across my room, much less go for a walk, but I surely do wish I could! ---"Love"

QuiltGranma said...

since we now live in a 5th wheel travel trailer, I do not keep things like unused clothing here very long... no room! So that job is done.

Susie H said...

Very pretty Grassy Creek blocks. I walk every morning. My dog loves it and has "programmed" herself to do her business in the morning. We walk a little over 2 miles every day and, since we live close to bike trails, we can change up our walk. Gracie in particular likes the colder weather as she has retriever and husky in her. I love to watch the changing seasons and look for birds & other wildlife. I truly believe that our walks keep both of us healthy and therefore happy. No guilt then for sewing for an hour or two later in the day! Lol!

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