Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fun stuff! Calling all you primitive and woolly people!

It is all Lisa's fault! I don't know her...she doesn't know me...but she got me hooked into another quilt!! Primitive Gatherings is having a summer block of the week. The applique is wool, and the nine-patches are reproduction leftovers from their shop. Perfect! I love the scraps!! The wool is great fun to work with, a blast in fact. I just have a barely start...and am having just so much fun! This is a play off an old quilt made by Florence I have admired forever. I love those old masterpieces!
I recently had a 5 inch fabric swap with my work quilter friends...We were all supposed to cut a few five inch squares to swap, so I made three equal stacks..and came home with....

A MOUNTAIN! of all sorts of five inch squares!! One girl was cutting up lots of her stash, just to stash bust...She had tons of fabrics cut up. Cool, huh??

*******************Nurse's Notes**************************

Hey, I have recently had a online friend question whether I should talk on line about my patients, and I really appreciate her concern and candor. I never, ever mention a name, except with written permission, (once) and always change facts and identifying info. I talked to an attorney about this...I wanted to make sure I was OK mentioning my work...and have gotten the green light. Keep in mind, this is my life, but I will not disclose identifying information, and some facts will be changed so the people cannot ever be identified, to protect them, and me too.

That being said...

I had the sweetest little boy today as a patient. He was 40 years old...and a boy of about 5. Just darling, sweet, and very, very sick. Cerebral palsy is a cruel disease...devastating in mind and body too. Despite overwhelming challenges, he was such a doll...and I would love your prayers for him! You know, staying a child is not all bad...his family loves him dearly, and he has faith and good humor and grace to shame us all!!!


Thank you so much to everyone who said such kind words to us about the death of our sweet means more than I can express. Thank you!!

Have a wonderful day!!



Amelia said...

You came home with lots of 5 inch squares.

So glad to hear you can talk about your patients (at least to some degree)...caring for them is part of who you I said if I ever needed a nurse I would want you or some one like you.

Have a great weekend...we will be busy with a pot luck at church on Friday night... Saturday going to an outdoor wedding (complete with lunch) at 11:00...then a hot dog cookout for grandson's birthday tomorrrow of we will be pooped by the time Monday rolls around.

A Garden of Threads said...

Any ideas for all those 5" squares? Lucky you. Have a wonderful weekend and take care. Jen

Karen said...

I am lovin' that wool primitive. It's a good thing I don't have any wool or I'd be tempted to start another project, which I so don't need right now. LOL Can't wait to see more.

AnnieO said...

Love the 9 patches and wool applique--sometimes new quilts just jump up and attack, don't they?

You definitely came away with a lot of charms, what fun.

Glad to hear you are careful about your work stories. I like reading them but know how much trouble the HIPAA law can cause, working for a hospital myself. Every patient's record we view on the computer is tracked!

ria vogelzang said...

You are such a darling to tell us about your patients! I love to hear about them and help praying for their needs!! Thanks, Julie!
And your little nine-patches are so lovely! I also started them a few weeks ago and couldn't decide on the lay-out! This is just gorgeous!!!!!
So thanks for you help.... ;))
I'm going to do it this way: with applique!!!!
Have a great day!

Kaaren said...

You had me at "wooly and prim" lovers, Julie. Must check out Lisa's blog.

I found it really difficult reading about Rusty and know exactly how you feel. Our little Westie will be 13 in September and I just dread the day. Nuf said.

Enjoy your weekend.

Sandra Henderson said...

I am new to your blog, but can already see what a kind heart you have. Always thinking of others...Lucky patients to get you for their nurse! :)
I love your quilt! and fabrics. XO

Lori said...

I've seen the summer block from PG and think it is wonderful!!

What a fun swap and now you have such a variety to work with!!!

Deanna said...

That block swap looks like fun. Time to make something great, looks to me.

Sharing pieces of your life with descretion makes you more real. I appreciate it.

Enjoy your weekend, and stop by my giveaway, please.

Karen said...

I saw the Primitive Gatherings block project on their site. Tempting but I decided to resist.

Anonymous said...

Oodles of 5" goodness!
I love that you are a caring nurse btw....stay true to yourself.
OK...that woolie project...please send me a link!

Wendy said...

Hi Julie,
I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog...especially the nursing bits! As a Mum of 'special' Angels we are often in contact with various medical services. It makes my heart sing to hear from 'caring professionals' who really do care....I only wish we could have you nursing in our hospital! Keep sharing the stories
Love Wendy Xx

Susan said...

That looks like a wonderful project. So far I have resisted wool. I really need to finish a few more things before tackling something new.

Please accept my condolences on the loss of your lovely poodle.

*karendianne. said...

Love the square, gfriend. Listen, working in the hospital setting myself for many years you know I have to chime in on this business about sharing your work stories. You've got to be freakin' kidding me? Please allow for some RANT-ing in my tone because you're not disclosing anything here - at all. No lines are being crossed in the least. For cryin' in the rain. I better stop before I dig myself a hole I can't get out of.

Ali Honey said...

I agree with Wendy K. So sorry for your loss, I hope you may remember him happily.
I am very glad you are going to keep telling us your nursing stories ; you do it in a caring pleasnt way that could never offend.

Becky said...

I enjoy hearing about your patients. It's always general and reflective. I never felt you were sharing info. you maybe shouldn't. As an educator, I've been very careful on my blog not to show photos of students, give last names, or even teacher names. I try to keep it general, but my work like you is part of my life. I share my life on my blog.