Saturday, June 12, 2010


HI Y'all! Happy weekend to each of you! Above is the crop...of cherry tomatoes. I add them to salsa, and they are good just to eat, if you like tomatoes. Such a pretty red, aren't they? I have worked many hours in the garden this weekend, planting and weeding and cutting and trimming...and it looks better! Our peaches are coming on...hopefully soon. I love peaches!
The above package is from Lyn, all the way from Australia. She has a LOT of her Dear Jane quilt already done, and she has been encouraging me, now that I am making one too. She was kind enough to print off a whole row of foundation pieced patterns for me!! It is special paper, thin like onion skin...wonderful, and I can use it to foundation piece on. It is row M...mmmmmmm!! Yahoo! I can't wait for time to play with these...thank you so much, dear Lyn!!
At the grocery know those little orchids they sometimes have, next to the produce section? Our little store had a few, and this orchid hopped into the cart to come home with me last year. I enjoyed the blossoms, and then thought the plant would succumb...but it has thrived! Here is the current pretty and delicate, I love it! Hey you plant people...what are the runner appearing things coming from the top of the pot??? I must replant this after the blooming time has passed.

***********************The Other Shoe Dropped*********Nursing Notes*************

Some of you may recall this spring where I had a very unsettled feeling, like big change or something was coming? Well, Friday, I found out what some of that feeling was! We are relocating our nursing another building. That is all well and good, however, we will only have 12 beds, instead of 20 beds. The staff? that normally staffs the eight extra beds? Well, we do not know whether we will have jobs or not have jobs. Seems like to me it will be pick and choose the staff he wants for the boss. We are told fact, I found out from the dietitian that we were moving. Then the big bosses sent an e-mail out. So, hmmmmmm....hope I have a job come October, which is moving day!!!


Have a super day!



Amelia said...

You have red - we have green tomatoes and small yellow squash...but give us time...your cherry ones look so delish.

Sounds terrible about cut back in number of beds...then to send out a message via e-mail...where is the professionalism in that?

However, being a nurse I am sure you can find another job...but the hassle involved. Keep us posted as best you can.

Angie said...

Your cherry tomatoes look so yummy! I love to eat them like candy. :) Keeping my fingers crossed that your job won't be affected by the changes.

Ali Honey said...

Answer = they are roots ( aerial at this stage, but could be under the soil if you repotted.) That is typical Orchid behaviour.

That would be a terrible waste if you lost your job. I hope reason prevails. Wishing you could come to NZ they always need good nursing staff.
Our tomatoes finished ( pulled out) 2 weeks ago, so it is encouraging to know somewhere else is now having the tasty fun of homegrown tomatoes. Enjoy!

Nancy said...

I think my former superintendent took management classes from your boss. ;o(

Intuition is too often ignored. Yours appears to be spot on, listen to what it is telling you.

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh my...that is a big change coming up. Hope you stay if it's a job you enjoy.
I love tomatoes and yours look perfect!

Deanna said...

Your tomatoes look soooo good. There was snow on the mountain here this morning, so, needless to say, we do not have tomatoes.

The job thing....sorry to hear that, but I'll bet things work out. You are already being guided or you wouldn't have known. You will be taken care of.

Loris said...

Wow. Interesting job news (though poorly communicated!) and yes, it does sound unsettling. Change seems to be the name of the game often in hospitals these days. Mine included. Try to hang in there with it all. You are likely to keep your job but will need alot of faith and flexiblity to handle your own feelings as well as those of your co-workers. I wonder where the other 8 patients will go!

Kaaren said...

Orchids are typically aerobic plants, Julie and don't need to be planted in earth to survive. What you see coming out of the pot are the roots that take the moisture from the air. Spraying them occasionally will help. When we lived in Florida, I had numerous orchids living in baskets filled with nothing but spagnum moss hanging from various trees on our property. They flourished.

I hope everything works out for you with your job. Employers just don't seem to care anymore.

Pat said...

With administration like you are experiencing, it's not wonder that staff morale can often be low. *sigh* It has been obvious just from the comments you have posted on your blog that you are one heck of a good, caring nurse. I hope your boss realizes that and your job is secure. LOVE cherry tomatoes and we will soon start having loads of red ones, too!!!

Lori said...

Sorry to hear about the possible cut backs at work:(

What a fun DJ package!! I'm sure they'll be perfect when you get to that row.

Lorraine said...

Love your little harvest! Don't eat them all at once....sorry to hear about the changes at work....I hope you find out soon if you will have a job or not..the not knowing is the worst I think.

Stephanie D said...

Didn't grow any cherry tomatoes this year, but still need to get the upside down tomatoes into their
hangers soon--we have blossoms already! I am bad about barely getting cherry tomatoes washed off before popping them into my mouth, so I'm impressed you restrained yourself long enough to take a picture!

Sorry to hear about the relocation--and the lack of communication from management. They never learn, do they? Our patient satisfaction numbers have jumped beautifully--and then the budget terrorists decide to impose a tighter staffing grid. Makes me wonder: is it only stupid people who make it to upper management or do they just get hypoxic from being so high up on that career ladder?

mkhquilts said...

Love your orchid photo! I think those runner things look like roots, but I am no orchid expert!

Sorry to hear about the move and the downsizing. Sometimes you have to wonder what the big boys are thinking! You work in a CVICU right? I find it hard to believe they would downsize a unit like that, with all the cardiovascular out there! Where are all those patients supposed to go? Keep us posted about shat happens!

Anonymous said...

I too hope you have a job come is how you learned? Really? Even if something does happen...your in a fantastic career field for opportunity right?
I'll keep you in thoughts!!

AnnieO said...

Fresh tomatoes are great! Pretty orchid. I have no orchid advice. I can't make them rebloom.

Seems like the big change blowing in is a bunch of stinky wind. I hope you get some concrete news soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, I am glad the patterns arrived safe and sound....fingers crossed for your cherry tomatoes...Hugs Lyn

Geri Faivre said...

Julie - the spidey things coming out of your orchid plant are the aerial roots. Geri Faivre

Becky said...

Will keep you and your job on my prayer list! It's so difficult when our jobs are uncertain.

Take care!

Sandra Henderson said...

Julie, I'm new to your blog... Do you live in the south? I can't readily find it, but wanted to say that those orchids do well outside here. Once finished blooming, I put them in the oak trees and they thrive. Wasn't sure where you lived. I really enjoyed seeing your lovely work and look forward to coming back soon. XO

Texan said...

Oh my I hope you have a job too!

I am still thinking on the Dear Jane... I just need more hours in a day... or mmm maybe I need better time management LOL

Texan said...
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