Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Hi Friends! Hope each of you is having a wonderful day today...I am NOT working...yippee!! Above is the first of a fun series of projects, just started by Kaaren at She is generously starting a project called First Friday Freebies. She has designed patterns and is sharing these patterns with the world on her blog, on the first Friday of the month. This little stitchery is hung up by my front door, and I just finished yesterday. You can tell when I have time off from work...Thank you to dear Kaaren for the pattern! You really should buzz over and give her a visit and a bookmark. I will look forward to these patterns all year!

So many of you are doing an invisible nine-patch quilt...Maybe disappearing nine-patch is the name? Anyway, a young couple at work just had a baby, and their nursery theme is black, white and red, Disney's Micky Mouse. Do you think the above quilt would be OK for a baby? Hmmm, not sure about the black...

I finished the crocheted scarf for dear DIL. Hope she likes it! It is much more vibrant with no flash to fade it out.

**************************Nurse's Notes**********************************

Carrie, the little sick 19 year old is getting fractionally better at the hospital! She has multiple infections...last time I had her she had a 102 fever, but is better now. Weaning off the ventilator. Well enough to get a little cranky with her dear 19 year old husband! So life is getting better for her and her family, but she still has a long road to recovery.

*******************Hearth and Home***********************

I, being off a few days...have discovered! I had enough to clean out the dishes and crockery cupboard today, and am donating 2 boxes of glasses/dishes to our charity today. I also (this is embarrassing), cleaned out my dear husband's medicine shelf! I am a nurse...keep that is mind,...but I just never get into his shelf, and I found medicines/vitamins/etc. expired years ago! He has not been taking them, just kind of put newer things in front, and did not notice the older stuff lingering in the back! I filled a kitchen garbage bag with this junk...he says it looks better!


When I am home, I lose weight., period. I walk more, eat better...just the whole thing. I have walked 3 miles each day, and I feel so much better!! I need to eat much less sugary junk at work.


I wish a wonderful day to each one of you!



Amelia said...

I think the black,red and white quilt would be fine for a baby...that little one is not going to stay baby-baby forever...who knows it could be the one that he/she drags around until they enter school.

Always enjoy the hospital news!

I am ready for cooler weather for sure!

Anne Heidi said...

Love the red white and black quilt- It would be great in a Mickey Mouse themed room :-) Thank you for the link to the super cute stitchery wallhanging!
Have a great labor day.

Darlene said...

Hey Julie I finished Kaaren's first friday freebie, as well. Fun!

*karendianne. said...

What a fantastic post! When I saw the stitchery I thought "wow, look at that hand quilting!" because a girl like me hones right in on the hand quilting and especially when it's a work of yours. That's not to say I don't just love the whole piece, the orange really gets me and it made me feel like we're calling fall. A florida chick needs that vibe Julie, for real.

The Mickey theme didn't bother me with this quilt UNTIL you pointed out the black. I didn't see it.

Carrie's road has been hard to watch, hasn't it? and it's not stopping. This will likely define her life in some way for years to come, you think?

And when you're home you write wonderful posts that brighten my life!

Pat said...

I think the black/white/red quilt would be great for that baby's room. I am glad to hear of some improvement...however small.....for Carrie. Please give her hugs from your blog readers the next time you are with her at work.

Quilter Kathy said...

I think the W, R & B quilt is a wonderful baby gift!
Very modern!
What a cute made it so quickly!

Texan said...

Your stitchery looks great! ...

I am very glad to hear Carrie getting better! I hope she continues to get better :O) and will go home with her DH soon!

Ruthie said...

I say it's great! Black and white is supposed to be very good for stimulating baby's eyesight. There's a very intersting article about it here, about a page or so down:

Karen said...

You finished the stitchery fast! I started working on mine this evening.

Stephanie D said...

Wow, that was fast! All I've managed to do is download the pattern. It looks great!

I think the baby quilt will look great in a Mickey Mouse room. AND, it won't show dirt and stains SO very much, which is what I think about when I see pretty pastel and white quilts. Pretty, but not practical.

Glad to read Carrie's making progress. Poor family--it's so hard on them.

Stina Blomgren said...

Ahhh.. fast..that was the word... its lovely!!! :o))))

The Calico Cat said...

I think the black, white, & red is o.k. for baby - not that mine had that combo...

(I hear that the high contrast is good for their eyes.)

Carrie P. said...

wow, you are the second person that I have seen to finish Kaaren's little stitchery. Your's is so cute.
I love that pink scarf.
I am making that disappearing 9 patch now for a swap I joined. It is a pretty neat block.

Ginger Patches said...

I think that quilt would be perfect for the baby...those are the colors they can see best when they're newborns! The scarf is very cute-- isn't it frustrating when you can't get the picture to show the right color?

Unknown said...

Boy, that is something I sould do, claren out the medicne's not being used.
Glad you had a few days off.
Love the black , white and red quilt. If that is the clors they are using in the nursery , why not?