Wednesday, April 14, 2021

It's the little things!!

I am thinking about American Heart, and their fund drive for September.  For my contribution, I am making little things to sell,  such as these snap purses.  Please see the tutorial here.  

How To Make A Snap Bag | The Sewing Room Channel | beginners snap bag - YouTube

There are lots of tutorials here...I used a much smaller "pull" triangle.  I think I will make some sunglass or glasses cases, using the same method.

I finished all the pieces and parts to "Jerod Takes a Wife!"  Please see Bonnie's free tutorial, here:

I really appreciate Bonnie!

Quiltville's Quips & Snips!!: Jared Takes A Wife!

From the pineapple blocks below, there were some cut off waste pieces.  I decided to make tiny nine patches from those little cut off pieces.  Waste not, want not!  (that saying was first described in 1772, and first cited in the USA in 1932).  DEPRESSION PHRASES!!!!!!!!

Waste not... - phrase meaning and origin (

Here are the pineapple blocks I was talking about.  As you see, I messed up this round, and had to redo the round.  Since this picture, all the blocks are completed correctly, as below, and are ready for me to send off to the recipient.  I am delighted to gain a new skill and learn to use that ruler, by Creative Grids!
Here is the block, a finished example by Annie.  I love it!

 So,  these are my sheets...guess I better get some new ones!! What sheets are the best, in your opinion?  Any favorite brands?  Time for some good sheets!!

Hope you all are having a lovely day!



Vicki W said...

Those are all wonderful projects! I think the snap purses will be very popular. I can't really recommend sheets. I get whatever the best quality of cotton sheets that Costco has on the day I need them. I love them cool and crisp.

swooze said...

I’ve bought some decent sheet sets from Walmart of all places. My problem is getting rid of the old ones. I want to give them away when really I just need to throw them out

Janet O. said...

I enlarged the photo to get a better look at the snap purses. You have some really fun fabric combinations.
Very pretty color scheme for Jerod Takes a Wife.
Love your pineapple blocks. Someday I hope I get a bed size pineapple quilt made. Annie's block is very pretty, too.

Jane said...

I recently ordered a sheet set from My Pillow and they are the best I've ever owned!

Binsa said...

Enjoyed seeing your projects Julie

Sherrill said... has some great sheets as does the sleep number bed shops. You've certainly got lots of irons in the fire! LOL

Donna said...

My Pillow sheets are pricey but excellent!

Libby in TN said...

My sheets do that where my rough heels hit. I like Target Threshold brand.

patty a. said...

Vera Wang sheets at Kohl's. I got a set on sale and they are nice!

Ruth said...

I bought a lovely white smooth soft set of sheets for $60 and then my husband had an itchy foot and rubbed his rough, scratchy heel on the bottom sheet several nights in a row. When I washed the sheet, there was a Hole!! He now wears low cut socks every night. I took that soft white sheet and used it in a quilt.

Tired Teacher 2 said...

Sheets are so darned expensive for the quality. I’ve yet to find a brand I really like.

Kyle said...

It's always fun to see what you're working one. You've always have so many projects going. I love the Snap bags They're super fun.

ButterZ said...

Those snap purses are great. I have never made them but want too. Great sewing accomplished. In Australia years ago I only ever bout target sheets but I think the quality has diminished.

KaHolly said...

I’m here for inspiration this morning, Julie, and I certainly came to the right place!

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

On Sheets. I am going to purchase some sheets and towels from Mike Lindell - the Pillow Guy. I have had it with paying so much for sheets that are supposed to last from Bed Bath and Beyond. I have not priced Mikes’ yet, but bet they will last longer than the BBB’s.
Of course the latest washing machines tear the sheets up and fray the edges of the pillow cases. We need a sheet manufacture from USA that will provide quality products. I had one sheet that did the same thing, and went ahead and sew it up - but then it tore in another place about a year later..... Hugs

Lori said...

Good morning! Glad you are fitting in time to sew. Always good for the soul.
I cannot say I have a recommendation for sheets. They all seem to last about the same length of time.
I've tried some from Costco and amazon.

QuiltGranma said...

Hubby bought our latest sheets from Bed bath and beyond. Nice deep pockets too1 I save the remnants of the worn through bottom sheet and make extra pillow cases. Very handy when gifting a quilt to have a pillow case to store it in.