Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Mid month applique update!


Good morning to all!    At last, I figured out the latest Microsoft really messed up where my pictures are stored.  Here is my latest block for Karen and my progress, "The Farmhouse Sampler, " an applique quilt.  I really like this block!  Whimsical and with feathery leaves...what is not to love!  
Here is my progress on the entire sampler.  Of course, it needs to be pressed within an inch of its life, and I totally missed the November block, as you can see in the the giant blank space. (just not enough hours in the day that month!)  But I am making progress, and that is a good thing!  On we go to the borders, and that missing block!

I have all the pieces cut out for Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt, " Grassy Creek."  I have some of them sewn.  Enough to make a squishy of the tiny slivers left over, destined for the trash...or not!  

I put a backing piece, layer a piece of batting next, (only cotton, no conducts heat!)  and stack the slivers of top of it all.  Spray starch on it heavily, and press!  Flat.  Then hope it all stays together, (it does just fine) and just sew back and forth all over the whole thing.  Then, I get a bowl from the cupboard and cut around it, making the circle.  Bind and use!  Or gift!  

Nothing to the landfill, at least not now.  Everything has a purpose and can be useful, right?  The circle...I often imagine there are a finite number of atoms on the earth, and the atoms are rearranged into different configurations...seeds, dirt and water to cotton cloth, for example!!  When the cloth is used and rotten, it returns to the earth and feeds more seeds to grow.

*********************Nurse's Notes*************************

THANK YOU for all your precious words and prayers for me, about  my last post.  You would think I would be a bit tougher, after decades of nursing, but I am tender and love my patients and want to do the best job I can; and I will, with or without hospital administrative support.  They are interested in money, the bottom line, the whiteboards updated, the scripts we are supposed to say to the patients every encounter.  All these things are OK, and should be done, but I am more about real love and reaching out, exploring what each person needs and providing that!!!!!!!!!  NURSING!!  

But hear this!  I WILL NOT LET this virus defeat me!  Although I have thoughts of us running off to the hills and being a quilting fishing hiking baking kind of gal, I will stick and stay, and HELP!  

I continue to have frightened I pray, and steel myself, plaster that smile on my face that no one can see, due to my mask, and forge ahead.  Isn't that what we are all really doing?  I think there are so many people, steadfastly going about their duties...garbage men, post office workers, just every single person is at risk, and I think that since I see the very worst of the viral sequelae, it makes me more afraid.  All I can do is my best, and that is what I will do, every single day.  Fear comes right from hades, I think.

By the way?  Since our heads are covered, and most of our face, we now wink, or tilt our heads...anyway to communicate well with our patients.  HOH people cannot hear our voices through the mask.  Communication is more challenging.  We use little white boards more and more, hearing aide batteries are now on our floor, (a few kinds only); we are just trying very hard to communicate well.  We have a language translator now, a computer on wheels that connects directly to 80 different languages and linguists!  Cool, huh?

We are making a little library on wheels, so we can take it around to all the rooms and share books.  Cleaning them first, of course!  Patient pillows there, too, to pass out.

ON THE OTHER HAND!  I think that a vacation is due for me, and some self care.  A good healthy diet, taking my vitamins, avoiding the donuts and junk at the hospital so lovingly brought to the nurses, exercise....some time off to fill up my tank so I can give back to others.  I cannot remember the last time I had some time, just for fun.  SO THAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!  soon! So there!

I am glad, so glad for friends far and near, that are so loving and supportive.  Talking about all of you!


Have a super day!



Robin said...

Your block turned out great. So sorry November's block got a way from you. But, that's the way it is, first it's Monday and then it's Wednesday and then it's Sunday. The weeks just go so fast. You'd think they would drag by doing the same thing every day but that is not the case and I'm glad. Hope you get your vacation soon, you so deserve it.

Loris said...

Lovely! I think I might like this one the best :-)
And praying that vacation time comes soon! You have worked so hard. You really, really deserve a break. (((Hugs)))

Kathleen said...

Love the little round thing... can't imagine binding it was easy - do you have a trick????

Tired Teacher 2 said...

I know those HOH patients appreciate the white boards for communication. Hearing aids and masks do NOT mix well. I’m prating that you have an opportunity to recharge your energy and emotional “batteries” soon. I adore the little mats that you shared with me.

Janet O. said...

That is a fun Farmhouse block. I saw Karen's earlier and I really like them both.
You are so efficient in the use of your scraps. I don't know if I would have the patience to make those great coasters with my tiniest bits.
So many things this virus has caused us to deal with that we never would have thought of before.

Karen said...

I see you got your block posted. Are you getting excited about being so near the end?

Lori said...

I hope you get that time off soon for some self care!
Love your quilt blocks!!! Is the border appliqued too?

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