Thursday, March 2, 2017

Working on Number 5!!

 Wow!  This is a real stash busting quilt!!  This quilt is inspired by Karen, of the Log Cabin Quilter.  You can see her quilt HERE!!!  I have been in love with it for years, and have always wanted to make one just like Karen's.  So here is where I am in the process.  Karen graciously said I could make one like hers, and a lots of fabric pieces that Karen gifted me with are in this quilt.
 I had to snap some pictures quickly, because Rosie wanted in on the action, LOL!  Do you have a doggie who helps you quilt, too?
 I have continued to bind 30 minutes at night, and I finished this little bow tie quilt, for some baby, sometime!!
 Lots of girls at work are pregnant, so probably one of those babies will have a new quilt.
 The above block is by Cheri Payne.  She is having a quilt along, and you can find the files HERE for her blocks.   Look under files.   Many of you know that Cheri has been battling cancer, and is undergoing chemo for this, as well as having had extensive surgery.  We are all praying for you, Cheri!!  If you think this block is wonky?  Well, it is!  SNORT!!!  I like it anyway!
 Still making some green blocks!!These are so mindless, and great fun!!
 This is the first iris of Spring, in the back yard!!  I love these carefree lovely things...Jewels in the garden!
Many of you asked about this wool block, and the origin of the pattern.  It can be found HERE.  A free quilt along is always fun!!

Did you know? Randy, of the Barrister's block blog, is started a super fun quilt along too!!  Please see it HERE!!

********************Nurse's Notes****************************

It has been REALLY BUSY at work!  February was like a storm, but unusually,  January was so very slow, patient wise.  March is even busier so far.  Many, many heart surgeries, and many cancer surgeries.  One rotoprone bed (AARDS). 

I have a great love for the families...those walking wounded family members, who come in day by day, supporting their loved ones, some who cannot talk back to them.  Some on the ventilator chronically, with no hope of ever getting off of the vent.  I do my best to support them and love them, with coffee, warm blankets and talking.  I pray for them too!!

All in a nurse's day!


I hope each of you is having a wonderful day!!

Julie K


Chantal said...

No, I do not have a little doggie to help me quilt. I wouldn't mind a cat but hubby doesn't like cat hair everywhere, so we have none. But I still love him. I did say it was for better or worst, right? lol. :^D
I love your stars quilt. It looks fabulous and it's even not quilted yet. Love the baby quilt and the lovely fabric you used for the backing. Lucky is the new mother who will end up with this one.
I've joined Randy's QAL. It'll be fun. Enjoy! ;^)

Tired Teacher said...

No dog or cat helpers in my house, but Rosie would be welcome any time.

The plaid stars look fantastic together. I'm off to check out the QAL links.

Karen said...

Good progress on the star quilt and I do recognize a couple pieces of fabric.
Isn't the baskets we are doing with Cheri's patterns fun!

ES said...

I am finding the 17 in '17 has really focused my brain on getting some UFO's finished up! I'm also really trying to complete other pieces as I go, so that the don't end up with another UFO. Your stars are looking so pretty:)

Rebecca in AK said...

I am loving your plaid stars! I have two dogs, they are usually sitting close by as I sew. I am going to do Randy's sew along, using plaid shirts! I have been copying Cheri's basket patterns for later.
I don't know how you do your job, it must be so heartbreaking at times. I am sure the families draw strength and comfort from your support.

Janet O. said...

Loving those plaid stars!
No one helps me quilt--not even me! : )
The baby bow tie quilt is very sweet. Some lucky baby will enjoy cuddling in that.
I am trying not to join Randy's SAL (though I love the girl). That is a pattern I have had on my bucket list for a long time, but I am drowning in projects as it is.

Randy D. said...

WOW! I love Karen's quilt. Of course, any quilt with stars is perfect in my book!
And that baby bow tie quilt is so sweet! LOVE it. And Rosie??? How can you get mad at such a beauty??
Thanks for the shout-out for my sew along. Can't believe my friend Janet O. is not joining in... maybe she'll cave!
It's great that others are doing it. It's so easy!!

Shirley said...

Lovely projects and tempting links.

Kleine Vingers said...

Love the star quilt. Would you mind if I made something simular in the future? Greetings
aubphg (at) hotmail (dot) com

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great star quilt. I have a bag of homespuns, just sitting around, waiting........My little dog has a bed under a vintage sewing machine in my sewing room. She lays there and keeps me company while I create. The large dog (117 lbs) doesn't really fit in my sewing room, so, he lays at the top of the stairs, where he can look into my sewing room, and 'protect' me from anything that might come up the stairs. PS: Thanks to nurses. My BFF's hubby had a stroke last month, and they discovered a tumor on his frontal lobe when they discovered the stroke. He had brain cancer as a child, but, this is in a different place. He's in rehab for another week, and they will check on the tumor in 3 more months, to see what needs to be done then. He is a baby, at only 48 (years younger than my BFF and me).


Thanks for posting the link to the wool project with the 2 sheep--
unfortunately I have not caved in to do any facebook yet--
but I see more and more blog people and companies are going that route--
love the baby quilt and the newer homespun quilt--
and thank you for being a nurse and keeping us kinda in the loop--
sorry about your BFF's husband--my dad also had a major stroke when he was 48 yr young--
he wasn't able to work after that (drs said that he only survived cause he was young and healthy) he couldn't use his left hand and had a bit of trouble with his left leg--( he was excellent in math and did use that in his work, but could not do figures after the stroke) but he was busy and productive until his death at 73 yrs old--
enjoy the moments, di

Kyle said...

Your stars are sparkling with all those delicious scraps. It's amazing what you can accomplish in just 30 minutes a dat. Your sweet baby quilt is an example of that. When times are hard and stressful it would be a blessing to have a caring nurse like you close by to know someone cares.

Dolly said...

I'm glad that you mentioned your work.

Thank you !

My husband is in end-stage care right now, and I am up here being supported by you wonderful people who devote your time and hearts to getting us through these difficult days. I have been truly amazed at your dedication........I don't know how you do it, but I suspect you are very specially ordained ministers of God's compassion, mercy and love.

moosecraft said...

I'm convinced that's why nurse's are so positive! They see the "true sadness" of the world... so when a rainy happens or they're stuck in traffic... they take it with a smile and grace... because they know... life could be a whole lot worse! :-) Thank you for your strength in helping the walking wounded... i know it ain't easy! Hugs!
Love those blocks! Keep on stitchin'! :-)