Thursday, June 20, 2013

Quilt along, part four!!

 Hi Everyone!!  I have been working on Lori and Randy's quilt along quilt from Humble Quilts and the Barrister's Block blogs.  Please click on their blog names to see their terrific quilts, and see all the instructions to make your own!!  It is such great fun!!  Really the most fun I have had in a long time. I send big thanks to these ladies for sharing their talent and time.   I made the final border based on Lori's idea, but added my own little things too.  That is fun...the designing part!!  Lori once gave me some great advice...make the border of your quilt have some elements of the center of the quilt.  Her quilt reflects that advice, and I used the same patterns that she did for the center, just kind of free wheeled the vine and flowers.  I loved doing this!!  I don't know what the center top will have yet...something...but what??
 A closer view of the corner tulips.  Of course, nothing is stitched down yet...the stitching is the fun part, LOL!!  I tried to use the bias tape maker, but the one I have is very small, so I just took an inch wide strip of green fabric cut on the bias and pressed the edges to the middle of the strip for my vine.
Kathy Schmitz!!  She is such a fun much fun!!!  I love her stitchery patterns, and am just starting stitching these monthly patterns.  Here is the July pattern.  This finishes at 14x12.  Now the question for you...should I make these into monthly little quilts, or come up with something to make all of the little quilts into one big one??

I love hearing from you!!  Lots of brains out there, and so many good ideas!!

Have a great day, everyone!!!

Julie K


Kim said...

Wow your medallion looks fabulous...
is the top begging for your initials?
Love all the extra vines and flowers.....nicely done :0)!
Okay I'm gonna go work on mine now!

Happy Sewing

Janet O. said...

Your version of the QAL is wonderful! I love the little tweaks you have given it along the way to make it unique. I was thinking of using the bird at the top somehow, but I think I like Kim's idea of your initials even more!
My preference is to have individual little quilts that I can change out each month--easier to display, and fun to have a fresh little piece of eye candy each month. : )

Jane said...

Love what you've done with the medallion quilt! With the monthly blocks, I vote for a whole quilt rather than little individual ones.

Leeanne said...

yeah I'm with the initial idea. Looks wonderful. Is the applique needle turn?
What about making several smaller quilts, more long wall hangings if you have a long narrow wall, say 3 high ( 3 on top of each other )???

Lois Arnold said...

Really love your medallion! I'm making myself NOT start a new project until I get some things finished. Not too tough since I've been too busy to work on anything anyway. LOL

Helen in the UK said...

Kim suggested your initials at the top, and that's what I thought too when I saw it. Glad you're having fun :)

Karen said...

You are off and running on the medallion border. Reminds me that I have done nothing towards making the border.

The stitchery for July....I like! I have not seen the patterns but everything Kathy does is good.

Lori said...

It looks lovely! I agree that your initials may be a fun idea. I should have had YOU desin the border of our medallion! I love it!!

I love the little patriotic stitchery. I like the idea of several smaller ones focusing on the season, rather then a sampler. But either way would be nice.