Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hi everyone:

I sent my CC quilt off to be quilted!! and am very excited about that. I cut all my strips for a bargello quilt, but have not gotten anything else done with those yet.

I am working on the block of the month applique blocks by SuzGuz designs. All the blocks are heart designs! Cute and fun to do. So, I have all the pieces cut out for January and February, and I use thin card stock, starch the pieces, then press the seam allowances down around the card stock. I then can place each piece on my background and just enjoy the applique, not having to turn down seam allowances like needle point applique. So it is so fun to do! This one is just pinned in place, not pressed, a work in progress.

I am working a lot!! nothing new, right? I know many of you are so cold, hope all is well and you are enjoying a hot cuppa of something great. We are traveling to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania this spring for a class with DH's work. So I can explore a little of Amish country! It is close to Lancaster county...hehehe!!! How fun!!

Have a wonderful day!!


KC Quilter said...

Oooh, love that heart block! Bet this will be a pretty one when all done. Sorry I can't help with the missing sidebar info--I am "blog-challenged"!!!!

Darcie said...

Darling applique block in-the-works. Are you going to take some handwork like that on your trip to PA? ;-)

mereth said...

I love applique too, and like you, I turn the edges over first. Bit different method, and I might do a post about it later. Your little hearts look really sweet, I'm sure they'll be a lot of fun.
I adore the red sashing for the Carolina Crossroads, gives it a whole 'nother dimension, doesn't it?

Susan said...

And didn't I have to find that BOM and sign up too. As if I had nothing else to do.

His Office, My Studio said...

Very pretty block! I am looking forward to seeing your CC quilt all finished.

Finn said...

Hi Julie, it looks great! What a neat heart block. I've only done alittle applique, but I like doing it just as your are..light eight cardboard and spray starch!
Sending good thoughts and big hugs, Finn