Thursday, January 3, 2008

Two finishes for the new year

Hi everyone:

I have completed a couple small quilts this week. One is a small fourth-of-July quilt for the wall. The other is my Christmas Trees quilt. Both are hand-quilted, which I really enjoy doing. And both are small projects, so I completed them in between work days and housework stuff.

It is still January, right? and still cold, right? Snow in some parts of country... so it is Ok if I keep my Christmas snowmen out through January! I just love them, all smiles and so cute in their little outfits, or not...they are staying out!!
I have been trying to dress up my blog a little, so it's appearance has changed a little. I have added the "projects on which I am currently working list". The total number of UFO's I have just boggles me, so I just listed a few, and will add to this when I am done. Good motivation for me!!

I have started walking again!! it feels sooooo good! 3 miles at least each day, and 4.5 on off days. So hurrah!!

My son is getting married next year!! and we are so happy about that... and I have just got to get into shape!! I don't want wedding pictures with a plump mother of the groom...but the main thing is, I need to lose a little for my own health!! So my goal is to walk more, eat a little less, drink my water and take my vitamins. Good goals, right???

Have a wonderful day to all my quiltey friends in blogland!



Vicki W said...

Kudos to you for the walking program! I started doing "real" exercise a few months ago and I am already feeling better and more energetic. I love both of your little quilts too!

KC Quilter said...

Love those little quilts! Congrats on the son's upcoming marriage!

Angie said...

Oh Julie, your little quilts are wonderful...what a great job you did on the quilting! :> I've been walking since Christmas, too, but I'm not up to 3 miles a day yet...but hey, at least I'm getting out there, right? LOL Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. :D

Tonya Ricucci said...

The little quilts are great - you did a beautiful job with the colors so that they really sparkle. I need to start walking again/more, but just haven't dragged myself out into the dreary weather. Snowmen definitely work for January - it's still winter.

Susan said...

Seems as though you are making forward progress.

mereth said...

Those little quilts are cute, and they'll be ready for this Christmasin heaps of time! I'm loving seeing the Bonnies mystery quilts coming together- can you imagine 1700 plus actually finished? Mind boggling.

Finn said...

Hi Julie,love your newly completed works! The Trees on the Table turned our so nice and I love the little 4th of July Quilt. Great job on the hand quilting! And a high five for the 'walking' again! Never an easy thing to get back into. But congrats on the upcoming wedding!!!!
I've stalled out on Bonnie's mystery...I plan to finish, but got side tracked by 4 patches and log cabins..LOL
I have a tendency to do that, you know. I'm a great started but a poor finish-uper! Feel free to prod me a little, ok???? Hope you are feeling lots better after the accident, big hugs, Finnie

Lucy said...

ove yoru mini quilt. It has power in its simplicity

Ali Honey said...

Sounds good to me! Keep it up - you CAN do it! It sounds like a very likely to succeed goal or life style change.( well balanced and achievable )

Your little quilts are just lovely. Your type of cute snowmen are the only sort I could ever have at this time of year as it has been just SO hot here lately.