Saturday, May 25, 2019


 I am making a block a day, using this star pattern.  I am using 3 1/2 inch centers and two inch connector corners to make the star points.  Just fun piecing!
 Also, I am making some of these blocks, using cut off triangles from previously made stars.  I have a bin of those, and it is time to make them into something fun!
 Pinwheels centers in process!!
 For my work, I usually just carry my wallet with twenty bucks and my driver's this little wallet will fill the bill.  My other one is just worn out!
This is the first tomato of the year!  Summer is coming!!

*******************Nurse's notes*************************

I have been in charge at the hospital, mostly, as of late.  I really don't like it so much, because it kind of takes me away from the patients, and more toward the assigning of patients, checking of equipment, running codes, etc.  So...I pass patient trays!  Help the nurses when they are overwhelmed!  Get patients out of bed...anything I can do to be at the bedside.  Those patient connections are so much fun...I love the 80 plus crowd, seriously.  They are so much fun and just say exactly what they mean and are hilarious in many ways!!  They are not afraid to hug me or be reservations, as with some younger people.  They have learned to live a full and fun life.  Love me some golden oldies!!!


Fitness journey!  Weigh in was Thursday...I gained a tiny bit, so back to the grindstone.  Really, it is not a grindstone...hey, when will I lose this bit of weight if not now?  When I am 95?  DO IT NOW!  (my note to myself...)


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!



---"Love" said...

It's always uplifting to read your blog, whether you are quilting or working. Your blocks are so pretty! Have a good Weekend. ---"Love"

Sherrill said...

I always liked the older crowd as well. Was saddened by the fact that so many had no one visiting them much. So many just get forgotten. :-( Nurses like you make such a difference for them!

Karen said...

More stars. My favorite star block pattern.

Little Penpen said...

When I was in nursing school, I promised myself I would never work in a nursing home. Fast forward 12-13 years later, and I became a nursing home nurse in a rural mountain community. BEST JOB EVER!!! We moved around and I had a few different jobs, but my last job was for 12 years in the same nursing home. I love little old people!

Chantal said...

The foundation of a beautiful quilt has started. Love your stars and the wallet. So cute! I have to loose weight too. We have a wedding to go to next month and none of my dresses fit. Yikes! I got the yoga mat out and I need to have a good talk with myself. Good luck on your goal. ;^)

AnnieO said...

The never ending cycle of piecing creating more piecing, haha, but ever the best time at the sewing machine. You're a wonderful nurse wanting to be at the bedside---the boring computer work and paper drudgery is what kills joy! We have a very large senior population in my city and see many 80-100 year olds in our primary care office. I love them too.