Sunday, November 18, 2018

Slow scrappy Sunday Stitchin'!

 I have been slow stitching on this quilt, hand quilting it.  I had my doubts, but fell in love with it right when it came out of the dryer.  The applique did well in a rough cycle, wash and dry, so I love that part, since the applique is made out of strings, as well as the blocks, and I was wondering how it would fare.
 I quilted through each string, and some strings have zig zags in them.
 Yay!  The applique held up!!!  This quilt has no batting, but has three layers, being pieced on muslin under the string blocks.
I have a lovely orphan blocks, that I am working on, to make a small basket wall hanging.  PINK!  Bubble gum yummy!

I am linking to Kathy, HERE, for slow stitching!

and Cynthia, HERE for Scrappy!!!

Hope each of you has a great day,


Thursday, November 15, 2018

Dearest boy, block number next!

Here is my newest block.  This one was lots of fun to piece!  

I really don't have much of a theme going...just using scraps as I go. I guess scrappy is my theme, as is for many of my quilts.  

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I wish each of you a wonderful day!!


Sunday, November 11, 2018

Forward progress!!

 I have all the centers of the blocks below sewn together.  I need to press them, then add the large triangles.  So here is my pile on the ironing board.
 These are what the finished blocks look like. They are 8 inch finished.
Before the blog, I loved quilts, even way back when.  I got this little kit at a local quilt shop, and just loved putting it together.  I had no idea why my borders did not fit, but I finished it anyway and just loved it!  LOL!  I think I could maybe do a little bit better now.  I don't think I have shown this on the blog before.  It is a fun fall time quilt.


Congratulations to Mary R, at urban quilter, who won the fabrics from the last log cabin loonie post.  Just need your address and I will get your gift on the way!

Also, Kathy won a fabric gift too...I already sent yours, because I had your address in my book, already.

Have a super day, each of you!


Monday, November 5, 2018

A gift!

 Deanna, who blogs HERE:  gifted some blocks to me...a long time ago!  She challenged me to make a quilt with all those blocks!  I am finding myself using them to make a variety of quilts...and it is so much fun!  About are her house blocks. I squared them up, and have an idea to finish this small quilt, above.  I like those arrows!!
 Deanna sent five of these blocks, and three went into this table runner.
 All these above blocks will go into my row by row vertical quilt, that Randy at inspired me to make.
And now for this.  I made these blocks a lot of years ago...I can tell by the calicoes and such in them.  I found enough pieces cut out to make 80 blocks...a big quilt!  So I have been sewing on it...I feel so virtuous!  A true UFO!!!  Whoop!!!

Whoop for me!!  Out loud...I dare you!!

Hugs, Julie

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching

  Slow stitching.  I find that I am frantically running around the house, on my days off, catching up on housework, laundry, dishes, know the drill.

Those quiet moments, when I have something to sew on, by hand...still my brain and heart.  I find myself so much more relaxed, thinking better and more clearly.

Try it?  You will love it!

I am stitching on this circle is a scrappy thing that I started last year, and still have many slow stitches to take, to finish it.

"A great journey starts with a single step, " or a fun quilt begins with a single stitch!

I am linking to Kathy's blog, go see what slow stitching other quilters and crafters have going on.