Monday, March 23, 2015

Something very special

 I bought something...a piece of art.  This is Kaaren's quilt, of the Painted quilt, HERE. She was selling this treasure, and I had already planned to make this one when I had the I bought hers!!  This quilt was featured in Primitive Quilts.  I am in love with it!!  I just pinned it up for a moment on my dining room wall, but it is now being framed.  (Like my old, old, antique wall paper?)  It will be a gift for my first grandchild's room decor.   I am having it framed to protect it.   If I ever have a pressure here!!  Actually I don't nag the will happen in it's own good time!!
 A close up.  Kaaren hand stitched every delicious morsel of this quilt.  I love it.  My pictures are not good...but her quilt is amazing!
And here is where I am on the sampler quilt.  I am way, way excited about this quilt!!  It has been nothing but joy, from beginning to end.  You can make this quilt too!!  See Jeni's blog HERE.

**********************Nurse's notes**********************************

The man was a cowboy.  A real cowboy, with horses, cows, and a ranch.  And a bevy of lovely ladies in his life, a wife and darling daughters.  Down for a rodeo...he fell down dead...really...dead.    CPR was immediate!!  And he was revived.  BUT!!  He needed heart surgery, emergently.  And so he had it...and so he rode off in his huge pickup, into the sunset.  And did amazingly well!!

His tough, rough ranch life of hard, hard work served him in good stead.  I truly believe a weaker man or woman would not have survived.  I just loved them all, and will never forget them. What a blessing my patients are to me!

Now keep in mind...this story has been changed for privacy purposes, and has taken place in the past...maybe ten years ago...or less...and also I have written permission to talk about it from the cowboy himself.


Have a great day, all!!


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Progress for the day

 So here I am with my little quilt above, from Jeni from the Willow's blog.  Jeni did not have the hearts all over the place...that is from my little heart!!  Only one more section to go, and I have most of the blocks made for that section too.  Woohoo!!!  Her version is amazing, I really love it.
And this is my yellow block for March.  The pattern is Connie's, and she has the free pattern HERE.  And a whole bunch more!!  You should get a cup of tea and sit down and check her site out!!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!!  I am working on the string purse tutorial, and will have it here shortly.  ARE YOU WORKING on BINDING for this month??  I am!!


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Country Girl Modern Winner!! and the design wall, and a new scrappy purse

 I am making some blocks for the Rainbow Challenge.  This blogger is really a fun scrapper, using every color of the rainbow!  I am making a few blocks along this year, just to enjoy the fun.  Please see her blog at:
Is anyone interested in making string purses?  Of course, you can make any color you want...I just wanted to know if there is enough interest in a tutorial.  This one took about 90 minutes to make.  Fun and fast!!

JO at Jo's Country Junction had the most wonderful giveaway this past week, and the prize is their BRAND NEW BOOK, Country Girl Modern. If you click on the title, you will go right to Jo's blog, and be able to purchase this book for yourself!!   By random number selection, Teresa in Music City, who blogs at won the book!  Congratulations, Teresa!!  I will be sending you an e-mail notifying you, and Jo will send you your book!!

*******************Nurse's notes*********************************

I have had the privilege of taking care of the oldest of the old patients this past week.  One lady was 109 years old!!  The oldest patient I have ever taken care of by far.  She was in great shape, but she was blind, so she needed just the slightest bit of help with meals and activities of daily living.  She asked me to get her in the hall so she could walk, and used the side rail for walking up and down the hall.  Her advice to me for longevity and health??  Don't smoke!!  Stay Active!!  And don't get FAT!! Very sternly I was told all of this... She was so darling, I loved her on sight!  She went back to her assisted living, where she is apparently just happy as a clam.

I had a 98 year old lady yesterday.  She was also blind, but other than that, in wonderful shape too. Maybe eyes just don't last that long! She walked four times in the hall yesterday, and she was most interesting.  She said she could sense changes in the air when people or objects where near, and knew just how to zig and zag without running into anything, even though she could not see.  She always knew when we came into the room, etc.   All her other senses were heightened, due to her failed sight.  Very interesting!!  Have you had any experience with this??  I would love to know!!  Her big wish was to not miss the Maverick's game on TV, so she could listen to it.  She too was not fat, never smoked, and she was very active.  THERE IS SOME WISDOM HERE FOR ME!!!  SELF,  PAY ATTENTION!

She would trace my hand each time I came in, carefully touching my skin and tracing my nails.  I felt that she "saw" me more clearly than a lot of sighted people!!

I love my nursing job...really want to savor these moments of connection and shared wisdom.


Have a great day, everyone!!


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Winner of the Binding blitz, and a quilt...of course!!

 Well I must be losing my little mind, because I don't remember making this quilt either!!  But there it is, in my stack, signed on the label with my handwriting!!  Crazy...this means I MUST GET MORE SLEEP, LOL!!  This will go to the hospital tomorrow...a patient quilt.  It is the perfect size for warmth in a hospital bed.
 Congratulations to our winner of February's binding blitz!!  Sylvia, you are lucky number 14!!  I will send you an e-mail so you can get me your address for your gift.  Sylvia blogs here ...what a treat to go and see her work!!
And here is the prize for March!!  I just got this book at the quilt store.  I love it!  It has some very cool patterns, easily adaptable for brights or batiks...just a fun book.  Civil war ladies...this is for you!  So get working on bindings for March, and we will link up at the end of the month.  Random number selection will be done at the end of March for the winner!!

Hope you all are having a great day!!


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Country Girl Modern!!

 It is my turn for Jo's fun blog hop!!  Jo and Kelli, of Jo's Country Junction, have written a book!!  It is Country Girl Modern, and you will love it!!  This book has the best of both worlds...with fun piecing techniques, and beautiful colorful modern fabrics.  It is such a fun book!
 This is my big time favorite quilt in the book...I love it!!  It looks more complicated than it is to sew, and this quilt is just right for scrappy fun, which is the kind of quilting I like best.
And talking about SCRAPPY!!  How about this quilt!!  I love it!!  This quilt would definitely qualify as a scrappy marvelous quilt.  Using it all up is the name of the game here!.

A little about Jo and her family...Jo lives in Iowa, and her family are farming folks.  That is my background too, so I instantly just loved Jo's blog and her quilts too, of course, and I read their blog every day. Jo and her husband recently bought a new home and are in the process of making the house just right for them.  Jo is the kind of lady that you love right away.  She would make the perfect sister, best friend or neighbor...too bad I live half the world away!  I love that Jo and  Kelli, Jo's daughter work as the perfect team doing the  quilting.  Jo designs...Kelli cuts and sews...Jo sews too...Jo quilts...they just work as a well oiled machine!

The best thing is...if you leave a comment here, you are eligible for a drawing to win this book from Jo!!  So please leave a comment, and if you are selected, you are also eligible for a bigger grand prize from Jo's Country Junction.   The drawing is on the 17th of March.

Please see her blog HERE, at Jo's Country Junction, to order your own personally autographed copy of Jo and Kelli's book. Jo has a book store now!! This book is a great gift idea too, because there is something in the book for everyone.  It is published through Kansas City Star quilts. Jo has also been published many times in quilt magazines and different venues, and I am always tickled to see her name in my quilt magazines.

Please see all these fun bloggers too on the blog hop!  I am day Three...Bonnie and I from Quiltville switched due to Bonnie's teaching there are so many fun blogs to go to and enjoy.

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March 14th Sweet P Quilting and Creations

Have a great day, everyone!!


Slow Stitching

 Binding here.  This is not my quilt, but my friend Robin's quilt.  It appears maybe to be a 1950's quilt?  Anyway, her grandmother made four of these quilt tops, and I have been trying to get them all done for her. Millie quilted them, and I am binding them.  This is the very last one.  Robin has all the rest of them already.
Scraps and florals galore!!  It is not is not perfect...but I love the heart and soul and love that Robin's grandmother put into it.  So this is my slow stitching for the day!!  I am linking with Kathy, HERE.

Have a great day, everyone!


Monday, March 2, 2015

Binding Blitz!!

 I am working steadily along on the Orange peel/Pumpkin seed blocks.  I am still in the prepping stage for all these blocks.  Lots of reds are cut out, so hopefully it will be a big quilt!!
And this is what I bound in February!!  Yahoo!!  Done...I used a scrappy binding for this scrappy quilt!

It is time to show your bindings for February!!  Please link below...I will keep the link open for 5 days, to let everyone have a chance to join in who wants to.

I will link my quilt first, just to make sure the link works.  I, of course, don't count mine in the prize drawing, LOL!!

Have a great day, everyone!!


Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy Monday!

 Good Morning!!  I worked the weekend, so I am off today.  Had some pretty sick patients at the hospital, and not quite enough of me to go around, LOL!! is house keeping, and cooking for the week, and of course a little quilting!  Above is a quilt top I made some time (years) ago.  It is made entirely of shirts from the thrift store, except for the border.  Last night, I layered it and pinned it for quilting.  I am in love with Rose Cream batting by Mountain Mist.  It has a wonderful old fashioned drape and needles easily and is so, so soft!!  So that is what I used...and it was on sale one day at Joann's, so I bought three of the batting packages.  I do love their coupons!
 I know you are tired of seeing this quilt, but here it is again.  The top portion is all sewn together, with my changed, my own personal stamp on Jeni's idea. Can't wait to work on the next portions as they come available!!  Go see Jeni's blog...and you can make this quilt too...for free!  She is offering all these fun applique blocks freely for all of us.
Hey, guess what??  I started a new project!!  I know you must be shocked, right?  I love Pumpkin seed blocks, and have been admired Kathy's for years.  so.....I decided to go for it!  I have cut out a zillion red pumpkin seeds, and am appliqueing them onto backgrounds.  This will be the perfect take along project for the busy bag!  Please, oh please go see Kathy's blog if you have never visited...she is a fab quilter!

********************************The Weather...***********************************

Here in Texas, it rains ice balls.  Truly, that is what is falling from the sky!!  Crazy, huh...but what this means is that the electricity is going to be going out.  As the lines and trees get heavier and heavier with ice, inevitably the lines get snapped somewhere along the route.  So...I am trying to do everything I can think of that uses electricity...before it goes out!  So the laundry is done...the vacuuming is done...the dinner is made...and this done!!!


Have a great Monday, everyone!!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015


 I prepped many blocks today, but just two for this project.  I am loving this applique!! It is available here, on Jeni's blog.
A little dinner!  Looks like a Christmas quilt to me...stir fry veggies in Christmas colors!

Have a great day!!


Monday, February 16, 2015

The making of UFO's...

 In my cleaning today, I found the above little quilt.  I guess I started it sometime in the past, but have no memory of it!!  This, my dear friends, is how UFO's are born.  So....I cut out all the rest of the pieces of a decent sized quilt for it today.  Luckily, I still had some of the red left, in the solids stash.  I have a small box of solids.
And my newest mug rug.  Just using things up here!!

I feel like I am drowning in ideas here.  Must focus, and STOP making UFO"s!!  How about you?  Does your stash and ideas and starts make you feel like saying,"Whoa!!  Too much!"


Four patches and cleaning

 I am playing in the two inch strips and squares bin today.  It seems that four patches are kind of the rage right now, so I will make a few too!  Some of these are pretty muddy looking, and maybe they will go into their own muddy quilt, LOL!!  I like the jewel toned, pretty ones, though.
 I have been cleaning out my sewing closet!  I found this little package of cut out star blocks, with a sample block attached.  Good girl, Julie!  At least I know what all those little pieces are for...four inch stars.
But below?  All these 2.5 inch squares?  I have no clue.  I know that they were something special, but since I did not make a sample block....back they go into circulation...back into the stash to use!!

This is a four patch quilt I found on Pinterest.  It was pinned from the website:  Other than that, no quilter is given credit for it, as the quilt is part of a collection and apparently was not labeled.  I really love it!!  It is just simple and lovely.  The quilting makes it even more special.

Have a great day, each of you!!


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rainbow progress and Slow Stitching!

 I am hand quilting, still, on this quilt.  It goes slowly...quietly...stitch by stitch.  The more quilting I add, the more I love it and want to work on it!  I am linking with Kathy, HERE.
 I am stitching double lines, diagonally through the blocks.  Additionally, I am hand quilting the applique shapes down too.  Maybe this quilt will last for a while!!  The old applique quilts I have seen have the most wear in the shapes themselves.  I have seen some that are quilted through the shapes, and they have survived in better shape, it seems.
I am binding this quilt!!  Are you binding something this month??
 I am  playing with 1/2 square triangles, a gift from Karen at the Log Cabin Quilter. See her blog HERE.  The heart will not be there, just playing here!!
And pink!!  The Rainbow challenge at So Scrappy is pink, for February. See her blog HERE. So I am making some pink blocks!!  Pink makes me happy, for some reason!!

**********************Nurse's notes***************************

The new Patient advocate role is going OK.  Basically, I am looking for trouble and trying to fix the troubles.  Which I love to do...but it wears on me, when there is lots of trouble and no fixing it for some people!! 99% of everyone is so appreciative and happy with our care...and 1% take most of the time and are not ever satisfied.  Some days are just blissful, though, running around helping the nurses, helping the patients with whatever they need, just busy, busy, busy!  I am sure hoping our patient satisfaction is much better...which is hard to fix, because we were in the 90% range to start with! So it goes...

The man with the stroke...went home with home health care, all fixed up.  A WIN!!

Lots of very sick people at the hospital right now, so I am praying for healing for every single one of them!!


I feel so badly when I cannot reply to comments left from you all.  Please know I appreciate and read and enjoy every comment, but some people are "no reply", so I can't e-mail you back.  So Thank you!!  Megan, Mary Jo...I will start to list people at the end of the blog, so you know I loved your comments.

Have a great day, all!!


Friday, February 6, 2015

Borders are on!

 Borders are on!!  I have a scrappy binding from leftover blue binding strips ready.
Whoop!!!  This is the second UFO top from last year, all put together. So....NOW what do I do???  I am sure there is something around here I can work on, like a binding!!

Have a great day, everyone!

Julie and Rosie the poodle

Thursday, February 5, 2015

UFO bustin' here...and Binding Blitz winner...and the prize for this month!

 I started these blocks last year, attempting to use up every little bit of my 2.5 inch strips and squares drawer.  This quilt was inspired by Bonnie Hunter's split nine patch blocks.  I thought the square in the middle of the block was interesting, so I added that.  It is all sewn together above!  Can you see my little bobble in the bottom left; the orange piece turned wrong?  A piecing problem!  May have to fix that...or not!
 Another view, awaiting borders here.
 The middle, before the blocks were sew together.
 Anther setting option I played with.
 And another setting option!  These are fun and versatile blocks...thank you, Bonnie Hunter for the inspiration!  I will be pondering the border issue now...
 Threads, anyone?  I made this block with Lisa Bongean, her quilt along for last summer.  The original little quilt has lots and lots of borders.  I brought the block out so I can think about it and decide how to finish it all up.
 One of the Woolen Willow design blocks, all appliqued down.  It is wonky!  And I truly love it.
 This bird is blind!!  I always like birds better when they have their eyes!
Binding Blitz winner!!!  I took a picture of the computer screen for the random number...and it was 13, as you see.  That happens to be Kathy, of Kathy quilts.  Kathy, I will be sending out your prize, the quilt kit, today!!

**********************Nurse's notes*****************************

The gentleman came into the hospital, absolutely unable to breath.  Bi pap, lasix, and medications helped him tremendously.  He was unkempt, long hair and beard, long jagged broken finger nails and toe nails, and kinda stinky, frankly.  That is the impression a person got...until you spent a little time with him!!

I noticed on rounds all this about him, and we gave him a really good bed bath and shampoo.  I found out that he used to be an executive engineer long ago, but had a terrible stroke which left him completely paralyzed on one side.  Kinda hard to trim your nails when you can't move your hands!   He lived alone, having no family, desperately wanting to maintain his independence, but struggling to care for himself.  He thanked us quietly, and asked maybe if we could trim his beard.  YEP!!  we sure did, and his hair too.  I snuck in and gave him a mani/pedi too.  IN his quiet way, he told me that he was so embarrassed about coming in looking so bad, and also told me that when he was well, he was the most immaculately groomed man anywhere.   And I bet that was right!

I thought to myself how much better he must feel now!!  And thought on first impressions, what people must have thought, just on first impression.  And how much better it was to dig a little deeper, and find out what a kind and sweet soul he really was.

So lesson of the day for me...maybe that person we glance at and dismiss has a little more to them than meets the eye!!  I was blessed to get to meet and care for this very nice man!

Just for the HIPPA names are mentioned, and no time frame is given.  Just a compilation of thoughts and musings
here about caring for people at my work.

Hey, the picture that snuck in right here?  It is the prize for the February Binding blitz!!  A gradation of reds and pinks for Valentines day, or any day, for that matter!!  15 fat eighths.  So get binding and I will too!


Have a great day, all!!


Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cindy's quilt!!

This is Cindy C's quilt!  She did this hand embroidery from an Aunt Martha's iron on transfer pattern.  Cindy does not blog, but wants to enter the Binding Blitz...pretty quilt, don't you think?  Love it, Cindy!!

Have a great evening,


Binding Blitz!!!

 It is the end of the month already!!  I finished binding three quilts for a friend, which I did not get a picture of!  But I did get a picture of this little quilt, that I bound this month also.  Hurrah!!  So I am making progress here, and I hope you are too.
Vicki Welsh made this really fun badge for us to use this year!! Feel free to grab the badge and put in on your blog if you want to.  Please see Vicki's blog HERE.  So every on bindings!  Some of you keep up with bindings, and some of us, like me,  have a pile of quilts that need binding.  Either way, when you finish a binding, why not link up with us for the BINDING BLITZ!!!  I have some fun prizes for each month all planned out, for all throughout the year.

Please link up below!!  Have a great day, everyone!

I just added my link to see if it really, truly worked...and it did!!  whoop!!!

Friday, January 30, 2015


 It just cries out for a red border, doesn't it?  Just yearns for it!  But...I did not have a big 'ol hunk of red.  And I did have this pink.  Which makes me so very happy!  The red pieces, the little ones I auditioned, thinking that I would have to go shop for red...made it a red quilt. A very red, planned out quilt. That is pretty much not what I wanted, I guess.
Because the pink just calls out to me!!!  I love it!!  REBEL!!!!

***********************A personal note*******************************

Maybe I am just a rebel at heart, you know?  Yes, I have a regular job (since I was 13 years old), am college educated, follow most of the "rules"...except...

A pink border just because I like it!!

Letting a dog in to visit her dying lady mistress at the big trouble for that one!  Wow...a cardinal sin for sure!  (that was years ago, and now we have visiting therapy dogs all the time)

Eating at the bedside for families...against the rules!!  But...a lady's husband was dying...and one nurse wanted to kick her out for eating a sandwich at the bedside and staying right with her husband.  NOT!!  on my shift! I stood in front of the door and guarded so she could eat her sandwich!

Talking to strangers...hugging them if needed...yep...not really in the rule book, is it.

So maybe I am a bit of a rebel!!  Not sure if this is bad or good, but my heart just sings with the PINK BORDER!!!