Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Going my own way...or maybe a little bit of rebel!!!

Good morning...happy Monday, or happy Tuesday, if you are from down under!! Above is my angel quilt.  I bordered it in orphan blocks, and a few new ones, too.  All three inches, finished, so hey, it worked!!!    I still have a bit of applique to go, and of course quilting it and binding it. And adding some crazy fun hair to these angels!

I have been thinking...(oh no!  LOL!)  I guess I have a really hard time adhering to a pattern, doing it EXACTLY how the pattern designer made it, using her same fabric choices, etc.  That is why the above quilt is just my cup of tea!  There was no plan, just a dream...and fun designing, or not designing...just adding whatever came to mind.  I love this!!  I planned to have a formal row of somber angels, wings all the same, keeping watch....but maybe these angels are a joyous bunch, dancing and singing, wings wild!   The added hearts are just part of me.  I guess they are my talisman, if there is such a thing.  I seem to be drawn to them.  

So!  I love to see patterns, and buy patterns and books and enjoy them, and most always change them up to my fancy, whenever I have the urge.  REBEL!!!!  Hahahaha!!

ON the other hand, I greatly respect and love our quilt designers...tons of love and time go into making patterns for all of us!  Putting it all out there, you know?  Thank you so much for doing this!

It is hard for me to keep up with quilt alongs, I am finding,  because it is not my vision, you know?  I am looking for a little discipline in that, LOL, because I always love the outcome and am sorry I didn't keep up.

There is no right or wrong...we are all quilters of the cloth and all have our own vision.  Following a pattern is an art and talent in itself, I think.  Maybe I am just impatient and want to create things my way?!  

Hugs to all from Julie

Monday, July 15, 2019

Dearest Boy update

This is my Dearest Boy block for this week.  I appliqued all the pieces, as Karen suggested.  I love it!!!  I wish my points were a tiny bit "pointier", but on the whole, I spent a ton of time on it and did ok.

Please see these bloggers below...in various stages of working on this quilt.

Cathy:  Big Lake Quilter
Julie:  Juliekquilts (me)
Carole: Wheels on the Warrandyte bus
Doreen:  Aunt Reen's Place

Have a super day!!!


Sunday, July 14, 2019

Dear Jane update!!

 "Dear Jane:  You certainly were an imaginative lady!!  I am so delighted to be emulating you; sewing your quilt.  However, what do you think of this block?  I made a itty bitty change in it!!  In almost every Dear Jane quilt I have seen, these petals are crowded to the point of almost being cut off.  So I hope it agreeable with you if I added circles instead of petals!!"  Those little red areas in the corners will be hidden in the seam allowance.  So it is all good!
 So much for my letter to Jane.  Here is her original block.  I love them both!!

Chantal had a great question about why I was sewing my blocks together as I go.  Well, I have been making this quilt for a number of years.  It was suggested to me that I sew them together as I go, way back then.  Since the colors are those of the original, and basically a subtle trip around the world, I thought this was a good idea, because I wouldn't have to worry about spreading out colors.    So...at least I have not lost any blocks on the way, LOL!!

Some brave and intrepid quilters are joining in on our Dear Jane journey.  My goal is just make one block a week.  Anytime is fine, there are no rules, just fun, fun, fun, and the goal of eventually get this quilt to the finished pile!!

Here are the participants so far:

Binsa:  https://cobblestonebridgequiltsnthings.blogspot.com/
Lcrrkhs:  http://lcrrkhs.blogspot.com/    What is your first name darling lady?
Carole:  http://wheelsonthewarrandytebus.blogspot.com/

and me!!  I hope if you have ever started this, or even are thinking about it...maybe you have the book...just join in!!  I will link to these blogs every week, so you can enjoy their progress.

 Here are some of these....
And here are some of these!!  Just adding a few here and there....samplers are super fun!!

I am linking to Kathy, for some slow stitching...my dear Jane block is all stitched by hand.


Hugs to all from Julie

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Just thinking!

 I was dreaming the other night, and I dreamt of this.  Plaid angels!  So I have been playing with this pattern.  I just drew out the angels and have been prepping some pieces.  This is great fun!
I have been making more stars.  I only have two more cut out, so I guess that will be how big the quilt will be.

Hope each of you is having a great day!


Sunday, July 7, 2019

Dear Jane update

 My goal,  for every Sunday, is to add a Dear Jane block to my quilt.  Before I know it...the center will be done!!!  I made the brown block, last on the right bottom row, and then sewed it to the row.
 Here it is in all wonderful imperfection!!  It is darn cute in person.  In studying the Dear Jane (Stickle) quilt, her blocks were not at all perfect.  Yet, in the whole, it is such a fun and perfect quilt!!!
 I sewed a star block every morning before work this week.  The blue one with brown points on the  bottom center is actually a pocket from a shirt, from the thrift store.  I love it, and will leave a secret message in the pocket for whomever gets this quilt!!
Not everything has to be complex for me to love it.  These blocks are just lickety split fast to make...I love them, and am using up lots of scraps.

About the Dear Jane...if you can let me know everyone who is interested in working on theirs, I will link to you each week, and you can link to me too...so we can encourage each other!!!


Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy Independence Day!!!!

Happy Independence Day to all here in America...let freedom ring!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Taking stock

 I have been thinking  (oh no, watch out!!)  What do I REALLY want to get done!?  I really would like to finish my Dear Jane quilt.  I know many of you have started this, and stalled out.  If we had a sew along, like one block a week, could we do that?  Or should it be all out effort on it?  Anyone interested in finishing their Dear Jane with me?
 My friend Lori sent me some blocks.  I just absolutely love finishing things that may have lost their initial luster, for some reason, from other people sewing rooms!  As I was loving my tiny flower quilt syesterday, it struck me to make another little flower quilt from Lori's block!  Eureka!!
 I have been steadily working on these star blocks.  Mostly made from plaids, and some additional scraps as well.
 Super fun and no stress whatsoever!
I am not sure if you can see the final blue lines, for quilting, in the border  I have been working on it, hand quilting it as the news is on, every night.  Most nights, I mean...

I really dislike the news.  I mostly tune it out, honestly. Do you??  Or are you a news junkie?  Or probably somewhere in between??  I am tired of the politics of it all, for sure!!


Please see this blog!


This lady is Nanette, and she is a wonder!  I was e-mailing with her about applique, and she said, "Just call me!"  So I did, and what a fun and lively conversation we had.  I learned A LOT.  Mostly that I really didn't know much about applique, really doing it correctly, I mean.  So I am enthused and so excited about starting another applique project, after I finish the Dearest Boy quilt.  I really appreciate her sharing her expertise!!!

Another dear friend is Karen; here:


Karen started a quilt; an applique wonder!!  Please go and see what she is up to...WOW!!!  It is gorgeous!  She does the kind of applique I aspire to do.  Karen is making the Dearest Boy quilt, too.  Karen has helped me also with trying to get better with my applique.  Between these ladies, and all of you experts, I am getting better!!

Have a super day!


Monday, July 1, 2019


 I was just playing with pinning a few quilts up in the dining room.
 I love flowers...flowers just speak to me, real and otherwise, even applique ones!!  Here are a few of my flower quilts.  See my antique wall paper?
 And hearts!!!  A few of my heart quilts.  Two of these were given to me by my friend Lyn.  Thank you, Lyn!  I have given away dozens of heart quilts over the years.
 A favorite!
 And another favorite!!!
I am working on the binding for this quilt.  Rosie is modeling for you; she does this for free, mostly, just a little recognition and food!  (And national media coverage....NOT!)

And a lot of house cleaning got done in a whirlwind today.  YAHOO!!!


Sunday, June 30, 2019

Dearest Boy update!

 This is my version of the Dearest Boy block for this day. I find myself really enjoying the applique process!!  The applique prep?  Not so much, LOL, but I find myself getting a little better at it.  Practice, practice!!
I recently purchased a seam ripper...here is the contact information.  It is so lovely in the hand!!

Have a great day!


Saturday, June 15, 2019


I did not complete my Dearest boy block this time, and will probably substitute another block.  I have started on the next block, however.    I have been playing with stars...quiet, reflective and easy sewing.  This is where I am heading with this!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!!


Monday, June 10, 2019

Monday, Monday!

 Temecula Quilt Company is having a 1/2 square triangle quilt along!!  Well...I was just thinking about that, LOL!  Please see a couple of posts back...1/2 square triangles are on my brain.

I love them...so scrappy and reminiscent of the quilts these little pieces were made from.  On we go!!
I am hand quilting the last border.  It is a bit sweet, and thrilling that this project is wrapping up!!!

***************************Nurse's Notes*************************

Please do not read if you are not into gritty truth...this is sad, sad, sad.

My friend Pam, of almost thirty years, died on the 7th, of sepsis.  I was the one who took her to the hospital on the fifth...and stayed with her part of the time up there...she had breast cancer, and suddenly developed sepsis of an unknown source.  We still don't know exactly why she got so, so sick, so quickly.  What was the source of the sepsis?  Not one doctor could pinpoint it.  In desperation, after she coded and we got her back, our surgeon friend took her to high risk, last ditch effort surgery.  He slashed open her abdomen and explored, thinking maybe necrotic bowel?  Maybe gangrenous gallbladder?  Maybe cancer everywhere?   What, what, what was it?  He found nothing.  NOTHING to account for her horrendous white count, her obvious sepsis.

I am so sad I cannot stand it.  She was a constant in my life...the first nurse who greeted this little nurse, timid and tiny back then 30 years ago...she made me feel welcome in  this scary, big hospital.  We had many unspoken and unfinished things among us.  There is a feeling of unrest and great misery among all who knew her.  Just too soon, taken too young, too fast and way too unexpected.

She could not communicate well what was going on with her...that would have helped things, I think.  Just so, so sad here.

Thank you for listening.


And now back to the fun quilting things.  I won't mention Pam again...but she was a great lady, and quilter, and is so missed.


Saturday, June 8, 2019

Saturday blues!

 I made a few of these blocks today, using blues.  I have more cut out to add to the piecing line-up.  I really enjoy making these blocks, which you can find below, with the pattern.

I am figuring out a way to use these blocks in the same quilt.  I have all the colors of the blocks made...just thinkin'!!!!!

Please see Angela's blog HERE...there is lots of inspiration for rainbow, scrappy quilts of all descriptions there.  It is a fun way to use your scraps.  I am linking to her blog.

Hope you have an amazing day!


Tuesday, June 4, 2019


 Tuesday is for Tiny Tuesday.  I have been working on the orange blocks for last month.  WE are supposed to border the blocks, like the red ones...but I think I am liking the tiny blocks with no borders better!  Let's see how it shapes up.  This is a rainbow quilt...please see Angela's blog,


I picked this large green pepper from the garden today...it is so, so pretty!!

***********************Nurse's notes*************************

My friend collapsed in the waiting room, right before her colonoscopy today.  She had called me and wanted me to be there, and I am glad I was.  We called an ambulance and she is admitted to the hospital.  She has cancer, all over.  I am so terribly worried about her...the scope today was to check for cancer in her GI system.  Any prayers or good thoughts would be most welcome...I am mortally afraid for her life.



Monday, June 3, 2019


 Monday is for Meetin' house quilts.  Here is where I am.  Some blocks I have made two of...my favorites!   Below is where to find the patterns.

 Here are the blocks I made today.  I had to make a tulip block, too,  as Quiltville Bonnie is making these recently.
 Klein Meisje quilts (Lynn Dykstra) has the most fun quilts going on, using prints and solids. I just had to join in on this one!!!  Please see her blog here!!!


These are my brights strips cut for the quilt.  Just a pretty pile, don't you think??

This is a leftover lotion tin.  I made a tiny pincushion out of it, rather than send it to recycling.  It may be the most useful thing I have made all year!!!

Have a great day!


Sunday, June 2, 2019

Nothing started, nothing finished!

 I played with these stars!!!  They are 9.5 inch finished.  They are so inaccurate, it is laughable!!!
 So...I looked at these rulers.  NO WONDER the pieces don't fit!!  See the big gap where the rulers should meet??
Very crooked!!!  The star points blocks blocks were way big and had to be trimmed to 3.5 inches to fit in the block.

So, guess what?  I got new rulers!  Joann's had them on sale and the lady at the counter gave us a coupon and they were 6 bucks and change.

I am going to try again for more accurate blocks...but I will use these too, anyway.

Have a super day, each of you!


Thursday, May 30, 2019

Half Square Hootenanny!!!

 Well, well, well.  WELL!!!  I have saved every little triangle I have ever trimmed from a star, using the connector piecing method.  It is so totally out of hand, this saving of tiny pieces; it is crazy!!!    I made a few blocks, using some...
 But there are more....
 And more!!! I think this is all of them.
So...I got to work.  I trimmed one zillion half square triangles to two inches, squared up.  And...I have a zillion ideas to go along with those tiny blocks!!

How about this?  This uses 2 inch half square triangles...just the size you get when making those afore mentioned stars.  This is a free pattern, from Quiltville!!!  Please see


And while you are there, Bonnie has so graciously posted many, many free quilt patterns. Please see her blog...and if you are a scrappy quilter, Bonnie has written many, many books, using all those pretty scraps you just can't get rid of!!

What other ideas do you have for a 1/2 square triangle quilt??


Dearest Boy update

Good morning to you!!  Here is out latest "Dearest Boy" block.  I absolutely love this one.  It all fit well in the size of block it was supposed to fir into, and was an absolute joy to stitch.  Hurrah!!!  It took me about the same time to prep as it did to stitch, for a total of three hours of work.  

Can you see the waviness?  It is caused by the tons of applique, drawing in the middle, I think.  All the sides are the right size, so this waviness will quilt out, and I might block it carefully to square it up.  

Please see these quilters, as they are also working on these blocks.  

Cathy:  Big Lake Quilter
Julie:  Juliekquilts (me)
Carole: Wheels on the Warrandyte bus
Doreen:  Aunt Reen's Place

I hope you have an amazing, joyful day today!


Sunday, May 26, 2019

Slow Stitching, and update on string quilt, rainbow style!

 I don't know if you can see this well, but I am hand stippling the area inside the pink arcs of the border.  I only have three more little sections to go, then it is on to the white area next to the green binding area!  I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
 I love seeing progress on this quilt, which has been a labor of love for a long time.  This is entirely created by hand and surely qualifies for "Slow Stitching Sunday!"  So...I am linking to Kathy,

HERE!  Please visit her and see what everyone is slow stitching on!

 I am sewing strings together!  I started this I think in January, stalled out a bit, but last night...I did not sleep.  Not a bit sleepy after 3AM!  So I quietly sewed this quilt top together.  WHOOP!!!  Making hay while the sun does not shine...hahahaha!
I need the top and bottom border, and then the scrappy outside border made.  A lot happened last night, and I am grateful for the quiet time to sew.

I am linking to Angela, HERE!  for Rainbow quilts.  We are working on orange this month, so I am showing green.  REBEL!!!  Not really...I have been sewing orange, too...but I think you have all seen those blocks too many times already.

Also, I am linking with Lori, at Humble quilt, HERE.  We are using our strings to make quilts there.

OK, off to do some real housework and cooking now!!