Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Keeping up with the mystery!!

 As you probably know, Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville has a mystery going on!!  I have finished the first clue, above.  296 half square triangles of grey and neutral.  TADA!!  That was fun!!  Actually there are close to 350 there...so I have extras for my yearly "leftovers from the mystery" little quilt!
I am making progress on the Ocean quilt, inspired by Quilty Folk (Audrey!)  She made the most amazing scrappy quilt, and I have been saving these strings for a long time...time to GETERDUN!!   With her gracious permission, I am making a quilt like hers...and yet very unlike hers, too.   I am loving this so far, but it does not photograph well...needs some natural light for those pretty colors to shine through.

Have a great day, one and all!  I am linking up to Quiltville, with all the other zillion people making the mystery quilt!!


Saturday, November 28, 2015


 I recently was on a road trip, and finished the applique and binding of this little quilt.  Kind of a crazy quilt, isn't it??  I do a lot of hand work on the road...keeping those hands busy!
 I imagine this will find a home as a table topper, and I am glad it is completed.
 A little mug rug, out of scraps and leftover hearts.  Don't you just love a striped binding?
 Closing in on finishing the hand quilting on this quilt!  It is my own design, and is a signature quilt from my son and DIL's wedding.  Just a few years overdue...not too bad, LOL!!
And my Quilty Folk inspired scrappy quilt!   The colors are washed out in the photo, and it needs a pure white background, so you can see the colors properly.  This one reminds me of the ocean...I always just thought the ocean was "blue", but when I actually got to see it..there are so many colors, from greens to deep, almost blue-black colors!!  If I lived by the ocean?  I would walk by it EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

Hope everyone is doing fantastic, and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (at least here in the USA)!!!


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Turning Twenty blocks!!

 Turning Twenty Monday was yesterday!!!  These were fun blocks to make.  Please see Tricia at Turning Twenty here:

See the Turning Twenty blog here!!!

See the Turning Twenty website here!!!!

See Tricia's face book page here!!!

This is part of the Seeing Stars Mystery Quiltalong!!

I made this quilt called Crabapples; a Bonnie Hunter pattern.  This past month, I gave it away to a patient.  She cuddled with it and loved it, so I think it was a great thing!!!  Did any of you make this quilt too???

Have a great day, each of you!!


Friday, November 13, 2015

A few more stars in the Galaxy!

 A few more stars are emerging!  I found that I had cut this quilt out...twice.  I just thought I had one quilt cut out, but found two!  So I loving the old and new plaids being combined.
 Rosie likes it too...or the warm blocks from the iron!!
This is something entirely new.  Audrey from Quilty Folk made the most beautiful scrap quilt this past year.  I have been in severe love with it since the moment I saw it!!  I had an idea, to use all this shade/shades of fabric to make a scrappy quilt like hers.  Here is my start....hmmmmmmmmm we shall see!!

please see her blog right here!!


Have a super weekend, each of you!!


Wednesday, November 11, 2015


 I am continuing to make a few plaid stars!!  These are such fun to make, and all from the plaid scraps.
Let's give away this book!  It is a super fun one, and it is the prize for the November Binding Blitz. I am sure I will find some fun fat quarters to go in the package, too. So rev up those binding fingers...and finish some bindings!!!  Random drawing is at the end of the month...

Have a great day, each one of you!!


Saturday, November 7, 2015

A few Christmas blocks!!

 There is a Christmas Blog Hop in the works!!  I joined in, and have started making the blocks.  You can read all about it HERE!


 Lisa has all the bloggers listed, one block a week.  I am using up some wool scraps, and some felt too. Above is the first block!!
 I think I may change this to a red, shiny nose!!
 A little lamb of Peace...
 Santa, you need a face!!!
And his sleigh as well.  All of these still need stitching and embellishment, but at least I am this far along!!

Above is Cindy C.'s beautiful quilt, for the binding blitz.  She is donating this quilt...isn't it lovely?  Thank you, Cindy, for participating....I took a picture of my screen, because I really wanted to share this beautiful quilt with all of you.

Speaking of the Binding blitz...Congratulations to Debra, of Feathers in my Nest, HERE!  

Her entry was randomly chosen for the winner of the Binding Blitz for this month!!  Now her blog is new to me...but wow!!  Please go over for a peek...Debra is a wonderful quilter, and has such a fun blog!!  I will send you an e-mail, Debra, for your snail mail info.

I want to tell each of you how much I appreciate you, participating in the Binding Blitz!!  It is so very much fun to see all your amazing quilts!!!


Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!!


Monday, November 2, 2015

Binding Blitz!!! And Turning Twenty Monday!!

 Here are the Turning Twenty Mystery quilt blocks so far!!  All red, white, and blue (or cream..)
 And closer!  Please see the Turning Twenty websites below!

See the Turning Twenty blog here!!!

See the Turning Twenty website here!!!!

See Tricia's face book page here!!!

This is part of the Seeing Stars Mystery Quiltalong!!

 I am working on binding this quilt.  It has been quilted for a long time, and I have the binding attached and am in the process of hand stitching it to the back.  I saw a quilt at the Dallas Quilt Show several years ago, took a picture of it, and then kind of went on my own and changed it all up to match what I liked at the time.
 Pretty matchy/matchy, isn't it???
But it is quite large, and looks pretty on the guest bed!!

Have you been binding something the last three months??  Please add your link below!!  A random winner will be chosen, to receive the bundle of Batik fat quarters I showed early last month.

Have a great day, all!!



    An InLinkz Link-up

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fall Festival quilt!!!

This is my entry is my entry for Amy Blogger's quilt festival for this fall!  This is the first time I have entered anything like this, but I am so very happy to finish this quilt, this year!  It is all hand applique, and all hand quilted.  Most of the fabric is from re purposed shirts from the thrift.  The hearts are my addition to the pattern, which was a free online mystery quilt along by Jeni from the Willow from this year, and her blog is found HERE.


I am really enjoying seeing all your amazing quilts!!!  Thank you so much, Amy, for being a marvelous hostess to this fun event each spring and fall...please see Amy's blog right here!!


Happy Fall,


Wonderful workin' on it Wednesday!!!

 Happy Wednesday, everyone!!  I have been playing in the Tulip field...Tricia's Tulips!!  Tricia is my friend from the Turning Twenty quilting company.  She recently gifted me with some pretty springtime fabrics!  So...tulips came to mind, and you all know I love strings.  It just all fit together!
 Closer view...It is so much fun to just play in the scraps!
 This quilt was gifted to me, recently.  It is polyester squares, but some very much older cotton pieces too.  The border was red, but is completely missing on both bottom and top, just a few shreds left.  Maybe this was made in the 50's?  But the setting print, the light small print in some of the blocks is very much older, in my thinking...what do you think??

Anyway, it is a fun quilt of the times, and is as heavy as can be!!  I think maybe a blanket is the batting...

Have a great day, everyone!!


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Working on a lot of things, here!! How about you!??

 I have insomnia, as some of you know.  So...what to do when you cannot sleep?  I cut out quilt pieces!  It is quiet, and I get a lot done, late at night, with just the night sounds to keep me company.  Above is one of the kits I cut out.  I have enough plaids cut out for 80 stars.  All plaids!  I will probably change the pinwheels, but they are fun to look at in the meantime.
And...I am hand quilting this quilt.  I love the slow, repetitive motion of needle through cloth.  Soothing, and I love the effect!!  Are you a hand quilter, at least with some projects?

What you are doing today!??

A shout out to Edie, who left such a nice message, but is a no reply blogger...thank you!

Have a great one, whatever you are up to!!!


Friday, October 16, 2015

Happy Friday!

 Something new and different!  (But still using strings, which I adore!)  This is a springtime quilt, all of pretty light hearted colors.  And some tulips decided to grown on it too!  It is incredibly fast to make these blocks...and great fun!
And the total opposite...saturated and dark!  I added the bright colored vine, and like this little crazy quilt a lot better.  I think I will put a heart or two here and there, just to make it more "me".

Have a great day, everyone!!
Happy Friday!


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

95 degrees here...Happy Fall!

 These are a few of the little fall quilts around my house.  I made this one last year.
 And this one the year before, I think...
 And this one many years ago!  Dated fabrics, now...
 On the dining room table...
And all through the house!!

I think I have posted them all before, but since I am rooting for fall to get here ANY DAY NOW, since it is 95 DEGREES...I thought I might show them again.  Just to let fall know I AM READY!!


Have a great day,


Monday, October 12, 2015

Rainbow scrap progress

 Well, I am slowly making progress on the Rainbow quilt (quilts).  I just put all the blocks together, for a picture; both the squares quilt and the flower/string quilt.  
I just love pretty, pretty colors!!  Thank you, Lord, for the ability to see color...it makes our world come alive!!

Nurse's Notes********************************************************

I have the task of calling each patient back, the day after they go home.  This is just to check on them, and to make sure they have their proper medications, and that they are taking them knowledgeably.  Also, to check on incisional progress, etc.  Anyway, I called a 90 year old lady today, who just was released yesterday, and asked her if she was doing OK. "Yep!!!  Got out there and weeded some in the little garden.  Watering now...so is there anything you need, deary?? 'Cause I gotta go!"

You know...this generation was just tougher!!!  I love them so much, and am grateful for each chance to interact with this age group.


Have a great day, all!


Saturday, October 10, 2015

A few things!

 Well, I have a zillion bowties all cut out!  I decided to sew a few of them.  This is the two inch finished size, which are darling cute when finished.  It takes a five and a half inch strip of 1.5 inch wide fabric.  Two 1.5 inch squares, and two one inch squares.  Just a 1/2 inch left over, but I always like to have a tiny bit extra.
 These are the fat quarter for the autumn giveaway, for Binding blitz!!  I just cannot get a picture to show you how pretty these batiks are...oh well!

And lookie!!  I got a WONDERFUL package in the mail!!  Thank you so much, Loris!!

Have a great day, everyone!!


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Turning Twenty Monday!!

 Well, there is a story behind this block!  I was working away on my Turning Twenty block...so proud that I was on top of it all!!  AND!  I made the wrong block!  LOL!!  So I made the right blocks, and here is my 12 inch one, above.  Scrappy red, white and blue!!

See the Turning Twenty blog here!!!

See the Turning Twenty website here!!!!

See Tricia's face book page here!!!

This is part of the Seeing Stars Mystery Quiltalong!!

 I let life interfere with my fun lately, (work has been seriously crazy busy!)  and let TWO months slip by without a Binding Blitz gift!!  So this month, work on your bindings, and any quilt binding you have finished the last two months as well counts too.  The prize is the above fat quarter bundle!!  I could not get a good picture, but this is a whole bunch of Batiks, in autumn colors!  Chocolate and cheddar and orange and just pretty colors for a fall time quilt.
It is from Island Batiks, and I hope you love it as much as I do!

So ready, set, go!!  We will have show and tell at the end of the month, and a drawing for these fat quarters!!

Have a great day, dear friends!!!!


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall Time!!

 Karen from the Log Cabin Quilter showed her autumn quilts in a recent post, so I thought I would share some of mine too.  I think the above pattern is a Fons and Porter quilt pattern.  Karen made a big quilt of this pattern, and I made this smaller one.
 This is a Payne quilt pattern...but I set it my way.  It still needs a binding!!
 This one, I believe, is a Bonnie Hunter quilt.  I like the oranges!!  and the plaids!!!
 Another view...
 And Celtic Solstice!!  I just love this quilt, a mystery by Bonnie Hunter...and I would make another one in a heart beat.
I did not choose to make this one scrappy!!  Weird, huh, for a Bonnie/Julie quilt, but I selected all plaids and away I went!!

Happy Fall!!