Monday, October 24, 2016

Just a little forward progress!

 I have been slowly making a star or two, as the fancy strikes me  These are mostly from plaids, but have some batiks and also reproduction fabrics in there, as well.
 Closer view...These are inspired from a quilt from Karen's blog, the Log Cabin Quilter.  Thank you, Karen, for letting me make a quilt like yours!!!
It takes a wonderful true friend to make blocks for you, for your Splendid Sampler!!  My friend Lyn not only made these blocks, but copied others for paper piecing for me, on her special paper.  Thank you so much, dear Lyn!  I so appreciate you!!!

So...I was just working and working and working at the full moon time, and forgot all about posting for Log Cabin Loonies!!  Maybe we could, instead, start something new.  A fun quilt, a few blocks at a time?  Would there be any interest??? I will show what I have in mind soon, and you can join in at will!!!

Have a great day, everyone!!


Friday, October 21, 2016

The Secret...

 You may remember this quilt made of scrap/crumb 1/2 square triangles and silly flowers, which I love.   As usual, I got stuck on the borders, and into the quilt abyss it went!  (the quilt closet)
 It is time to finish up all these border-less quilts!!  So...I made a border of strings and away I went!!
 Black print squares in the corners...
 and black borders around the flowers, so that kind of goes together.
 Here is the whole thing!  I like the light strings in the borders...they kind of sparkle!
The quilt grew feet!!!  Hee!!!

By the way?  The secret to life????  ready??

Is string borders!!  I have never made one that I don't like, and plan to finish several of the remaining quilt tops this way!  And will use up my remaining strings, so win/win!

So...aren't you glad you know the secret to life???


Have a great day!


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Splendid sampler progress!

 The time of reckoning!  I am just really trying to pare down all these projects in progress! Above are my Splendid Sampler blocks. The more I have them out, the better I like them.
I think my favorite block may be this embroidery heart.  It took about as long as all the other blocks combined, LOL!  I am just doing the blocks I love the very the paper piecing ones are at the bottom of the stack...'cause I am just not very good at that!

I hope each of you is having a marvelous day!


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thank friends are the best!!

 Jeni is having a quilt along again, and I am caught up!  That is the result of having two days off in a row, LOL!!

Please see her group here: is a free quilt along, which is always so nice!!

Thank you so very much, everyone, that gave suggestions and comments about this quilt (borders!)  Rosie the poodle is thinking about it, and she will let me know what she thinks later...

Have a super day, each of you!!


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Plaids and Plains flying geese: decision time!

 OK, OK!  That is enough flying geese to make a fair sized quilt.  So...what now??
 I had these little stars already made, and just put them up there to see if I liked them.  I think that I need bigger stars, so it will all go together nicely...48 six inch stars!! If I go that route...
 Some red triangles?  Nope...but I will find a place for these, someday, in some quilt!
And here is that empty space.  I am thinking of some applique, but what?  Birds? Geese?  A flowering vine??

Maybe just a plain border????  I am liking the contrast between the many plaids and the plains...that part is fun!!

Any thoughts, dear friends???  Here is my continual sticking point. THE BORDERS!!!

Have a great day, everyone!!

Julie K

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Circular thinking

 I have been working on my circles applique project.  It is hard for me to concentrate effort on one project every day without fail, (one a day), so I prep a bunch and stitch them in the car, on road trips.  Whatever works, right??  Here is where I am...mostly reds and blues, and now a few purples and pinks are creeping in.  These are a little bit addicting!!  I am going through the bins, colorwise, and picking fabrics for circles!
 Finished the hand quilting and binding on this little runner.
 And a gift from a niece!  These are panels that someone stitched around...
They are so fun and so appreciated!!

Have a great day, everyone!!!


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sampler Supreme!

May I ask who is working on the Sampler Supreme, by Pat Sloan?  Here is where I am, which is woefully behind!!  My friend Lyn is almost caught up!!

Have a great day, everyone!!


Sunday, September 18, 2016

A wee little tutorial!

A few people wanted to know how I make my Plaid and Plain flying geese, so I am writing this tutorial for you!  Please be kind...I am not an expert at tutorial writing, LOL!  Above is a 3 1/2 inch strip from my plaid scraps, and a plain 2 inch strip.  These are not chosen for their beauty (LOL!), but for contrast, so you can see better.

First, cut the 3 1/2 inch strip into two triangle pieces, with your easy angle ruler.  
ZIP! There goes the second one!!
Then, from a neutral 3 1/2 inch strip  (I used muslin for mine, 'cause that is what I have most of), cut two triangles using the same method.

Then, cut (2) two inch squares.

Then off to the sewing machine!  Each 3x6 inch block takes five seams.  First, sew the plaid and neutral triangles together, as above.  

Then, layer the plain (blue in this case) square on the pieces and sew in a connector corner fashion.

Then, trim the excess.  You can keep these extra triangles if you want, but they are pretty I am not saving mine this time.

Then, press one to the dark side, and one to the light side.  This makes it easy for the seams to nest!!

Turn them this way, 

Then sew them together!  Press...trims your threads (like I obviously did NOT DO)...and Yahoo!!  You have one done already!!  

There are many ways to make any quilt block, but this is the one I used, this time...probably be different next time, LOL!!  I hope this helps those quilters who asked how I did mine.

A few more 2 inch finished bow ties, above

A few more basket blocks, four inches finished
Maybe I went on a little shopping spree at a local quilt show...everything on sale and it was great fun!!

A pretty little fabric sampler for $4.00...who could resist!!

This is a basket that one of the members made to sell, so I bought one for the cause.  It was very pretty!!

And that is all, folks!  I hope you are having a marvelous day!!!


Friday, September 16, 2016

Log Cabin Loonies!!

Happy Full Moon to all of you Log Cabin Loonies!!  This is an amazing quilt, a quilt of valor,
 shared on MyQuiltPlace by Lynn Welton Zimmerman. 

I love the differing sizes of the "logs" in this quilt...wonderful!  Lynn's fabric choices are so much fun, and thank you so much for allowing us to showcase your gorgeous quilt!!!

A penumbral lunar eclipse occurred at night on September 16, 2016 in Pekanbaru, Indonesia

Well, my moon pictures lacked a certain something.  Well...they lacked everything...focus, clarity and beauty.  So enjoy this picture of the full moon, instead!!  Please step out and try to see it yourself, is so pretty and there is an eclipse tonight, too!!!

Please link up below, to share your own Log Cabin quilts.  Piles of strips, old quilts, new quilts, quilts in progress...share with us, and let us enjoy your work!!

Have a super night,


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Marching on!!

 If you have been hanging out with me for a while (a long while, LOL!), you may remember this quilt, that I have been working on.  It was a Summer block of the week, by Lisa Bongean of primitive gatherings.  Her original quilt was a wool one, of three inch blocks, and I have the top all complete.  But then....I thought!  What if I enlarge the blocks to six inches, and put sashing in between the blocks, of between the flowers???
 So I did.  The blocks and sashing have been staring at me, more and more accusingly...saying, "When can WE be a quilt?"  Today was the day!!  I finally have the top all in one piece.  I have a ton more leaves to applique, but this is a huge step forward for me, and the very step that I needed to move forward on some other projects, too.  So yahoo!  Lots more work to be done on this one...tons more leaves, and lots of quilting and of course those borders that I am always challenged with.  But I am to this point!  And so I am grateful!!!  This is not trimmed...just TOGETHER, which is a huge celebration to me!!
 Another woolly block was released, so I prepped it, and did a tiny bit of stitching on it.  Turns out that this quilt is wanting to be a bit bright, instead of muted primitive colors!  Never can tell what these quilts are going to ask for, LOL!
 So...I decided I had enough plaid and plain flying geese blocks for my quilt, and had these leftover. I sewed them into a little runner.  AND THEN!!! I decided to make my original quilt bigger, so I need twenty more blocks.  SNORT!!! Figures, huh?? I am back cutting more out, LOL!
This is hand appliqued and hand quilted, for a very special friend.  Just working on the binding and label, and it will be in the post.  I hope she likes it! I have made dozens of heart quilts through the years, and love each and every one!!

Have a super day, everyone!!!

Julie K

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Plaids and Plains: Flying geese update!

I have been working hard on these blocks; my "plaids and plains"  flying geese blocks.  They are fun, and when you get into a rhythm, they are fast.  Five seams each...and I thought I would put a little surprise into this quilt, thus the plain muslin pieces at the top of the quilt.  Just can't leave well enough alone, can I?  Hee!!!

Hope you all are have a wonderful day!!


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Wool applique!

 Jeni from the Willow is having another free quilt along!  Since I had so much fun with hers last year, I really want to keep up with this one. are the first two blocks.  I am loving them!!
 You can find her blog here, and also the free patterns.  Thank you, Jeni!!

 I have made a tiny bit of progress on the Buttermilk Basin "Let it Snow" bom.  I am missing some blocks, and I know I have printed them out, so will go through my files and find them, LOL!!
I had a call for gluten free, wheat free bread.  This is what I made.  It is made from rice and tapioca starch...and it is pretty good!!  Different, but good!  Especially yummy with peanut butter and honey, or butter and jam.  I would love a recipe for Oat bread, made only with oat you have a good one??

Have a great day, everyone!!


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Making some tracks now!!

 I have a thought in my head, still...that, "OH, I am going to hand quilt all these quilts, some day!!"  Folks, it just can't be least not all of them!!  So, I recently sent these to be quilted, and I am tickled as I can be to have them done, at least to this stage!!  These are all destined to go to the hospital, for patients.  A rail fence scrappy...
 A blue one, for a guy.
 Someone must love pink like I do, at least I am hoping so!
 This one!  This came from one scrap bag, and all seems to go together.  I have an orange scrappy binding planned for it.
 And I have been making progress on the Plaids and Plains flying geese...
 Liking them!!
This is my companion for all Rosie.  A stray, she has become so very important to me.  I love her very dearly.

This one is to keep...I love it!  A Jacob's ladder variation.  It was super fun to make!  And to no surprise, I have another one cut out.

Have a great day!!  Thanks for hanging in there. on a lengthy post!!