Wednesday, April 26, 2017


 Hey!!!  I saw a new way to use strings!!!  Please see Rose Marie's blog here.

See what she is doing with her strings??  I was in instant love with this idea, and she kindly encouraged me to make my own quilt, using this idea!  Yahoo!  I was on it, today...and have been cutting out pieces to make my own string pieced chevrons.  I think her quilt is just beautiful!!  Thank you, Rose Marie.

I have love admired Rose Marie's precision piecing and joy she finds in displaying her quilts and quilt tops.  Love, love!!!
 The Cheri Payne blocks are going together like this.  Just need some more time...and this one will be in one piece!!
 This is what is for dessert, tonight...
 And the Zinnias are blooming!!  First tiny bloom, right here.
 Theses are the bees that I am trying to encourage to stay...they are gathering pollen from all over, and I hope that they stay for the flowers.  This is part of their back door, in the wood pile.
The tomatoes are growing.  There was a nice rain today, and that encouraged them, I hope.


I am sorry I was griping on my last post about the mandatory nursing training that went on this week...but tomorrow?  I have to go to another 3 hours class!  This one is about diffusing difficult, dangerous situations, where you are attacked by a patient or family member.  I hear it is very physical and a lot of moves are practiced on each other.  Hope I never, ever have to take someone down or defend myself this way!!  Wish me luck...


Have a great day!


Monday, April 24, 2017

Out of the quilt closet...

 Well I was straightening up the infamous closet, and I found this!  You can tell it is pretty dated, by the fabrics used...but I like it anyway, LOL! 
I guess the plan at the time was to have a 5x6 quilt, so thirty blocks.  It is rumpled and wrinkled, but I am working on it!  There is quite a bit of applique in the circles bits, so will take some time. 

Do you ever think, "Awwwwww, just make something out of what you have already done, and be done with the project, already!"  I do...but I think this will be cuter and more useful as an actual quilt if I continue on with it. 

Happy Monday, everyone!  This is my home blessing  CLEAN HOUSE DAY!!!

*********************Nurse's notes**********************

I had a three hour mandatory skills fair today, so it took a big chunk out of my day.  Grrrrr!!!!  Five mandatory classes this month, at the hospital.  Too much, I tell ya!!  The hospital is spending big bucks on this education stuff, but I can honestly say...everything I did this morning, I have done for years, and it was a not needed review for me.  I have been teaching this for years.  I would like to see some things I don't know so much craniotomies or pressure readings inside the skull.  That is what I don't know, and what I would like to learn...

Do you have mandatory training where you work, too??


Have a great day!


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Saturday!!

 Good morning, everyone! This picture is for Elaine!!! Elaine is a whiz at quilt making, and she quilts her quilts on her domestic machine...working magic!   You just have to go and peek at her work and be inspired!!  Please notice her amazing quilting; you will love it.

Please see her blog below:

She recently showed a kaleidoscope quilt that is just amazing...and I remembered this one I made.  I misplaced a lot of pieces, and did not notice the value placement errors until it was quilted.  I still love it!  LOL!  I remember hand quilting around every piece and how joyful it was.
 A closer view of the hand stitching.  I usually have it flung over the door to the office, and see it each time I go in, but as time passes, it has kind of faded into the woodwork, LOL!  It was fun to take it down and actually look at it again. 
An anonymous donor has sent an amazing quilt for a patient.  This person's generous heart and quilt will not only warm a sick body, but also warm a heart with love and caring.  Thank you so much...this will go to someone who needs extra, extra, extra love and healing powers!!!

Stressful day around here...I will be glad when it is over, and a sleep carries us into a new day!

Hugs to all,


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Green strings---streak of lightning!!

 OK!  This is what the green string quilt decided to become.  TADA!!  It is done!  I have to tell you, I did not have enough green strings to complete this project, so I had to cut some strings from yardage and fat quarter pieces.  I used all the green up!!  Yahoo!!
Rosie is now posing for your viewing pleasure.  It just strikes me how many actual colors I called green, LOL!  I am grateful that my vision allows me to see and enjoy so many different colors...thank you dear God!  Emerald to almost yellow went into that bag, saved and treasured, to become this quilt.  I love strings!!!!!!!!!

This is the perfect size for a patient will fit the hospital bed with some hangover, and be a good size to take to x-ray and other tests for some patient in the future, when I get it quilted.

Have a super day, everyone!!


Monday, April 17, 2017

Yes...a string quilt was definitely on the list!!

 I am bound and determined to use up all my strings, so I can get some more.  SNORT!!!  I really am in love with them...the simple little pieces that quilters often throw away are like candy to me. 
 I have been making string blocks, and now I am playing with them, and trying to decide how to arrange them.
This is super fun!!  I had one pink string that was in the green bin by mistake, so I used it too...that why there is a tiny bit of pink in this green quilt!

*************Home blessing******************

I did laundry, changed sheets and towel, vacuumed, swept and mopped, cleaned bathrooms and did dishes.  I love to be off on Mondays, because that is home blessing  day!!  Now I off to make rice pudding.


Hope you are having a lovely Monday!!!


Monday, April 10, 2017

Rain Forest quilt progress

 I have all the blocks sewn that I am going to sew for this one, because this is all the fabric I have of these colors, of batiks.  Maybe the greens are forest leaves and fern fronds...maybe the earth tones are just that, earth! And maybe the blue is water in a rain forest!!!  I would love to see a rain forest someday and find out if these colors are true.
This is an old quilt.  I love it!  Scraps...scrap X, free on Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville site.  I have so many plans to make more, more, more quilts using this is super fun!!!

I vacuumed, swept and mopped, changed linens and towels, generally picked up, did laundry, and tried to get my car inspected.  It failed!  I looked under the engine compartment and a hose was loose on the air intake....darn.  I need to get the inspection done again...sigh....

Hope you are having a great day!!


Sunday, April 9, 2017

Samplers!! and quilt alongs.

 I have been sewing a few blocks I found on Cheri Payne's blog.  Here is where I am so far.  I find that I just love her outlook and thoughts on life, as well as her quilting!!!  Please see her blog here:

  These are blocks for a quiltalong; the Blockheads.  What a fun name, don't you think??  You can find those patterns here:

I hope everyone is having a great day today!!!


Saturday, April 8, 2017

Something new that was not on my list!

 This quilt has been cut out for a year or so...and suddenly it too, demanded to be worked on!! 

Rosie is helping me, here...I had just given her a bath,  and she was quite put out about her bath for half a day...but now she is OK!! I am forgiven such treachery!!

Here is where I am, so far....we shall see how the blocks might be laid out. 

Happy Saturday to everyone!!


Monday, April 3, 2017

I am not sure where this one came from!!

 This was not on my list to get done right now...but somehow, it popped up and demanded to have some sewing done on it!!!  I made these blocks a while back (years) and placed them together last year, then came up with this applique border.
I had been quilting on it, on a road trip, and it was getting frazzled on the edges, so I quilted just enough to hold it together so I could get a scrappy binding on it.  I feel better now, that I can bind it and it will stop frizzling and frazzling!!!  Lots more quilting on it to come!

Happy Monday, everyone!!!


Friday, March 31, 2017

A wee bitty finish! (to flimsy status...)

I have been working a ton, so today was the day I could catch up on laundry and sew the border of this quilt.  There are one zillion 1 inch x 2 inch flying geese...I am not exaggerating, LOL! Maybe I am exaggerating a little bit... This one was super fun...four inch star blocks, and sashing made from one inch strips...and that tiny border.   I am using tiny pieces, like my friend Janet, the Rogue quilter...see her tiny quilts below...her blog is a treat!


Hope you are having a lovely day!


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Size wise!!

 So....what would happen if I made a tiny version of the plaid star quilt I just made?  I have been making 4 inch stars for years, and I have a zillion of these made, just waiting to be put into projects. 
So I used 12 of them, then 1 inch strips for the scrappy sashing, and now I am working on the 1 inch  by 2 inch flying geese border.  Great fun, playing in the scraps!!


I guess I am really a quilter now...I have been branded!  This is my inner forearm, and you can make out where I accidentally touched the tip of the iron to my arm.  It really did not hurt much, but I put ice on it stat, which really helped.  It is now more sore than when I did it!!  Yuck...I also have scars on my hands from when I was a kid, from ironing EVERYTHING from sheets to my dad's shirts!!  Did you iron everything when you were a kid, helping your mom??  Who remembers a sprinkle bottle of water or starch??

Have a great day, everyone!!


Monday, March 20, 2017

Final border...and something new!!

 The final border went on this morning.  By the time I measured, pressed, cut, crawled around on the floor and pinned the borders in place before sewing, it takes me over an hour to put on the final plain border.  Yahoo!!!  I just folded the quilt and am showing a quarter of it, only, because it is a big 'un!!  Big thanks to Karen, of the Log Cabin quilter, for letting me copy her quilt!!!  I love hers, and now love this one too!
 Cheri Payne!!  She is a super fun primitive style quilter, and I have been exploring her blog.  She has lots of fun blocks to make!  Please see HERE.    This quilt is not on my list of 17 in 2017 to finish...but that is OK!  These blocks are just fun, fun, fun to there! 
Cheri also is having a quilt along with baskets.  This is my third one...just have things pinned in place, not sewn down yet...just experimenting. 

******************Nurse's Notes****************************

Warning!  not quilting related, at all.

Lots of sick, sick patients at the hospital, but no new surgeries...the surgeons are on Spring break.  One lady we had on our floor for over 6 weeks passed over the weekend.  Please, please...consider what you want done at the end of your life.  CPR?  or no code?  This poor family agonized over what to do, as the patient never stated her wishes.  Please give the gift of peace to your family?? Any thoughts on this??


Have a great day, everyone!!!


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Nearing a finish...

 Just one more border, and it is a flimsy!!  I am putting a tiny outer border, to kind of protect the pieced one.  I have seen lots of antique quilts that are pulled out of shape on the border, so I think this is a good idea...and Karen's quilt had one I am adding it!!
 Scrappy happy!!  The border is my favorite part!!
This was hard to get a picture of...but you get the idea.

Onward!!!  to bed!!

Have a super day,


Monday, March 13, 2017

Home Blessing Monday!!!

 Some fun, simple piecing today; my first day off for a while.  Yahoo!!  These blocks were found on Cheri Payne's blog, HERE.  Super fun, and super scrappy.  Love them!
And a few little pieces, maybe book marks, or parts of mug rugs...just fused and ready for hand stitching. 

I have been working on my 17 in 2017...which now is the flying geese border on my plaid star quilt.  It is fun, but I ran out of cut pieces!  Perish the thought!  So I will cut some more, for my piecing tomorrow.

Have a super day, everyone!!!

Julie K

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Rosie Posie Poodle!!

 The binding game continues! The game is seeing how much I can get bound, in 30 minutes, and do it every night. I finished this binding last night.  The baby it was meant for in the first place will at last have his little quilt!
 I finished this block today.  It is hand applique, and is designed by Cheri Payne.  I just love that she gives the basic basket pattern, and then shapes...and you decide where they go!  Great, great fun!
Here is where I am on the green strings quilt. Please excuse the other blocks scattered about on the floor...the thing that tickled me was Rosie, my poodle!  She was intently watching TV!   Whenever she sees a dog on TV, she barks. She is a never ended source of fun and amusement for me!!!

Have a great day, everyone!!


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Working on Number 5!!

 Wow!  This is a real stash busting quilt!!  This quilt is inspired by Karen, of the Log Cabin Quilter.  You can see her quilt HERE!!!  I have been in love with it for years, and have always wanted to make one just like Karen's.  So here is where I am in the process.  Karen graciously said I could make one like hers, and a lots of fabric pieces that Karen gifted me with are in this quilt.
 I had to snap some pictures quickly, because Rosie wanted in on the action, LOL!  Do you have a doggie who helps you quilt, too?
 I have continued to bind 30 minutes at night, and I finished this little bow tie quilt, for some baby, sometime!!
 Lots of girls at work are pregnant, so probably one of those babies will have a new quilt.
 The above block is by Cheri Payne.  She is having a quilt along, and you can find the files HERE for her blocks.   Look under files.   Many of you know that Cheri has been battling cancer, and is undergoing chemo for this, as well as having had extensive surgery.  We are all praying for you, Cheri!!  If you think this block is wonky?  Well, it is!  SNORT!!!  I like it anyway!
 Still making some green blocks!!These are so mindless, and great fun!!
 This is the first iris of Spring, in the back yard!!  I love these carefree lovely things...Jewels in the garden!
Many of you asked about this wool block, and the origin of the pattern.  It can be found HERE.  A free quilt along is always fun!!

Did you know? Randy, of the Barrister's block blog, is started a super fun quilt along too!!  Please see it HERE!!

********************Nurse's Notes****************************

It has been REALLY BUSY at work!  February was like a storm, but unusually,  January was so very slow, patient wise.  March is even busier so far.  Many, many heart surgeries, and many cancer surgeries.  One rotoprone bed (AARDS). 

I have a great love for the families...those walking wounded family members, who come in day by day, supporting their loved ones, some who cannot talk back to them.  Some on the ventilator chronically, with no hope of ever getting off of the vent.  I do my best to support them and love them, with coffee, warm blankets and talking.  I pray for them too!!

All in a nurse's day!


I hope each of you is having a wonderful day!!

Julie K

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Chuggin' along!!

 These basket blocks are 4 inch finished size, and I have been making them for a long time. Someday?  Maybe I will have enough for a quilt!!!  I still have to applique the basket handles down.  Good road trip sewing!
 Every day, I make these plaid stars...just love the scrappiness of them!
 I might have accidentally started a new quilt...merely by chance...SNORT!!!  Karen, from the Log Cabin quilter, asked how many strips/scraps did I have, so that got me to thinking about what I do  have and how I can use them up.  I sorted all the strips into colors.  I am not sure this is right thing to do, as I love the chaos of just picking up any color and using it in my string quilts...but here are the lime green ones.  I really don't have too many of these, but will make blocks until they are all used up.
 Pictures are out of order, but here are the baskets blocks, closer up.
 Pat Sloan is having a quilt along...several, actually.  Here is my first of her Solstice quilt along.  There are lots of fun blocks there!!
 Lisa Bongean is having a 1/2 square triangle quilt along!!  I thought maybe I could use my solid fabrics...I have a shoe box full of those, and this will use them up, I think, maybe!  Here is my first block.  Each block is made of 16 half square triangles.
 And this fun woolie block is a  new quilt along too!!  The instructions said to make the block 5 inch finished, but I think I will make them 6 inch finished and add them to my previous wool blocks.  Just depends on what the additional blocks look like.  I still have to stitch this one down and add the embroidery.
Every day, I make a handful of these bow tie blocks, too.  These are 2 inch finished. Using up my scraps here; I just love these little baby blocks!!  I have approximated a zillion made, and a zillion to go!!

So I might have "accidentally" started a lot of new quilts!  Mixing new ideas in with the old is fun, and keeps it all fresh and lively.  Hope your day is wonderful today!!!

Julie K.