Monday, February 19, 2018

Expanding the rainbow!

 Continuing on with the are my triangle blocks.   Adding to the collection!!
 Here are all the colors I have so far.
And a few bow ties blocks.  These are 3 inches finished, and I have one metric ton of them cut out...and the goal is to get this quilt to flimsy stage this year!!

********************One more question?*********************

Thank you to all of you who were so kind to answer my couple of questions last post.  Just one more?

How do you decide what project to work on?  Is it kind of a seat of your pants, impromptu thing, or do you have a plan of what you want to accomplish in your life, or what?

Have a super day!


Sunday, February 18, 2018

Rainbow progress!

 February is purple month!  So...some purple birdies to add to the collection.
 Here are all the birds I have made so far.  Rosie the poodle was helping to arrange them.
I have just been really wanting to make something out of these bright blocks...we will see what takes place with these!  Thank you, Lori, for your recent contribution to these!!

******************A couple questions for you!************************

1.  Where and how do you store your finished quilts??

2.  Where do you hand quilt, or hand sew?  I have been sitting on the floor against the couch, but my hips doth protest!!

Have a super day!!


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Up all night!!

 OK!  So I had insomnia...and decided that maybe God intended for me to be up and finish this quilt!! Just to put a positive spin on this...I finished the last three blocks, and just need to figure out the sashing or how to put it all together in some fashion.
 A closer shot of the blocks, about 6AM this it is quite dark.  This was inspired by a quilt seen on Quilting by the River.
Happy Valentine's Day!  This is my offering for Valentine's Day, for this year.  NO hearts in sight...but lots of pinks!

Have a wonderful day, each of you!!!


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A more normal schedule.

 Here is where I am on Lori and Cheri's quilt along.  I am working on the Eagle block and the flying angel block.
This is a little closer view...since I drew my own angel, she did not fill the block well, but I think she needs some hearts surrounding her!
 I love her wild hair!!  See that fabric on her sleeves?  THAT is not is really Wonder Woman magical bracelets!  Hahaha...I hope each of you got to see that movie, or the old series, so you know about the magic bracelets!!
 I am binding this quilt.  It is very bright, and each nine patch is showcased, because they all came from a swap with Barb from a previous year...and I love each one.  I am swapping churn dashes with her group this year!
There has been a lot of prep work, and above is a rail fence quilt, all cut out...and carefully placed in a clean to-go salad box, LOL!  I do use a lot of recycled stuff.  It is on my list to make a brightly colored rail fence for a patient quilt this year.
 Here is my messy box of churn dash pieces...I also use cookie sheets, and have a few stacked up with various projects in the works.

Kevin recently asked about my mom's improved nine patch quilt.  Here it is....I think that maybe those fabrics are 1950's?  Not sure...Mom was very ill when she make this one, but she was determined to make 2 quilts for each child in the family.  I love it!!

**********************Nurse's Notes*******************************

I have been trying a new schedule for the last week, and the next six weeks, as far as my work schedule goes.  I am working three days in a row, the same each week.  Instead of just being all over the place on my scheduled days, I am hoping this gives me some continuity for both work and home, as each is so busy.  Wish me luck!!    I am just not sleeping well...I need a change with that and also want to do better with my home care and quilting too!!!!!

Have a lovely day, each of you!!


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Lots of hand sewing...bindings, bindings, bindings!

None of these are in season, but each is fun and the best part of all...FINISHED!!!  I had an opportunity to sew by hand for a while...and here it is, my progress.  

My fingers on the left hand have calluses, but my middle finger on my right hand has a worn through blister!!  No pain, though, so it is all good.  I try and try to use a thimble, and just cannot. Can you?  What do you recommend??

Have a super day, each of you!!!