Thursday, May 16, 2019

Now that is more like it!!!

 Just one more row to go!  Now that kind of progress is more like it!!  I have three of the ten blocks finished, that are needed for the last row.  Yahoo!!!
 Another view...partially in the sunshine.
 This little quilt got a border...
 See that crookedness on the bottom left side?  It is still there with the borders.  Hmmmm...a pressing or piecing error, I think.
I just love this Cheri Payne quilt, that I I took a random picture of it!!!

************************Nurse's notes**************************

This is hospital week, and they have combined nurse's week with it, too.  I am so glad to be a nurse; to be intimately related with my amazing patients and co-workers.  I have been there at the birth of a person, and at the death of a person, and I have cared for everyone in-between.  I am truly blessed!!!

I had a blind patient the other day.  She knew it was me when I came into her room, and almost had a "radar" about her, just amazingly adept at traversing her new environment.  She lost her vision as a child.  Just an triumph of the human spirit...I loved her immediately!


Fitness journey!!

My best friend at work and I are getting it together...we have lost weight and are getting back into good shape.  Every Thursday, we weigh on the hospital scale.  It is amazing how much easier it is to do it with a friend!!!


Have a great day, each of you!



Karen said...

Your star quilt is delightful! I like the color scheme of the red, white, and blue. I started putting away my Easter/spring quilts and pulling out red, white and blue quilts. I really don't have much to display in that color range. Seems like I have made several but have given them away.

R & E said...

Wowser - star quilt is stunning!!!! ElaineAdair

---"Love" said...

Just as I thought, the R/W/B quilt is really extra special. The hexies turned out cute too, as well as the last one. I'm sure all your patients love you for helping them. Good on you and your friend too! ---"Love"

Tired Teacher said...

Gorgeous star quilt! Happy Nurse's Day/Week to you and all the other dedicated nurses. Your compassion and care is appreciated

Sherrill said...

Good grief! Didn't you just start the nearly finished quilt last week? I can't figure how you do it all! You're a great nurse and I know your patients love you!

Janet O. said...

Wow--that R/W/B quilt is stunning!
Yummy purple borders on those little hexie flower blocks.
Love that Cheri Payne quilt. It has a warm and homey feel.
People who have you as their nurse are very lucky!

AnnieO said...

Beautiful big quilt! Love those chains in the border. The wonkiness you mention I do not see in the purple quilt. Once quilted, no one will know anyway, I'm certain!

Your dedication to your patients makes you as memorable to them, as they are to you. Happy Nurses' Week!

Alycia said...

Oh your first quilt!! I love it!! and wow - that is so cool about your blind patient. Years ago I took a knitting class and the gal next to me was blind.... she would grab my project and with her fingers could tell where I made a mistake ... it was crazy!

Loris said...

I love everything about that red, white and blue quilt. It's glorious!
Happy Nurses Week! I love that I've been a nurse too. Funny it doesn't leave you when you retire ;-) although it has morphed a lot into vet tech skills lately. Always a place to use those nursing skills :-) Kudos all the health fitness work. I'm doing that here too.

Donna Keating said...

I absolutely love star blocks so I truly, absolutely love the star quilt in the top two photos. The world needs more caring, special nurses like you. Thank you.

Vicki W said...

Oh boy, that RWB quilt is going to be awesome!

Lori said...

Look at your progress!! All the quilts are lovely!

Loosing weight is so much more fun with a friend too!! Good job!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

That top quilt is looking great! I wish I had a friend to keep me on track, so that I would lose some weight and get in shape, too.