Thursday, February 7, 2019

Some progress...Ode to the 1930's!

 Lori Holt has a quilt along going block patterns, featuring her own fabrics. I officially caught up today!  and then she posted another on it goes!!  Go check out  Bee in my Bonnet!!
 I  like these little babies...
 Just another progress picture.

 Pretty star!!

1930's fabrics are special, aren't they?  I have a very few feed sacks from that era and will use a few precious pieces in this quilt.  My mom was a teenager in the 1930's and grew up with all the deprivation and strife that was in that era.  Frugal...yes!  and that is passed on through generations.

Speaking of that, Liz D of Gone to the Beach blog, had a very thoughtful comment, that got me to thinking.  She said there is such an emphasis on using scraps, that lovely new yardage does not get used.  I pondered that, because as you know, I love scraps!!  Love them...

But I think there is a balance to be found, with using our new pretty fabrics too.  Thus, the above blocks are not made from scraps!!  Real 1930's fabrics (reproductions)...and a few real ones.

Do you have any thoughts about this?  I just thought it was fun to think hard about this comment, and evaluate my practice!
My flowers are confused again, for they are blooming like crazy...sigh...

and it is freezing tonight, about 24 degrees, according to the weather lady.

Hugs to all from Julie


Kaja said...

I guess the way we generate scraps is by using the lovely new fabrics, so it should all balance out in the end. Your blocks are very pretty - a good use of your special 30s prints.

Lori said...

I agree with Kaja, My little scraps came from larger pieces. I do say I have a hard time forking out $13 yard for 6 yards of fabric- as a matter of fact, I won't do it!
Love your darling sampler blocks.

Tired Teacher said...

I rarely purchase fabric at full price, so I use scraps. When I find a good deal on yardage, I purchase it for backings and borders.

Janet O. said...

I seem to turn to scraps when making my minis. If I am working on a large project, then I will need to cut into my pretty new fabrics. But I have always enjoyed the challenge of creating from scraps.

Robin said...

Often I find a line of fabric that I just can't pass up (last year it was Riverbanks by Jeanne Horton). I'll buy the pieces I really like and then extra yardage of one specific piece for a border or sashing. When I get around to using that line for a quilt project, I often add additional coordinating scraps from my stash. So, I guess I use scraps with the yardage and then get more scraps from the yardage.

Sue SA said...

Your flowers might be blooming out of step, but what a nice surprise to bright up the yard even if its only for a day.

---"Love" said...

I bought so much really nice fabric back through the years before it went up to $13 a yard, and fortunately, I guess, I still have most of it. I really have a hard time making myself work with scraps all the time. I keep asking myself, why should I work with scraps all the time when I have all that beautiful fabric in the back of the closet, or maybe under the bed, or in a dresser drawer? Am I leaving it for someone else to use after I'm gone? I really just do not like cutting scraps into little squares or strips. But I do it from time to time.
Your iris blooms are beautiful; hope the freeze doesn't ruin them! ---"Love"

Lizzy D said...

Thanks for at least considering my anti-scrap rant! As I've tried to explain before, since I hand cut with scissors, I don't generate a lot of scraps. I fold what's left back into the yardage, as was the habit of my garment industry cutting tradition. The idea of saving itty bitty 1" pieces, is [to me], a waste of time. You can't take it with you, all that lovely palette of fabric you have gathering dust under the beds...go ahead, enjoy it! Better it goes in your quilt now than in the dumpster when you're gone.
Your project with the 30s fabrics is a delightful!


lizzy gone to the beach lizzzz.d@ [LIZ D]

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I'm a yardage gal. It takes so long to cut up fabric (my least favorite part) that I don't want it to take even longer cutting up scraps. I do use scraps some. I'm better at creating scraps.

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