Saturday, February 2, 2019

Might as well join in....IN THEM ALL!!

 Lori Holt, of Bee in my Bonnet, is having a vintage quilt along, honoring her grandmother.  Here is my first block...for of course, I think I have to join in EVERYTHING this year.  I was very, very impressed with her instructions and wit...she is really good.  This is a 12 inch block.

You can find the blocks, so far, here...

 Pat Sloan is just happy...and she makes fun quilt-alongs, too.  So...this is my first block for her quilt along, and you can find her site along here:

 Cheryl, of Teapots to quilting, tuned me in to a Bible quilt along, starting with Genesis.  I made the first two blocks of that quilt too.   The pale teal one is quite pretty, but the light floral is fragile, and I may have to do this one again.   Thank you dear Cheryl!!!  Her blog is here, and the block link is below.  Cheryl is an awesome quilter!

 The rainbow color of this month is I tried to remember if I had made yellow birds, and I had...I like those buddies!!!
Last but not least...Temecula quilt company is also having a quilt along!!!  Every Wednesday, you are supposed to make a dozen of this block, I think...totally doable, by the way.  They are super fast!!!

Whew!  I think that is it for now...really.



Janet O. said...

How do you do it, woman??? I am in awe. :)

Chantal said...

I believe you have been contaminated by Kathy's Quilt Startitis! Your blocks are all so pretty. I can read in your post how much fun you're having with these new projects. Enjoy! ;^)

---"Love" said...

If you are able to keep up with all those blocks each month, you certainly will have some beautiful quilts! I say that based on how pretty your blocks are as shown here. Of course, you may be crazy as a loon if you keep up. One thing for sure: you will be tired! It will be worth it all though. Have fun! ---"Love"

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I'm still working on my January red blocks ;) Hopefully they will be done later today. I like all of your new blocks. The top 2 will go together, even though they are from different BOM groups.

Tired Teacher said...

Wow! You've been busy. The blocks look great. I'm off to check out the QALs.

Andra Gayle said...

I want to join in on everything this year too but I am trying to keep myself from it. I do want to make the Temecula blocks but haven't gotten around to cutting them yet. I have two quilt kits purchased and of course, 100+ UFOs. I am also doing the "A Quilting Life" sew along with the half square triangles. So many quilts to do and so little time since I work full time...

Stephanie D said...

If you feel like adding one more to your list, there is a Hand Pieced Quilt Along on the FB page. Tomorrow is the 3rd block, (one a week), and there are prizes! Two bloggers are hosting this one and they have some awesome sponsors, too. Here's the link if you're interested:

Ann rapice said...

Love your yellow birds for the RSC!

Lori said...

What a joy to see all your lovely projects and blocks this Monday morning!!

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh no.. you have a flare up of Startitis!
Take 2 tylenol and turn off your computer!! LOLOLOL

Karen said...

I'm like you. I want to do it all and that just isn't possible. I am saving files where I can but I know I will never be able to do all that I want to.

cspoonquilt said...

I like 'um all, but the bird blocks are especially cute! cheers!

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